The Department of Computer Science is hiring four open tenure-track positions. CSRankings is a metrics-based ranking of top computer science institutions around the world. The graduate school exclusivity means that, Times Higher Education (THE) ranks 300 universities based on “13 performance indicators” including research citations, reputation, and teaching environment. Want to skip our analysis and just see our results? George Mason University in Virginia, the University of North Carolina-Charlotte, and the University of Central Florida, all non-flagship state schools, also graduate a lot of students who do not end up at top tech companies. Copyright © The Regents of the University of California, Davis campus. Employment outcome need not be a factor in deciding between these rivals. This is likely due to graduates taking lower-paying jobs at top companies and/or geographic areas with lower salaries. THE’s rankings are well researched and impressive in their scope, but there are some very conspicuous omissions: Twenty-four of our IvyAchievement Top 40 were ranked by Times Higher Education. U.S. News & World Report has been ranking colleges for several decades. Similarly to the U.S. News results, none of our Top 40 were ranked lower than #56 in the United States by THE. Thus, as with the U.S. News results, a few large state schools underperform in our rankings. All Rights Reserved. Because these schools are not ranked by U.S. News, we believe they are overlooked by aspiring computer science applicants, especially international applicants who may be less familiar with non-flagship state schools and liberal arts colleges. Like, I know Davis is probably the lowest ranked UC for Computer Science (not including UC Merced or Riverside), but is it still better than Cal Poly SLO for computer science? Schools in the IvyAchievement CS Employment Top 40 not ranked by U.S. News include two co-ed liberal arts colleges (Harvey Mudd and Pomona College); women’s liberal arts colleges (Wellesley and Mount Holyoke); two state universities in California (San Jose State and Cal Poly); and two private universities in major tech hubs (Santa Clara University and Seattle University). University of California, Davis, One Shields Avenue, Davis, CA 95616 | 530-752-1011. Computer science is one of the few majors that make paying full price for college a good fiscal investment. Integrated Post-Secondary Education Data System (IPEDS), U.S. News & World Report Graduate Schools – Computer Science, Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2018 – Computer Science, QS World University Rankings 2018 – Computer Science and and Information Systems, – Publications from 2013-2018, individual fields such as computer science, “Computer Science and Information Systems” specific rankings. Copyright © The Regents of the University of California, Davis campus, 2011. © 2020 BGZ Consulting LLC, a California company. The graduate school exclusivity means that liberal arts colleges are not ranked at all by U.S. News for computer science, and the methodology means that research universities without a national reputation or with a heavier emphasis on undergraduate education are likely to be ranked lower, if at all. Of our top 50, QS omits the same schools as U.S. News does, including liberal arts colleges and regional colleges/universities. Of all the rankings we examined, THE’s rankings correlated with ours the most closely. UT-Dallas and UT-Arlington fare similarly to each other and very poorly in comparison with flagship campus UT-Austin. Our goal was to rank schools. The site draws on DBLP, “on-line reference for bibliographic information on major computer science publications.” The scores and rankings generated by reflect publications per institution by “faculty that have appeared at the most selective conferences.” Thus, the ranking reflects those who are employed by universities, not by tech companies. Network World reports on the top 25 computer science colleges ranked by alumni earnings, with UCSB taking the top spot. Last year, PayScale partnered with U.S. News and World Report to provide starting and mid-year salary data for graduates of various majors within colleges. Only UVA makes our Top 40. They provide computer science rankings only for graduate schools. Several California public schools (UCSD, UC-Davis, Cal Poly, and SJSU) fare similarly in our computer science employment rankings. Position: Software Engineer; Software Developer; Senior Developer; Senior Software Developer; Senior Software Engineer; Associate Software Engineer; Programmer; Software Programmer; Application Developer; Developer; Java Engineer; Software Development Engineer; Full Stack Developer; Engineer; and Senior Engineer Web Developer. Here are the top 40 schools labeled so you can see how they stack up against one another and to schools ranked below 40.

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