Popular Turf Varieties A comparison chart of types of lawns By Scott Cohen. Search by city/state or postal code. It also makes it quite simple to apply, once mixed with water, you simply douse the lawn with a water can or sprayer. Sheet moss is very easy to grow and can withstand foot traffic, making it an excellent choice for a lawn alternative or breakup between paving stones. We have developed an explaination of the most common questions relating to Moss and how to treat it: What is moss? A thick, healthy lawn will not allow algae or moss to form because the sward keeps most of the light needed for the algae and moss growth from reaching the soil surface, where these primitive plants live. It is only when conditions turn against the grass such as permanent shade or mowing abuse that the grass is weakened and allows moss to take a hold. Lawn moss can form dense mats, outcompeting grass for water and nutrients and making the lawn uneven and spongy to walk on. Watering your lawn will help it to recover from the moss surgery that’s been performed. A Moss grows in lawns when the conditions favour its growth, and if the growing conditions for lawn grasses are not at their optimum. And while moss looks lovely carpeting cool woodland glades, it’s less welcome in our lawns. Leaf Spot is a very common lawn disease that affects lawns across the UK. There are many other advantages to creating a moss lawn, as outlined in The Benefits and Ecology of of a Moss Lawn. To keep your lawn strong and healthy it’s important to remove moss from your lawn. Moss comes in a variety of colours and thicknesses to suit different types of use. Well, the fact is that as far as our lawns are concerned in the UK climate, and in fact most of the US, there are only five types of grass that really matter. ; Ceratodon moss is also good between stones. There are at least ten species of Sphagnum moss in the UK, which are very difficult to tell apart. Lawn Types Seeded Lawns Sod Lawns Artificial Turf Hydroseeding Backyard Putting Greens . Occasionally an outbreak will occur after an extended period of heat and humidity but for the most part, a lawn will remain relatively disease-free as long as it is maintained properly. Most major lawn and turf weeds are covered. Update. How to Get Rid of Moss - 5 Videos; How to Aerate & Scarify - 3 Videos; Lawn Care Advice; Diary; Alerts; Fast Delivery - UK, IRE, IOM & CI; Free Lawn Care Advice; 14 Day Returns Policy; Genuine Reviews; Home; Lawn Care Advice; Lawn Weed Identification; Lawn Weed Identification . A very low-growing moss, hypnum is ideal for many uses, including creating an entire moss "lawn." Upright forming – Often found on drier soils where the pH is on the low side (acidic). One of the most common types of moss, hypnum grows best in the shade. It has red stems and is glossy in appearance. However on many occasions the moss or Bryophyta family can be found growing again. The latter method takes longer to fill in but it has the advantage of allowing you to select a wild moss from your landscape and use it as a moss lawn alternative. It’s bred from alpine grasses that spend part of their year under snow. http://www.lawnsmith.co.uk - The best lawn care procedure, tips and tricks for raking and scarifying the lawn to get rid of moss and thatch TruGreen want to help you understand your lawn problems and be able to identify specific types of lawn disease before you call on our services. This process is called scarifying, and if you have a large lawn, you can hire a mechanical scarifier to help. To treat the moss, you can remove it by hand, using a spring-tine rake, in the autumn. The first step in dealing with any weed or weeds it to correctly identify them. Lawn Weed Identification. Kathleen Groll Connolly Get Ready to Grow a Moss Yard . Mosses can be purchased from some nurseries or you can propagate moss, making moss slurry by grinding up the moss with water and broadcasting it onto the prepared surface. If your lawn is thin you might need to solve this problem or replace it with good quality turf. Lawn aerating is typically done by mechanical means and we’ve outlined some of the different types of equipment and techniques below: What types of lawn aerators are there? Basically, it is an opportunistic plant that will grow where turfgrasses are thin and weak. Moss can be chemically treated by moss killers which can be found at your local garden centre. Our last delivery day before Xmas is Wednesday 23rd Dec. The shoots of this moss can be as long as 10 cm. In old temple gardens, moss can carpet a forest scene. The rewards of this work are a soft, peaceful turf that provides excellent habitat, beautiful mulch around your flowering plants and shrubs, and a very low-maintenance lawn. Lime raises soil pH, which makes the area more conducive to grasses and weeds. There are three different types of moss that affect turf. Once you have scarified your lawn, you could overseed it with something like “Shadesman”. Although it is generally assumed that moss infestation in lawns is a direct result of acid, waterlogged and compacted soil conditions, some species favour chalky or alkaline soils. Simply click on the weed image and you will be taken to the relevant page. Others can be found on light, sandy soils. Moss is easier to get rid of than what you think! If your lawn is shaded and therefore prone to moss invasions, using a type of grass that likes lower light levels will help keep the moss at bay. The only delivery day available between Xmas - New Year is Wednesday 30th Dec. Moss growing in a shaded lawn in central Pennsylvania. Moisture is essential to moss survival and it thrives in damp/shady conditions. The fact of the matter is that in this situation the grass thrives and the moss doesn’t get a look in. They are yellowish-green in color. Daisy. Mosses are favoured by low soil fertility, low pH (acid soils), compaction of the soil surface, poor drainage, lack of aeration, shade and sparse grass growth. Mosses do not produce seeds, and instead reproduce and spread using spores. Even though your mossy lawn might look green and healthy, if left untreated the moss will take over making your lawn unattractive. Sphagnum Moss plants are very small, but they grow closely together, forming spongy carpets; 'hummocks' are even created when the mosses grow to form large mounds up to a metre high.

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