This pedal’s smoothness caught on quickly and it was slightly cheaper than the Ibanez when released in 79 and it certainly still is now. It’s hardly a new idea: YouTube is full of Klon vs. Screamer comparison videos.. If it's a big show I use this combo into the clean channel of an SLO-100 to get some breakup happening and never have used the Klon as a distortion. Screamer tone never cleans up completely, even with the gain knob at minimum. I was meaner more in a case of combination versus comparison. These programs are designed in a way for the website to … My Top 13 Tube Screamer Pedals and Clones This site is owned and operated by intheblues and is a participant in the Artist Guitars, Sweetwater, B&H, and Thomann affiliate advertising programs. Ibanez Tube Screamer + ProCo RAT These are two bona-fide classic dirt pedals that just happen to make beautiful tonal magic together. Many players attribute the sound of the best Tube Screamer units to the JRC4558D IC operational amplifier (op-amp) chip used in some circuits. 1 year ago. The video details the testing procedures. And even an experienced player who doesn’t have a lot of extra cash but still wants to … Using the same “reasonably scientific” techniques deployed in my recent germanium fuzz survey, I’ve created a blind listening test that removes as many variables as possible from the equation.. A Screamer’s compression smoothes out note attack, while a Klon delivers faster, crisper transients. A Screamer trims highs and adds a prominent midrange bump at around 750 Hz. In fact, all of the original Ibanez Tube Screamer pedals featured mostly Maxon components, who were a chip manufacturer from Japan. At around $69 for a new pedal, the Blues Driver is great for a new guitarist who’s just learning, because it’s such great quality for a budget price. More affordable than an Ibanez Tube Screamer. A Klon’s core sound is less highly colored, with clearer highs and greater clean headroom. The Ibanez Tube Screamer, in its many forms, has essentially defined the category of overdrive pedals as the quintessential pedal since the first TS808s arrived in the late '70s. Today, Maxon is the same Japanese company that made the originals. Well, I'm not going to claim to be intelligent, but mainly I use my Klon on most of a set and before my Tube Screamer (Maxon OD808 in my case). Lol hey I’ll never turn down a cookie. But this one is different. I'll kick on the 808 to add a little dirt when needed.

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