The downside is that Walmart is usually sold out of this pencil. I also like the consistency of the pencil, meaning that it isn’t too hard or too soft. Eyebrow pencils add a natural accent to the eyebrows and are comfortable to apply. Clean the surface of your face. Shade the background of the eyebrow. If your eyebrows are sparse and you have gaps in your eyebrows, you can correct the shape of your eyebrows by filling in the empty parts and make them look lush. Do you like to read more about how to use blending stumps, it’s here. Place a small dot along the imaginary line where it is crossing the brow bone. With a light HB pencil, draw the border of the eyebrows so that it makes easy to draw the eyebrow hairs. You can give your eyebrows the shape you want as it provides a controlled application. EYEBROW TUTORIAL⎥Beginner Friendly Using Only Eyebrow Pencil It’s pretty much a killer deal for 5 dollars. From the corner of the nose the corner of the eye, place a dot on the line that is crossing brow bone. I use the color, “hazel” which seems to match my eyebrow color pretty well. Shade and blend the area below the eyebrows. closer to your nose marks the line where your brow should start Draw an imaginary line from the nose corner to the eye corner. It turns out that my perfect eyebrow pencil (after searching high and low) is a 5$ Rimmel pencil from Walmart. Keep in mind that we are not going to erase the borderlines. Draw the border of the eyebrow. Step #2: Mark the border of the eyebrow .

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