At this point, everyone who had been following along assumed Adam must have been possessed. He misheard me and thought I had “meowed” at him. I nodded solemnly, getting up to leave. Apparently I had face timed him just as I was pulling up my pants and he got a shot of the goods right as he answered. I nodded slightly, realising I had nothing else to say... except... Jill led me out. The main spirit that haunted the Perron family was the ghost of a real-life satanist from the 1800s named Bathsheba Sherman. I literally TACKLED HIM away from the computer and ripped my phone off the charger. The longer I heard the voice, the creepier it got. The crime? I backed away from the doll, preparing to head out the door, when Jill came back in, closing the door behind her. When we asked for your spookiest scary stories, we knew we'd get some freaky stuff. Once again, Jack began laughing. So for Halloween last year I dressed as Darth Vader and planned to enter my meetings with his theme music playing. "Dude, you're gonna love them. A few hours from where I live in Nashville, Tennessee, there's a historic village called Rugby. She stopped me, removing a card from her coat pocket. It started in 2017 when illustrator Adam Ellis tweeted about a ghost living in his house: So, my apartment is currently being haunted by the ghost of a dead child and he's trying to kill me. We weren't rich, far from it, but we could afford the treatment. happen. 15 Work Horror Stories That Will Make You Cringe To Your Core. "That's why we're here. ", "I was interning in a political office a few years ago and one day I was assigned to staff my boss during an event. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. Yay! "Why are you here today, Hanson? ", She waved him off. I brought the whole table's food out (four plates at once) and when I asked them if I could get them anything else I was met with blank and disgusted faces. "And this... is Jack!". I feel like I don't belong here. ", "I've been a preschool teacher for years and this was at the first center I worked at. Do you want to hear what I told them? Sounds fine-ish right? Meanwhile, a couple of Adam's dedicated followers brightened the hallway photo and discovered the outline of a person: Yep...i did the same... ", Right. The 25 Scariest TV Shows to Stream Right Now, The 34 Most Terrifying Horror Movie Villains, The 60 Scariest Horror Movies of All Time, Okay, Seriously, ‘The Conjuring’ Is a True Story, Warning: These Ghost Movies Will Haunt You Forever, The Best New Horror Movies Coming Out This Year, Mehera Bonner is a news writer who focuses on celebrities and royals—. It was a big shit show from the beginning. Without my brother, the house was empty. I was working in a team of content writers for an SEO company and a colleague brought some randoms — a couple of guys and a woman —over to our desk clump to say hi. That went fine, but when we got back to the office my boss asked to look at the photos I took so he could choose one to use. THE … Let's all fight together, okay? New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the Wholesomenosleep community. I can't take it anymore. "Yes, I am. This isn’t a best of horror list though, this is a best of 80s horror, and we gotta embrace the fact that for like two hours, 3D was totally gnarly! So, he politely “meowed” back to me. The hell. ", "Wow, already? But the thing is, the ghost did not stay in Adam's dreams. Weird stuff like random piles of dirt showing up in their kitchen for no reason, furniture mysteriously moving, unexplained noises, and—ah, yes—ghosts. I felt like I was on a children's TV programme. The hall light was on both times. Inside 20 Real Haunted Hotels—Bon Voyage! Life is just too difficult to continue. "I have a very fun-loving office. Every other member in my timeline has turned themselves in early, using different methods of suicide to end their own lives. When he finished, he pressed the internet app and before I could stop him the gay porn video on Pornhub I had watched that morning started to play. This content is imported from {embed-name}. Quesadilla a la Boob. Oh, look, another Reddit ghost story here to ruin your life. The well-dressed man beamed at her. 14 Super Short Horror Stories That Will Make Sure You Never Sleep Peacefully Again. Plenty of people think the Lutz family fabricated the whole thing (and some people have found proof), but according to the Lutzs *and* a lie detector test, it's all true. ", Instead of leaving like a normal person, I stopped and replied, in a LOUD southern accent (I'm Canadian) "I don't know nothin' 'bout that there prinner!" You don't know anything. 8. This is not okay. I got my two weeks notice the day of my final visit to my local therapist. You can't tell me otherwise!". She was just doing a method she was comfortable with, so I should at least play along. And that's where I am right now. I pegged you more as a Conan O' Brien girl. ", "Aw, I'm sorry to hear that!" 'IN USE' was on the light. My mother had taken her own life two years earlier, having froze herself to death in the cold storage of our home. ", Jack simply began laughing. Yes! I ran to get my jacket to cover up and I thought all was good until I could get coverage to change. The girl cleared her throat. "Don't worry, dude. She found herself in a place of ultimate darkness. "Wait!" Is it just you? I'll just try again. I couldn't help but smile at her innocence, even though the next question I asked should've been my point where I stopped and left. "While I was being made, Momma and Dadda said the same things! Barf! Fact #1: Ghost stories are terrifying.Fact #2: But they’re terrifying in the best possible way, so please grab the nearest bowl of candy corn and prepare to nervously shove the whole thing in your mouth while you scare yourself (and your friends, if they can handle it) silly with these truly terrifying and real paranormal stories. You're supposed to give them an idea that it's worth continuing! ", "I was folding some letters and the repairman came in to look at the printer. Not to mention the occasional possession! George Lutz used to randomly wake up every morning at the exact time of the DeFeo murders, and the Lutz kids started sleeping in the same positions that the murder victims' bodies had been found. 1974. 'conducive to or suggestive of good health and physical well-being.' The man gave me a look on his way to the door, his eyes bright and joy-filled. So, did any of this stuff actually happen? Which, NOPE. She meant well. There is another family with a ~4-5 yo girl sitting behind us. ", I stopped, looking him in the glassy eyes. The girl giggled playfully. what? ", "You're welcome," The girl responded, her voice higher than it felt like it should've been. I guess the stress of a life of sorrow ahead of him was too much. It had to be. I am the last of my family. Back in 2013, Demi told Buzzfeed that she likes to go ghost-hunting in her Texas home which is "ridiculously haunted" by a little girl. California residents can opt out of "sales" of personal data. My family has a disturbingly accurate chart of depression and other psychological warfare- always starting at the age of twenty. "Dear David" is a ghost story that originated on—of all places—Twitter. When I tried to reply, I found I couldn't. ", "I tried to tell a co-worker “hello” one morning but it came out as “howl”. Why is it pitch black each time with the Polaroid? You can read 101 of the scariest (and shortest!) ", "But it isn't like that! I yelled, straightening up. Chances are you've seen The Conjuring movie, or at least, you heard about the movie, saw the trailer, and decided to skip it since you didn't want to have nightmares forever. to. But as I rationalised it in my head, the things I'd asked him began circulating in my head. you. 358 - Off; Ep. Not for me, for her- I remember reading about them finding her body on the news the next night, tortured, stripped and pulled limb from limb. Thank you! Get our eeriest tales and best book deals delivered straight to your inbox. Miley started looking into the history of her building, and found out that a man and his son had owned it as a bakery back in ye olden days, and so she thinks the son was the little kid who had been watching her. My boss started laughing hysterically and walked away as I tried with every fiber of my being to not black out. 354 - Scary Stories 2017 Pt. "While you're alive, life if just giving you new reasons to be sad! Don't be afraid.". This ghost first came to Adam in not one, but two dreams (which you can read about in detail over here). I was told to come here? I was asked to take a few pictures at the event with my phone so they could be used for social media. I'm not feeling so good.

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