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'grill seasoning' also isn't something common here so i made mine using 1 tbs fresh coarse ground black pepper 1 tsp kosher salt onion power garlic power and ground coriander each and 1/3 tsp crushed red pepper flakes. If I had put this in the oven for 4 hours at 150 degrees I believe it would have turned out really tender. Once the skillet is very hot, put the roast in the skillet and brown the meat on all sides. Bake this in a dish with a lid on it or dutch oven for a much longer period of time and this could very well be a 5 star recipe. I don't know what grill seasoning is so i used salt and pepper with chilli. Wow we've been cooking venison for a few years. I used to cut these muscles into steaks when I started butchering my deer, but now I keep them as a whole muscle. It's flavorful and rich in nutrients like choline, magnesium and potassium. TRIAL OFFER: 3 Issues for £1. ", By Place the roast, carrots and onions in pan. (win.parent == win || !win.parent.document)) { But switching up your side dishes can bring a refreshing change to a classic comfort food dish. Venison Bottom Round, Top Round, Sirloin, or Eye of Round cut. Season the meat with 1tsp flaked salt. var doc = win.document; gtag('js', new Date());

Input your search keywords and press Enter. Next either slice an onion and place on top of roast or sprinkle a packet of French onion soup mix on top of the roast along with a ½ stick of butter sliced and spread evenly on top. Then lay it out flat in the roasting tray, on top of the marinade. A meat thermometer is a must have in any hunters kitchen. Venison Oven Roasts come from any whole muscle group or cut from the hindquarters. I made it in the crock pot left it whole and smothered it with sliced onion along with the rest of the ingredients listed. Check the internal temperature with a meat thermometer every 3 – 5 minutes. Choose a roasting tray big enough to fit the potatoes in one layer with some space around them. X Research source You can sprinkle about 3 bay leaves and 3 more sprigs of thyme on top of the venison meat before you put it back in the oven if you want to add some more herby flavor. They were impressed this city girl did not ruin their venison. Your email address will not be published. In addition I sprinkle additional garlic powder, salt and pepper. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs. function gtag(){dataLayer.push(arguments);}
s.type = "text/javascript"; win = win.parent; I am giving this only two stars because it was very tough- and my husband just shot this deer so the meat is very fresh and hasn't been in the freezer longer than a couple weeks. Season the venison with garlic, grill seasoning, and chili powder. The goal here is to only brown the sides. Your email address will not be published. Step 3 Mix together 1/4 cup of olive oil, 1/2 cup of tannic red wine, 2 tbsp. Sprinkle a little salt and pepper on the exposed tops of potato slices then place your roast on top of the vegetables. of freshly ground black pepper and pour it in the food-storage bag with the deer roast. Required fields are marked *. Carefully add the potatoes, rosemary, garlic and a generous sprinkle of flaked salt. The flavor is really really good. s.src = serverbase + 'js/spxw.js'; var serverbase = 'https://ardrone.swoop.com/'; https://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/venison-pot-roast-with-vegetables Remove the meat from the bowl and spread the marinade over the base of a roasting tray. try { it was absolutely delicious. Place on the hob over a high heat and scrape the caramelised sediment with a wooden spoon. My husband took it for lunch the next day and his coworkers devoured it! the only reason i'm giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is because i suspect that the reason the meat wasn't more tender is because i used meat from the freezer. while (! Add comma separated list of ingredients to exclude from recipe. Don’t let the internal temperature rise above 50 – 60 ° F. Place the roast in an oven safe tray or pan, and put the roast in the oven. Pour a few teaspoons of grapeseed oil into a skillet (preferably a cast iron skillet), and turn the burner on high. Remove meat and vegetables to a serving platter; keep warm. } This is by far the best venison I have ever eaten! this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Place the roast, carrots and onions in pan. Place into a casserole dish, and pour in the beef broth. i used the latter. Many thanks for amazing recipe. Required fields are marked *. Cook while whisking constantly until the flour turns a golden yellow, and the bubbling slows, about 10 minutes. Next cut some large potatoes into 1 inch thick slices, I wash and leave the skin on. Cover; refrigerate for 2 hours. Butterflying the meat helps it to soak up the marinade; it also shortens the cooking time and makes carving very easy. I checked it every hour with a meat thermometer because I didnt know how long to cook it and it took it out at 130. } Check out our Venison Doneness Article: Well Done Chef, Venison Temperatures,
Once the butter begins to bubble, whisk in the flour. I've heard many say it can be tough so I was leery about cooking it. I didn't slice it as thin as I should have. Bigger cuts of meat will take longer to cook. let me just say I dont like venison but we get it given to us. It was fabulous! also we're not big eaters but there's no way 1 pound of venison would divide between 4 people. Use your tongs to transfer the venison joint to the pan, then put it back in the oven, uncovered, to roast for 20 minutes. Open a can of your favorite beer and fill just to the top of the potatoes. I had made this recipe exactly as stated. Place the deer roast in a heavy-duty food-storage bag. Add comma separated list of ingredients to include in recipe. Remove the meat to a plate and leave for at least 20 minutes in a warm place before slicing. You saved Venison Pot Roast and Gravy to your. Combine the rosemary, 1 teaspoon onion powder, garlic powder and thyme; rub over entire roast. This makes for a quicker and easier butchering process, and in my opinion, an oven roast is more delicious than a steak. Eleanor Ford, James Lowe's fallow deer loin with red cabbage and quince, Slow-roasted sweet potato with feta, pomegranate and pistachios, Lamb in white wine with lemony roast potatoes, Roasted cauliflower with pomegranate and pistachios, Simple recipes for autumn gatherings by our food editor Blanche Vaughan, Recipes by our Food Editor Blanche Vaughan. To safely handle hot pans we use KitchenReady Oven Gloves Click Here, Your email address will not be published. s.id = 'swoop_sdk'; Open a can of your favorite beer and fill just to the top of the potatoes. I prefer either Lawry’s seasoned salt or Morton Season All as my base, both contain no MSG. Info. Arrange these slices on the bottom of the pan loosely to make a platform for the roast. I have made this recipe many times, and each time it is as good as the first time i made it. Cook till the internal temperature is 125 – 135° F (depending on your doneness preference). This turned out amazing considering I was given venison roast and had NO idea how to cook it. Place into a casserole dish, and … I followed recipe with exception of making my own grill seasoning. We may never need these skills; however, Mitch, with his narrative teaching style, makes certain that these skills will not be forgotten. A recipe for marinated roast venison by our food editor Blanche Vaughan. If you are following a medically restrictive diet, please consult your doctor or registered dietitian before preparing this recipe for personal consumption. of lemon juice, three crushed garlic cloves, 1 tsp. Be careful not to cook the middle of the roast. Season the venison with garlic, grill seasoning, and chili powder.

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