Flute key axles (or "steels") are typically made of drill rod or stainless steel. Particularly appreciating the different tone colours possible from this instrument, I chose to have it made in Grenadilla for the rich tone it produces across the low notes, the quick responsiveness to different articulations and the stability of the timber in Sydney’s humid weather (some of my beautiful boxwood flutes have not fared so well, unfortunately). Since 2003, Melissa has been Principal Traverso of the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra, and is a core member of the Australian Haydn Ensemble and the Orchestra of the Antipodes. 3 in E major for solo violin, BWV 1006, BACH Nº 11Monique O'Dea performs the Double (from Sarabande) from JS Bach's Partita No. Innovation like this online series of recitals is evidence of their innovation and resilience. Wenner Baroque Flute after Palanca in Grenadilla (a=415), Mollenhauer 8105 Soprano Picco Baroque Flute in Pearwood, Wenner Baroque Flute after "Buffardin le Fils" in European Boxwood, Wenner Baroque Flute after Rottenburgh in European Boxwood, Unique Baroque Flute in Maracaibo by Wenner, Baroque Flute AF3 after Stanesby (a=415) by Aulos, Kobliczek Renaissance Soprano Flute (in D), Unique Student Baroque Flute in Plumwood by Wenner, Wenner Baroque Flute after Grenser in Grenadilla, Unique Baroque Flute (Offset) in Maracaibo Boxwood by Wenner, Wenner Baroque Flute after Hotteterre in Grenadilla (a=392), Wenner Baroque Flute after Grenser in European Boxwood, Wenner Baroque Flute after Palanca in European Boxwood (a=415), Wenner Baroque Flute after Hotteterre in European Boxwood (a=392), Unique Baroque Flute (Offset) in Plumwood by Wenner. Mozart).The individual pipes have tuning s... Kobliczek flute renaissance tenor d. The Kobliczek workshops under the guidance of Christoph Hammann produce a range of renaissance flutes in stain... Kobliczek flute renaissance soprano in d. The Kobliczek workshops under the guidance of Christoph Hammann produce a range of well made renaissance ... A baroque flute modelled after August Grenser by renowned maker Martin Wenner. Concert flutes have three parts: the headjoint, body, and foot joint. In 2010, Mikaela left for postgraduate studies at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague where she further specialised in historical flutes with Barthold Kuijken. They are regularly called for in French opera music, especially in the works of Rameau and Rebel. 2 in C minor BWV 773: Flute duet: Invention No. It is played by blowing a stream of air over the embouchure hole. However, the idea that different materials can significantly affect sound quality is under some contention, and some argue that different metals make less difference in sound quality than different flautists playing the same flute. During the Baroque period composers were mostly writing music with specific performers in mind, often musicians with whom they were working directly. The fingering system and basic tuning match that of the C soprano recor... A new baroque flute model by German maker Martin Wenner. Opening and closing the holes produces higher and lower pitches. It is available in pitches A= 415, 417, 422, 430, 434 and 440. Open-hole – a finger key with a perforated center. I am often questioning how much (or if at all) the German composers which employed ‘mixed style’ into their writing at this time could have used inégale (or inequality) on their fastest notes to give a slight limping feel. It is the most common variant of the flute. On the best flutes, the castings are forged to increase their strength. She then completed postgraduate studies at the Conservatorium of Amsterdam in flute, recorder and traverso. APA is proud to support the Brandenburg Bach Series. 1 in B minor for solo violin, BWV 1002, transcribed for Gallichon, BACH Nº 1Paul Dyer performs Prelude No. To explore more Brandenburg content, simply click the button below to return to the main gallery page. Baroque Interpretation and Articulation for the Modern Flutist – Part 1 .

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