5 Bodyweight Back Exercises – No Equipment Required. Testimonials and examples used are exceptional results and are not intended to guarantee, promise, represent and/or assure that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. To target your lats most effectively, you ideally want to use the bed sheet setup I’ve presented in my other home workouts (here and here). Your results may vary. Also, employ the progressive overload techniques we mentioned earlier in this article. It depends on your schedule but ideally if you do bodyweight workouts only, you should hit your back muscles twice a week. Then as you get stronger, straighten your knees and gradually make your body more horizontal. For these: Note that your torso and arms should remain straight the whole time. it also builds more grip strength. Superficial muscles are close to the surface skin, while deep muscles are closer to the bone or internal organs. After all, you are fighting against gravity to pull your entire bodyweight up! Then from there, you can continue moving your feet closer and closer to the door in order to make movement more difficult. But by executing and progressing this workout properly over time as you get stronger, you’ll be able to build your back in the comfort of your own home. With a towel you can get a seriously killer back workout in, as you will see if you try the bodyweight back exercises in the video further below. As we all know, the more tension/resistance, the more difficult the exercise becomes, and the more you can grow. By performing all of these exercises, you can target your entire back musculature. Target: Lats, Erector Spinae, Glutes, Biceps, Target: Erector Spinae, Traps, Rhomboids, Glutes. The bodyweight back exercises that we chose to demonstrate for you here can be done from home or anywhere you please. LYING LAT PULL DOWNS (WITH TOWEL). The author shall not be liable or responsible for any loss or damage allegedly arising from any information or suggestions within this blog. Progressive overload is a gradual process that provides significant results. 4 Sets = 4-5 r epetitions per set; Equipment Required:- Without Equipment; Works on Shoulders, Biceps {Generally Upper-Body} Doing this exercise is not an easy task. Equipment needed:- No Equipment required; Works majorly on back, shoulders, and core. It runs down the upper section of the spine, starting at the base of the skull. Muscles worked: Shoulders, lats, triceps, hips, chest. They attach to the neck, vetebrae, ribs and pelvis. This muscle stabilizes the shoulder joints and works with the lats to pull the humerus back. As well as the various rotator cuff muscles that are all important muscles for postural improvements and overall scapula and shoulder stability. Of course, there are plenty of back workouts at home out there that do “target” the back muscles to a certain degree. Don’t forget to give me a follow and connect with me on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube as well, in order to stay up to date with my content. The thing everyone has access to. Firmly plant your feet shoulder-width apart on the floor. Next, we’re going to finish the at home workout off with a move that’ll enable us to not only work all of our upper back muscles but will now target and strengthen the lower back through hip extension as well. You, as a reader of this website, are totally and completely responsible for your own health and healthcare. Try to get your chest and thighs up off the ground if you can. … The ideas, procedures, and suggestions contained within this work are not intended as a substitute for consulting with your physician. so that your body doesn’t fall forward as much as this will be the easiest regression. I highly suggest that you at least try this setup. Take a few steps back and lean back until there’s tension in the sheets, And then pull yourself upwards by driving your elbows back and squeezing your shoulder blades together, Straighten your arms in front of your body, Let your body fall forward as you let your arms raise overhead.

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