Would there be much benefit to braking handling Should I, which tire would you recommend for best all around performance(summer & all season) & size? Cast or forged alloy wheels are lighter, usually stronger than steel (especially forged) but not as malleable. Performance Plus Tire Technical Information, https://www.performanceplustire.com/tech-info/wheel-configurator/. A stock 7 inch rim with 3-1/2 inch backspace might be replaced by an 8-inch rim with 3-/3/4 inch backspace. How much can I realistically increase the size without causing problems? Aggressive tires have downsides that appear mostly on the street. It looks like it’s going to rub. Most radial mudders perform very well in rocks. Putting the same volume of air into a larger tire, which has more internal volume, creates less pressure but it carries the same weight. I have a 2007 Z71 Tahoe (all factory) and it feels very top heavy when on interstate at 70+ mph. Choose a mudder or rack tire if trail performance is your most important consideration. A narrow rim tends to pull the edges of the tread up and away from contact with the road. Thank you for your service!

An 8 inch rim with 5.5-inch backspacing has a 1.25-inch offset (8.0-5.5=2.5/2=1.25-inches). An "average" cast alloy wheel (forged are a bit lighter) come in at 16 pounds, dropping the upgraded tire and wheel back down to 71 pounds. We will happily price match and refund the difference if you happen to find a better price within ninety days of purchasing a Jeep part from us. The malleability aspect come into play when repairing a bent wheel.

Many, if not most, beadlock problems can be traced back to human error, either honest mistakes or inexcusable stupidity. Eliminating the unit bearing hub found in XJs, YJs and TJs offers one less weak link to offer up as tribute to the Trail Gods. Taking an off-road trip is exhilarating, but having the right size tires is a necessity. It offers improvements in both vital trail performance parameters, traction, clearance, and just looks cool.

That keeps the backspace the same but changes the offset. Finally, street handling is reduced because of the deep, flexible tread designs. If you run a tire bigger than 35 inches in diameter, you are most in need of a 17-20 inch rim. Few ATs will equal an MT in rocks, however. You can get a vehicle weighed in a variety of places, including the local landfill, grain elevators, scrapyards, and truck scales. It’s pretty difficult to get the exact match, but if you are within 5% you’re okay. Your email address will not be published. Some owners report the clamping ring type beadlocks fail at high speed, causing sudden deflation and parts flying around the highway.

In the fuel economy department, you may notice a small decrease because they create more rolling resistance. Width 245mm vs. 225mm 20mm = 3/4″more Tread design can be broken up into three very basic categories, the street tire, the all-terrain and the mudder.

We often get questions about all of the sizes that are considered 33-inch, 35-inch, 37-inch or 40 inches. All involve some trial and error. Every tire has a range of rim sizes that will offer the best performance and wear.

14″ to 15″).

Width – 13.6% (1.26″) more. Most Jeepers with dual-purpose street/trail machines find it an easy compromise. When you look at the wheel space and the rubber wall, they are about an inch or less away from each other.

The Pro’s – First of all, you’ll be cool if you Plus Size.

There won’t be much difference in looks, probably unnoticeable They are often noisier as well, though modern tread design has greatly reduced that trend. Off set would be x4.5 any suggestions positive or negative before purchasing wheels? he says it handles poorly and he needs 20 inch tires. Steel wheels are tough, malleable and relatively inexpensive, but heavy. Leroy, we don’t list 18×8.5 as working on your vehicle, sounds like it’s working for you. Could 21’s be the solution? I want a taller tire on my 17 inch wheel,I Find our selection of 33/12.5R20 tires here.

Will this hurt anything since some of the diesel trucks like mine come with 20”? Hello. It’s a 2015 Mercedes C300 4matic sport. A 37 inch tire on a 15 inch rim has a lot of tire profile (10-11 inches) between the contact patch and the rim. Big and tall tires will focus a lot of stress and strain over that fairly small area which results in some major trouble. FREE Shipping on Tire & Wheel Packages*, FREE Nitrogen Tire Inflation & much much more. Tire Deals/Promos Readers Rides Contact. I know the numbers are section width and not tread width, but are probably proportional Sidewall for ride/handling trade-off In today’s world, when you change the wheel and tire combination diameter, it effects a number of things with your ride.

Standard Jeep and truck tires may work fine for standard driving, but they lack the aggressiveness that 33 inch tires and rim packages provide for more adventurous vehicle uses. Tires for all classes of Vehicles. Home » Performance Plus Tire Technical Information » The Pros and Cons of Plus Sizing. On the trail, either of these extremes could make the tire more vulnerable to rock damage or being rolled off the rim at low trail pressures. When you have to carry that weight on a small tire with a small internal volume, you have to really pack it in and this increases pressure. 20 inch rims 255 30 20 for a 2007 volk’s jetta. What I want is performance and better looks. For most Jeepers, a tire upgrade is the biggest trail performance bang for the buildup dollars. Aftermarket steel wheels are usually heavier and stronger than the stock wheels. This has the effect of less tire sway or roll, and increases the stability or cornering ability of your ride. Many experienced hardcore Jeepers think the 35 inch tires are the point where most consider an upgrade to a 5 on 5.5 inch pattern. These guidelines ensure that your Jeep wheels perform better when they are off-road. Back in the early days, up to and including the 70’s, the only thing that happened when you put larger diameter tires on your rod, was the speedometer read slower than you were actually going. It will dictate street and trail performance, influence street fuel economy and alter the tire wear equation for the better or worse. It had stock run flats on it front 225/40 r 19 and rear 255/35 r 19. The latter system results in a stronger wheel because fewer impurities are introduced into the casting.

You can use our wheel configurator to decide which rim and sizes look best on your vehicle https://www.performanceplustire.com/tech-info/wheel-configurator/, HI I HAVE A 2016 LEXUS ES350 IT HAS 225X45X18 OEM WHEEL MY SUMMER CROME WHEELS AR 18” X 8.5 CAN I GO TO 245X45X18 SIDEWALL HEIGHT IS THE ISSUE I THINK THANKS FOR YOUR HELP LEROY. My question is more along the lines of width rather than height. I was going to replace the 225/45/18 with 245/40/18 and 245/45/18 is to tall

Thanks. The biggest difference in specs (sidewall) is still within the 15% (1 inch) recommended oversize for trucks. What’s the difference between a mud and rock tire? "All-Terrain" is a trademarked name used by BFG since the '70s but one which has become a generic term for an all-around tire that does "OK" in all venues. Although it can be a simple enhancement, not just any package will do. Choose the Right Tire Size Nothing excites you more than boiling the balonies while you travel off road. Order from us today.Popular searches: jeep wrangler seats, jeep roof rack, jeep wrangler soft top, jeep wrangler center console.

Often, the biggest difference is in the composition of the rubber. If you run a tire bigger than 35 inches in diameter, you are most in need of a 17-20 inch rim.

I have 1964 ford Thunderbird . does going from 16 to 17″ put more stress on ball joints, bearings? Most tire and wheel dealers are very aware of the Plus Sizing concept and can guide you as to the proper tire size to fit your wheel diameter choice and maintain the original tire and wheel combination diameter. Could this make a difference that’s bad, or be bad overall for the vehicle? We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service and quality aftermarket parts.

Correct? I have a 2007 Mazda B2300 pickup. Only the most hardcore Jeepers needs more, and the odds are his rig isn't a daily driver. In some cases, you can include a full-float conversion to the rear axle. Is this going to be an issue or not?

The basic idea of Plus Sizing is to replace the stock wheel size with a larger diameter wheel and still maintain the same original tire and wheel combination diameter. Sidewall 3.86 vs. 3.99 = 0.13 = 1/8″ less …and will he need new wheels? Would adding an inch not affect the speedometer and brakes too much, if just an inch? Step one is to get your Jeep weighed so you get the front and rear weight separately.

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