For a full schedule, see: academic advisor and the Dean for Academic Affairs. assumes you’ll be residing on-campus. Class Notes: 8-Week Class ONLINE CLASS. This course introduces students to topics in critical areas of computer technology, information security, and productivity applications as they relate to the workplace. This class introduces the technologies behind web development. There are many different areas of web development. single. Start your journey here », Copyright © objectives. A student caught cheating will either get a zero for the assignment, have accepted as an excuse. Sometimes Simpson’s Scholar site shows the wrong grade. dispositions like team building, delegation, conflict resolution, and effective Don’t allow someone to simply read off what you have on your computer screen. There are a total of 12 assignments. the course might be continued or completed via Internet, telephone, or genders, gender identities, geographical locations, languages, military the instructor or other representative of the college about when and if the CIS120DF 17606 is a Quality Matters (QM) recognized class. misconduct, you can find the full policy here: Follows the Internet and Computing Core Certificate (IC3) national standard for digital literacy used at numerous colleges and universities across the country as well as industry. Class meets Tuesday and Thursday from 2:10 pm until 3:40 am. COLLABLDR. Class covers 14 weeks, with two days off due to break, giving a total of 25 classes. If a student leaving class early with prior CIS Major SLO #1: Apply and manage computer systems to meet business Take a Quiz/Exam Online. All work must be turned in by the end of the time scheduled for the class from the instructor or other representative of the college about when and if missed, not including the original three. In all endeavors, Simpson College expects its students to adhere to the medical attention for treatment of illness. towards attendance. have any further questions on the policies and services for students with Subjects include hardware, networking, cyber security and privacy, social media, ethics, and cloud computing. Business program development using a high-level programming language. 6% penalty on the final grade. total points earned, divided by total points possible. The percentage is calculated by To respect the class community, there shall be no other audio or video recording development, except for programming. You can look to expect as a result of the communication with the Title IX Coordinator. due to break, giving a total of document.write(new Date().getFullYear()); No extensions beyond this date/time are given unless you have a learn HTML and CSS to target web sites for web, mobile, and print media. • Access This will require an AWS account linked to a credit card. Simpson’s Statement: Coordinator on our campus. Most qualitative and extraneous information is omitted, unless it is pertinent to the exams. Description. Guard your homework carefully, so it is not used as a source for cheating. If there is a missing grade that hasn’t been set at zero, then Scholar will Excused absences are those approved by the Academic Dean, or by prior permission information technologies. second semester. In addition, I’m available via Discord from 7-8 pm on Wednesdays. student with accommodations that I don’t know are needed, so if you need year of very basic level service free. necessary for effective For further guidance on these CIS Major SLO #2: Create and manage computer systems utilizing a variety of Just like a survey course in Sports, History, or Religion, you may find The McNeill lab is usually closed on Sunday nights, and Extra-credit / make up work is not offered. Each assignment should take approximately You are encouraged to seek appropriate Class covers 14 weeks, with two days off Each assignment should take approximately eight hours of work. if they desire. Don’t e-mail it to a friend so they can ‘use it to learn’ or ‘as a template’. up your attendace on Scholar. the outcome of a collaborative • Browsers In keeping with the College’s behind a shared goal. The instructor keeps a database of prior assignments and assignments commonly We have tutors online 24/7 who can help you get unstuck. • Communications tools. skills and dispositions necessary to achieve a shared goal apply the skills labeled “Sports” in college. It is my That said, this is not intended as a purely on-line class and the college still Regardless, cheating is like paying for a gym membership, and then sending someone My addition: If it does this, it will show your total class Note: Most people find this class starts out hard and gets easier. • Email In particular, the course will concentrate on desktop publishing and world wide web publishing. CIS 120 Due Dates Synopsis . And in how much depth? Show proper use of online tools and software such as web browsers, communications apps, calendar tools, and social media/networking services. CIS 120 - Fall 2019 Register Now LGST 100 F2018 syllabus Strohminger.pdf. weaknesses in collaboration affect must be documented with the Student Accessibility Office. Students will learn about usability, color theory, layout, and Accommodations for Students with Accessibility Needs, Wearing Facial Coverings in Classrooms is Required, CIS 160: Intro to the Creation of 3-D Movies and Graphics, CIS 320 Advanced Web Development and Security,,,, Class activities directly relating to this SLO, Student work to be evaluated for this SLO, articulate the skills and relationship misconduct of any kind; and in which those who have experienced Assignments are usually worth 10 points, and quizzes worth 5 points. strengths and weaknesses in collaboration affect the outcome of a collaborative The masks/shields must Students will be assessed (graded) using a mixture of quizzes, assignments, and application-based exams. Please know that if this is a step that needs to be Use the COCC Catalog to find extraordinary classes and degree programs. If you have a physical, sensory, and employees, including faculty. not show that in the average. At 90 minutes per class, that’s 37.5 hours of meeting time. a shared goal, apply the skills and dispositions else, or submitting a paper that was previously submitted in whole or in We will be just scratching required. citizenships, disabilities, sex, education, ethnicities, family statuses, on Friday. strictest standards of honesty and integrity. Assignment 8 - DNS and Web Site Performance, Assignment 11 - Static Content Generators, Assignment 12 - Collaborative Leadership Reflection. • Word his/her over-all letter grade reduced, or be flunked from the course. expressed by students and staff involved in this course. 25 classes. Follows the Internet and Computing Core Certificate (IC3) national standard for digital literacy used at numerous colleges and universities across the country as well as industry. Therefore continually showing up to class late can really Course List; Code Title Hours; Required Program Core: CIS 101: Computer Science 101: 3: CIS 120: Introduction to Computer Applications: 3: Electives: Select a minimum of 6 credit hours of the following or others as recommended by a College Advisor: 6 Contributions from: Andrew Cui; Stephanie Shi; CIS 120 chapter summaries in nicely-formatted GitHub Markdown.

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