In general, it’s defined as how much a liquid or a solid can resist the pressure applied to compress it from all the directions. I am the creator of Geekswipe. As of 2015, we only know that there are only a few high-pressure ice phases of water and the rest will be unlocked very soon in the future, if we could attain pressures beyond the existing limits. The best your mutants can have are weapons made of very dense meta-stable metal causing heavy violence to the victims and breaking weapons made of low density metals. So the bottom line is when you compress the water, it turns into solid, the density increases apparently and it exists in one of the 16—excluding the one in your freezer—known crystalline phases of the ice. (You’d see similar huge space savings by compressing those .txt files into .zip files, too, of course.) Metals are to some degree compressible, and they may be compressed even further undergoing some phase transitions to denser modifications. This also means that the force & pressure to push it and get the friction to twist it is increased. While not realistic per se, as pointed out by the answer of CKA, it can work as an "arbitrary" superpower, as long as it is consistent. Thanks for the highlights, precisely the kind of extra details I need to make this coherent (after the not scientifical superpower). If you compress a weapon like you described there will be a lot of heat that has to be transported away. Ferdinand Pierre Beer, Elwood Russell Johnston, John T. DeWolf (1992), "Mechanics of Materials". I lack the knowledge to understand. But if you’re buying or building a speedy computer, you’re probably better off buying a larger drive–or a secondary drive–so you can store more files without having to compress them. maybe :). Even at the deepest regions of our oceans, the density of water is only a little higher than that of the water at the surface, and the compression is approximately around 1.8% only. There is a nuclear force which is (mostly) attractive and acts between So basically his weapons need to be metal perfect, without any imperfections. Iron keeps being iron, and does not become uranium). If you compress a weapon like you described there will be a lot of heat that has to be transported away. If he can compress and throw shrapnel, armor-piercing dust would also be a terrifying weapon. Uru is a substance that is both stone and metal. In internal combustion engines the explosive mixture gets compressed before it is ignited; the compression improves the efficiency of the engine. density is #(mass)/(volume)#, So, volume is inversely proportional to the density of the substance. This research even claims that there are two more crystal structures besides the existing phases. NTFS compression works similarly to other types of compression, like zipping a file. These are just my musings, I might be wrong in some things because i'm not a scientist, but these are items I would incorporate/account for. Will it slow file access times down? (I.e. As you already said: the mutant squeezes the metal so that the atoms press closer together, then reexpands the metal to its normal dimensions. All Rights Reserved. @Nyakouai Matter is heating up when compressed, this is how freezers work - as to why, well, I'll let better qualified people. But it is not practically compressible for the least. There are still several possibilities like the formation of hydronium, but let us focus on some highly possible hypothetical scenarios. He's written about technology for nearly a decade and was a PCWorld columnist for two years. For example, if you compress a drive full of .zip files, those .zip files are already compressed files and the additional compression won’t do much. The spring going solid is a signal for the machine to shut off and then move the bottle to the next station, making space to bring in an empty bottle. Inversely, the compression itself may be used to crush things with irresistible force, possibly up to nuclear fusion level. The metal bender is Hephaïstos. I’ll refrain from delving into the forces that could crush the hardest of the hard, and turn it into an altogether different material … whatever is imagined to be possible in the universe and Physics – is very likely possible, and it should not surprise. If you have a files that compress very well, it can save you a lot of space and potentially be very worthwhile. If his power has an "inertia", and the bauble only slowly expands back to its original size once the effect stops, he can still use the expansion to break pretty much anything, but in the way of a hydraulic piston instead of a bomb.

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