Please accept my sincere sympathies to your family for your loss. Such a kind and gentle man. Meanwhile in the real world, life goes on. I found out he really liked raisin filled cookies so I would take some to him once in a while. It was such a wonderful experience to sit at his feet and be taught by example. I remember the great time on 3350 So in Salt Lake City area. Many things he taught us, I have used in working with the youth and Young Adults of the Church. Jeremiah is very clear about this (see Jeremiah 25:11), and so is Daniel 9. I love the Featherstones and know they will find comfort in the faith and legacy of their Patriarch. God Bless you. Dear Merlene and family, So sorry to hear of the passing of your husband and father. To those of us who were in San Antonio during his ministry as the mission president, his presence there was a turning point in many of our lives; he helped us to see the beauty of the gospel and the joy of life itself. The stories my father told me about him growing up with "Vaughn" were amazing and funny. A true disciple of the Savior, beginning to end. It seems to me far better to simply take Jesus at his word and try our best to love one another. Our heartfelt love and sympathy goes out to the outstanding family of this wonderful, outstanding man. The video seems to want to draw this link because of the reference to stars, but that allusion is not to literal stars but to Genesis 37:9, where twelve stars in Joseph’s dream are described as the tribes of Israel. It will be a joyous reunion in heaven for sure. I've know him for 61 years and will miss him. We are so sorry to hear of Vaughn's passing. He sounds like a remarkable person. While collectors range from official historians to young women in the temple district, their task is to fill the time capsule with whatever they feel is important. It’s overriding premise is pretty simple: every single eschatological prediction up to right…now, He will be missed. What a humble/gentle giant, made me feel so comfortable. Through the fasting and prayers and the priesthood blessing of faith of the missionaries, under his leadership, I was healed. It chronicles apocalyptic You truly live Christ-like lives. On April 6, 1983, Elder Featherstone drafted a letter addressed to twenty- first century members of the Church. Recently on Times and seasons the responders to a blog seemed to think there were secret combinations going on all around, and you need to know about them. There’s far more evidence that the first of these was an actual conspiracy than the second. First, theological reasons. I’m too young to have experienced the 1960s but I imagine there were people feeling like we were near the end back then as well. He had a huge following also. We start ignoring the principles that incompetence is as common as malice and that our leaders—in church, state, and media—are usually simply what they appear to be. At times 2020 has felt like the end of times and I guess that opens the door for doomsday mentality. Another example. When your father gives you the name of his amazing friend, you feel an obligation to honor him by being better. He was a man who talked the talk and walked the walk. But the video (pretty explicitly) makes the case that the end of times started with the year 2000. You are such a great example of overcoming and making the best of a bad situation growing up. May our Heavenly Father continue to bless you, our dear friends. All of these techniques I’ve described are characteristic of Protestant fundamentalist modes of reading the Bible. If I could choose from every man who breaths on the face of this Earth; a man for my brother, a man for my president, a man for my friend, they'd all be Vaughn J Featherstone. This video is not so different from the terrifying QAnon conspiracy theory spreading across the Internet, alleging that there are all sorts of dangerous plots afoot in American life and that nearly every major figure in government save for Donald Trump is actively trying to destroy the country. He was my Stake President in Boise and took an interest in me and all of the youth of the Stake. Elder Featherstone gave me a beautiful written blessing as my husband was serving in Scouting...we had seven young son's and 1 daughter. His special blessing to Andrea prior to her death and then coming back to Idaho to speak at her funeral.

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