Starting with activities where either the child or the ball are static (e.g. Try soft air filled balls with a bit of “give” e.g. was the throw too hard; was the throw straight; not to over-anticipate; build up the art of timing and waiting for the ball; position of hands; keeping still when throwing and catching, etc. Return to the previous activity if necessary if it is too difficult. off to enhance grip. Your partner will tell you which colour cone to aim … Children learn best when they participate in activities that are just the right challenge, not too easy or too difficult. Give lots and lots of praise and encouragement. stream Can throw with accuracy – 6 years. Stand facing the field, with your feet apart and part of both touching the ground. Developing Ball Skills ... Stack blocks or place bowling pins/other toys on the edge of the table, throw the ball to knock them over. Next, have him run to the ball as fast as he can. An effective throw in can prove the springboard to a successful attacking move and is an important aspect in maintaining possession. Skilful in throwing with one hand – 7 years. Catches ball between extended arms – 3 years. endobj endobj Help the child learn from unsuccessful attempts by discussing reasons, e.g. Catches by chasing ball – does not respond to arial ball – 2 years. What's an activity through which learners can practise ball skills? %���� Begins to throw a ball overhand – 3 years. Start with the basic ball skills – catching, throwing or kicking. When taking a throw-in, the feet must be on or behind the touchline, with both remaining on the ground throughout. The throw in soccer is a method of restarting play once the ball has gone out. Slowing down the speed of the ball allows the child time to make the necessary adjustments to their position and time to follow the ball; this will increase their chances of success. 3.Swing on an imaginary ball or some real object e.g., daisy or tyre. Start with the ball moving slowly then increase the speed that the ball travels at. It may be one of the less glamorous skills in soccer, but it is nonetheless important to master. Can throw underhand to about 6m – 3 years. With each successful catch or throw performed in a row, upgrade and make the task slightly harder. The 17 Official Rules of Soccer According to FIFA, 5 Best Soccer Goalkeeper Tips to Keep the Ball Out of the Goal, How to Perform Defensive Heading in Soccer, 10 Best Defensive Midfielders in the World. <> Gradually move further away from the child. was the throw too hard; was the throw straight; not to over-anticipate; build up the art of timing and waiting for the ball; position of hands; keeping still when throwing and catching, etc. The whole of the ball must pass over the touchline, either on the ground or in the air. In this drill, tell your players to: Scan the pitch while collecting the ball. a beach ball. They may be more inclined to avoid being hit by the ball and not attempt to catch it. You will use the bounce pass to bounce the ball on a cone. Ball skills – throwing & catching When teaching the child ball skills it is important to start at a level that the child can achieve and then slowly increase the level of difficulty, so that the child is stretched slightly each time, but does not lose self-confidence. Skills can also be upgraded by playing dynamically and with increased movement, for example, running side-by-side. Also stand closer to the child so that success is guaranteed. 1.Adopt ready position. balloons, foam balls, scarves. Split learning into 2 parts – throwing is one task and catching is another. Always finish on a positive note with them having some success to avoid frustration. Start with big balls and heavy bean bags and work towards lighter smaller balls. At 2-3 years old they will be able to better anticipate the movements of a rolling and bouncing ball. Using one hand too much.

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