Tener and Tener Idioms Graphic Organizer Whether you are looking for simple spanish sentences, romantic spanish sentences, or funny spanish sentences, our sentence builder tool will assist you. ~A 2 page worksheet featuring featuring 12 different tener expressions that students must first translate into Spanish questions and then answer in the affirmative or negative. A The entire back side has fill in the blank and translation practice to use them. You may also like…. <>>> To download/print, click on pop-out icon or print icon to worksheet to print or download. My student, This Powerpoint is a fun and interactive way to introduce idiomatic expressions with the verb tener. Cute pictures! Tons of materials! Tes Global Ltd is Students must match the first part with the tener idiom to the end of the sentence that makes sense. This means that its conjugations doesn’t follow a common pattern. C Tener hambre 10. Click hereto see what else my store has to offer! <> This is an appropriate project for both first and second year Spanish students. +��,�%�߿�LI໏G,Wj�BJ�6�iܥNGPZ�4��Z�����:l./����"H�(�0h� � {S�f��*�����+�f7_��7E���QP�P0���=� l�. Tener Expressions - Displaying top 8 worksheets found for this concept. Students will choose the correct forms to complete sentences, read phrases and decide which tener idioms best matches, translate sentences, and use images to better relate tener idioms to definitions. Online Exercise – Tener Expressions Word Order – In this online practice students have to order the words to complete 8 sentences. Algunos sinónimos del verbo, dependiendo del contexto, son: haber, poseer, detentar, atesorar, gozar, beneficiarse, disfrutar, conservar, guardar. x��ZKo9��裴;b��f7�4�NHv0���[q�(rFr&���{X�ت��n�� ����"Y����Ջ���/_�Y������j��Z�\^�������^������BU�nY�T7�./���vyq;��/���|!fo�~���snf?����_�9�ǯ��÷s.��_���//�`K���%D͸����Umu�f]U��yt����N3�J�� &-g�3�x~V�o5o��7�f��7�9d��e�RnU���]9_!�u!���ie݌h��s5���s^����}n��0%��iTNh�1L{&���� �CVY53)�sz-�uz-��z-�uz-��z�i�y�>�܍!| S���̖�K�&�9ҳ�г��x&���@�d���r���mr�iA�M��9U��zU�:U&������ì�!ښ��U�@ZS�ń����� �=�˧P�����SO�Sv��LT�:����=�ǹCr�2Ӧ�Ϲp��{ ��{B{B������p'g5�v*���Z���Aa�t�F��q����\� sM���\��v��&A’)�s�/���/�u�Kh�O1���Q}(�/П���uFj4j�G��@���c]��b���WB��WD����~��b|�̀v�����b:��S�� `p��ޅ�i4W��./��!�yCР���Cx�h�� +��&���v+->��䓡�%�H9�f�L������)��e#δN�0)�nB��*�c^OpC.��|�F�� >Q�i04!��LZ֘sq�ą�� �V]�s={�C#�.7j��Z��P���3r8�e4�O����bN8:���L}��ŵ�´�� ��u��r!�_-� >����pl꺖�I:K�#ru���_�^*|uE��g��%��>v�H�Kd��R��Ë�: This file includes everything you need to create a DIGITAL interactive flip book on the topic of. U Some of the worksheets for this concept are Tener expressions, Expressions with tener, Tengo mucho tengo, Unit lesson plan modas de transportacin, Biology vocab practice answers, Prctica del verbo tener, Idioms test 1, Present simple time expressions. Review the expressions in class and have students group up in pairs to complete Page 2, or assign for homework!********************************. TENER EXPRESSIONS 1. This lesson includes:-bell work-powerpoint that teaches all three idioms-a classwork that includes listening and writing activities-a listening script-a homework-an exit t, Use this template to play ¡SEIS! Tener sueño 6. It also works as a great study tool for students. E This website and its content is subject to our Terms and 2 0 obj Check Out Our Spanish Course for Intermediate and Advanced Students. F Included are the instructions, a list of the eighteen idioms, and a grading rubric. If used sparingly in the classroom, the students will enjoy this "once-a-month" activity. with students. Since we use this verb a lot in Spanish, it’s a good idea to practice the present tense conjugations so you can use them quickly. For additional practice with the word, find the lesson titled When to Use Tener in Spanish. 1st - Tener and Tener Idioms2nd - Tener (to show relationships and possession)3rd - Tener que (things students have to do for sch, This zip file includes everything you need to teach a lesson on the tener idoms sed, hambre, prisa, miedo, sueño, calor, and frío with all forms of tener. At the end, they will receive their score and the correct answers. We feel like swimming. This can be a stand alone flip book, or it could be added to an interactive notebook.

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