-, Biochem Biophys Res Commun. Inhibition of the Na+-independent glucose transporter 1 (GLUT1) in activated macrophages (RAW264.7 cells) by taurine chloramine represents one mechanism by which inflammatory cell function can be modulated [10]. California Privacy Statement, Taurine administration also ameliorates hypertension in hypertension-prone Kyoto rats [17]. Leibbrandt ME, Wolfgang GH, Metz AL, Ozobia AA, Haskins JR: Critical subcellular targets of cisplatin and related platinum analogs in rat renal proximal tubule cells. 2006, 583: 493-498. full_text. A model of chronic puromycin aminonucleoside nephropathy that resembles human focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) can be induced in rats. For example, some studies have shown similar positive benefits in older animals that researchers exposed to toxins. What is the cause? Kidney Int. Google Scholar. Search for other works by this author on: European Renal Association–European Dialysis and Transplant Association. Divisions of Baxter Novum and Renal Medicine Department of Clinical Science Karolinska Institutet Huddinge University Hospital Stockholm, Sweden. Is it chronic Kidney disease? 0000005736 00000 n Odobasic D, Kitching AR, Semple TJ, Holdsworth SR: Endogenous myeloperoxidase promotes neutrophil-mediated renal injury, but attenuates T cell immunity inducing crescentic glomerulonephritis. 0000078291 00000 n NLM -, Amino Acids. : It may depend on the severity of the ckd. 0000059613 00000 n Thaeromor A, Wyss JM, Jirakulsomchok D, Roysummuti S: High sugar intake via the renin-angiotensin system blunts the baroreceptor reflec in adult rates that were perinatally depleted of taurine. 1976, 57 (1): 183-193. Trachtman H, Futterweit S, Bienkowski RS. 1982, 70 (3): 598-607. However, the study authors point out that the sugar and caffeine content of many energy drinks can cause these side effects. Taurine is an amino acid found naturally in protein sources including milk, meat, and fish. Taurine accumulates within the cells via active transport by TauT, and, hence, the quantity of transporter protein in the cell membrane determines intracellular β-amino acid concentration [1]. 1990, 38 (2): 219-226. 0000198845 00000 n 1998, 442: 261-268. Amino acids are the protein building blocks of the human body. -, Adv Exp Med Biol. 10.1093/ndt/17.3.528. 1995, 48 (3): 761-770. 0000200871 00000 n The protocol was approved by the Ethics Committee of Karolinska Institutet at Huddinge University Hospital. 520 0 obj <>stream 2009, 20 (6): 1323-1332. Addition of taurine to cell cultures that have adapted to a low taurine environment can rapidly (within 8 hr) reverse the up-regulation response [8]. Adv Exp Med Biol. have shown that p53 is an early signal in cisplatin-induced apoptosis in renal tubular cells [74]. Matsell DG, Bennett T, Han X, Budreau AM, Chesney RW: Regulation of the taurine transporter gene in the S3 segment of the proximal tubule. Sorbitol, myo-inositol, betaine, α-glycerophosphorylcholine and taurine have been identified as major osmolytes in the renal medulla [43–45]. 0000191251 00000 n J Pediatr. That taurine egress is dependent on specific ions suggests that it is not purely passive diffusion, but probably involves a carrier-facilitated process [9]. Han X, Chesney RW: Mechanism of TauT in protecting against cisplatin-induced kidney injury (AKI). By using our website, you consent to our use of cookies. Privacy 0000011768 00000 n In a saphenous vein model, ischemia reperfusion significantly reduced endothelial cell survival by increasing both apoptosis and necrosis [33]. 0000198902 00000 n 0000191456 00000 n In the proximal tubule, the site of bulk reabsorption of ions, organic solutes and water, taurine influences sodium transport and is taken up itself to maintain the body pool size in an adaptive response to variations in dietary availability.

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