Ranked 100 – 60th Smartest Dog Breeds. These small dogs love to compete — and win — at sports competitions, and participate in all kinds of tricks. They exceed in in water retrieval, dock diving, and even hunting tests. Trust, patience, and obedience are key to a great relationship with these beautiful animals. Hodgson adds that many small breeds are bred down from larger breeds, and thus have similar drives, instincts, and yes, smarts. Not only do they have beauty, but they have the brains to match. | iStock.com/Yanjf. According to the American Kennel Club, their smart self-sufficiency can actually get them into trouble if they're not trained properly. And remember: smarts aren't everything. (Papillon is actually the French word for “butterfly.”) Additionally, this breed is well-known for being happy and alert, without being aggressive. Translation: These fearless protectors can hold their own, and hang with kids. There, they'll learn how to be loving pups and show you their full potential as intelligent, caring creatures. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io, 25 Small Dog Breeds That Are Perfect For Any Home, Dogs Really Can Tell If Someone Is a Bad Person, 16 Hilarious Photos of Dogs Playing Hide and Seek, 4 Ways to Keep a Senior Pet Healthy for Years, This Man Is Giving Shelter Dogs the Best Makeovers. You had better train them to respect your authority, or they'll overtake you pretty easily. Clearly, these dogs have the brains and the brawn. According to the American Kennel Club, these smart animals have a drive to work, and, if you're not ready, to play tricks on their unsuspecting owner. Aussies are hardworking, friendly, and funny dogs that fit well in families with kids and active lifestyles. The 20 Best Dogs for Kids and Families That Will Be Your Pal for Life, 13 Best Guard Dogs to Protect Your Family and Home, 35 Best Large Dog Breeds for People Who Want Impressive Pets, 22 Healthiest Dog Breeds With the Least Health Problems. They're also known for their great strength and ability to herd cattle (and basically anything else on a ranch). It’s not much of a surprise that Australian cattle dogs have the brains to match their burly work ethics. What you may not have known, though, is just how witty this guy really is. "Some are social and emotionally dependent on people, so they are easier to train and far more receptive to our vision of what they should do," she says. That's right. "instinctual ability" to control the movements of other animals. These dogs are confident, courageous, and steady, and the AKC says they require “regular mental and physical exercise.”. Herding dogs are a hearty breed, and the Shetland sheepdog is no exception. Aussies want to herd everything — you, your kids, toys, birds, sticks, you name it. According to the American Kennel Club, Alaskan Huskies are "pack animals" and in your family "pack," the leader must be you. Next: This dog’s bark is often bigger than his bite. But if you’ve ever known a shepherd well, you know just how loyal and loving these dogs can be. According to PetPonder, these terriers are rambunctious at first for new owners, but with good training, these dogs become fiercely loyal and protective. And, if you're curious, we've answered some FAQs about dogs' IQs that may blow your mind. Translation? The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is affectionate (without being needy), loyal, and simply smart. Border collies are smart, loyal pups. “And although the best in any breed can be nurtured by owners willing to put in the time and effort, there are fixed realities when it comes to your animal’s inherent qualities.”, Read more: The 21 Easiest Dog Breeds to Own. | iStock.com/Keleny, Unfortunately, some associate German shepherds with a less-than-friendly temperament. Lassie is, arguably, the world’s most well-known collie to ever exist. It all comes down to which breed best suits your family and your needs. So if you’re looking for a top dog to join your family, see if these canines pass the test. Rottweilers have earned themselves a bit of a reputation, thanks to their intimidating stature and, of course, big bark. It hasn't been confirmed as a fact, but research suggests that bigger dogs could be smarter. They enjoy reward-based training, living with families, and of course, being treated with respect. Coren recently posed this question in a post for Psychology Today, aptly titled "Are Big Dogs Smarter Than Small Dogs? RELATED: 13 Best Guard Dogs to Protect Your Family and Home. As the American Kennel Club says, even the most stubborn of cows won’t deter an Australian cattle dog; they’ll just become more motivated to keep at it until the job’s done. Or how you even determine a dog's IQ in the first place? Golden Retrievers are hard workers, hands down. Next: These dogs are guides and police companions. Average intelligent dogs will obey a known command on the first try with at least a 50% success rate. But when it comes to working intelligence (i.e. Rottweilers are fierce protectors. For example, have you ever wondered if big dog breeds are smarter than small dog breeds? Check out these unique dog names. Want to a new pup to your pack? And if you’re familiar with the film, it should come as no surprise that a collie made the list. According to the American Kennel Club, despite their tiny legs, these pups can get around quick and stay on their feet for a very long time. jobs many years ago hunting ducks and accompanying fishermen. Papillons are small, but smart. According to the American Kennel Club, these canines are so fierce and intelligent that they help out the nation's finest during the toughest of times. Rottweilers are a classic working dog breed and often serve in police forces or to assist those with poor eyesight. The first toy breed to crack the top 10, papillons aren't your average lap dogs. The 5-pound wonders often take home top prizes at competitive agility trials, according to the American Kennel Club. If you would like to know which dogs are the most intelligent, look no further. Not only is the Pembroke Welsh corgi sweet and affectionate, but he’s alert and intelligent, too. Alert, curious and pleasant, the high-energy herders do best with a job. Jack Russell terriers love to keep active. Golden Retrievers are hard workers, hands down. Why trust us? We've also ranked the best family dogs, the best apartment dogs, and the healthiest dogs. If you look at this list, you'll find that the only tiny pup is the papillon. Some dogs just need a little more clarification.

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