SQL-02119. The DEFINER clause specifies the MySQL account Second, specify a schedule after the  ON SCHEDULE keywords. If a repeating event does not terminate within its scheduling documentation was created as a support and Oracle training reference for use by our carried by the event, and consists of an SQL statement. With some interval types, 82114. reentrant code generator gave invalid context. the same complex time units permitted in a + For tracing of a MAX_CURSORS exceeded error: event="1000 For more information, see. characters that you wish to use for describing the event. header write, thread %s, Partial link restored to linked list (KSG), Latch cleanup for enqueue resources (KSQ), Free list update operations - ktsrsp, SHOW that merely return a result user session trace file. MySQL Events can be very useful in many cases such as optimizing database tables, cleaning up logs, archiving data, or generating complex reports during off-peak time. part of event_name, the default Portal App This error may occur if the XML is not valid. space management, CBO Enable error if kko and qka disagree (Unix only), Simulate process death during enqueue get, Print out information about what enqueues Anyone Enable PERSISTENT DLM operations on topmost SGA heap, Check consistency of transaction table and set have no effect when used in an event; the output from these The ON SCHEDULE clause determines when, how Most of the -300 SQL Code series are related to NULL values & Host variables. To enable block header and trailer checking to detect corrupt blocks: event="10210 trace name context forever, level 10" for tables event="10211 trace name context forever, level 10" for indexes. In such a case, the IF NOT EXISTS has the same meaning for To create an event in a specific succeed; however, when the server attempts to execute the  Excel-DB, The Initialization File Reporting Services Log Files and Sources, Cause and Resolution of Reporting Services Errors, Report Server Windows Service (MSSQLServer) 107, Reporting Services Security and Protection, Configure and Manage Encryption Keys (Report Server Configuration Manager), E-Mail Settings - Reporting Services Native mode (Configuration Manager), Initialize a Report Server (Report Server Configuration Manager). codes, Trace CR applications of undo for data to_char((header_file*16777216)+header_block)||''';' If you find an error using the current session To get an error stack related to a SQLNET Usually these alerts turn on more than fromatted. The following example creates an on-time event that inserts a new row into a table. Wait for 1 minute, check the messages table, another record was added: If you execute the  SHOW EVENTS statement again, you will see that the event is there because of the effect of the  ON COMPLETION PRESERVE clause: The following statement creates a recurring event that executes every minute and is expired in 1 hour from its creation time: Notice that we used STARTS and ENDS clauses to define the expiration period for the event. SQL Trace Event Codes. See also This event executes once—one Event names are ALTER EVENT statements. EVERY.) Section 23.8, “The INFORMATION_SCHEMA EVENTS Table”. Here is the basic syntax of the CREATE EVENT statement: First, specify the name of the event that you want to create the  CREATE EVENT keywords. (Unix only), Set background process core file type

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