Never compromising the top-notch quality, the company has been manufacturing the highest grade flamenco guitars since 1968 originating from Spain. The frets are 19 in numbers and the length of the rosewood scale measures 25.6 inches. The Carrillo family have made classical guitars in the town since 1836. Other Spanish classical guitar manufacturers include: Vicente Carrillo of Casasimorro, known as "El Pueblo de las Guitarras" (the Town of the Guitars). However, the C3FLAM has all the features of a typical flamenco acoustic guitar, with the exception being the bulkiness. The electronics components between the EQ, piezo pick-up and the onboard mic are just amazing, with their variety of settings that fit different style. Standing as an ultimate cross-over nylon string guitar, the 55FCA is remarkable for its solid spruce to design paired with a stunning back and sides flamed maple.The guitar features a beautiful wood combination alongside the thin body designmakes it the excellent choice for exploring nuances inherent in sounds that can only be captured using nylon strings. In this article, we cover every aspect of flamenco guitars, so get that guitar-eye rolling! Having its headquarters in Valencia, Spain, they get their inspiration for their guitars from the local traditions. What really makes the Cordoba GK Studio Negra the perfect guitar for improvisation is the Fishman Presys blend preamp made it a gigging instrument that generates an amplified sound. If you have additional materials, information, sources, photographs classical or flamenco guitars … The Cordoba Solista features a Cypress back and sides mated with a durable and solid European spruce top under superb craftsmanship. It has a great degree of responsiveness when touching the strings and the bass is great. The LAVADIA BFG2R binding is PVC made and the material used in making guitar’s bridge is rosewood, all of which indicate that the overall design is excellent. Besides, the Piezo guitar pickup configuration also generates the electric signals from the pressure of the strings. When connected to a good quality acoustic amplifier, the Alhambra 3F US. The shallow and flat fingerboard area of the Solista provides a low and thoughtful action, possessing the bright, snappy and acoustic tone characteristics of that defines the best flamenco guitars. The Nato neck is shaped in a way that players with smallish hands can find it convenient to maneuver, so that once you are on it, it’s truly difficult to put it down—a very comfortable instrument to play. Every inch of the wood and paint is flawless. The bridge and binding of the Cordoba Solista made of Indian rosewood. But if you are just going to be practicing, you don’t need to spend much on a guitar; a low cost model not exceeding $500 mark will suffice. Coming from the BGF1 version, LAVIDA is rolling out the BFG2R Nylon Acoustic String Flamenco Guitar, which is also a relatively new product in the guitar world. LAVIDA is making a comeback with the relatively new BGF1 Acoustic Nylon String Flamenco Guitar, not much of a renowned choice in the guitar world. The guitars are made in northern Spain to keep a touch of originality in the manufacturing. While the bass has complete authority, the tenor strings are clear, generating crisp sounding. The Yamaha CG172SF Nylon String Flamenco Guitar is beautiful and keenly made. Below are some of the best flamenco acoustic and acoustic-electric guitars in the market. The Spanish ceder neck has a two-way built-in truss rod that makes the beck just perfect. As a result, this Flamenco guitar follows the authentic lines of this instrument thoroughly, offering you access to a professionally handcrafted instrument according to old traditions.

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