They had no idea that she had a baby (she was flung 10-20 feet from the vehicle, and her friends were holding me and trying to keep me calm). r/TheChills. I could only see his heels flashing in the distance as he was running away. “I gave my father CPR as he died when I was 18,” wrote dummystupid. I froze. I dropped all my stuff by the door, pet the cat, grabbed a towel and got into the shower. Cookies help us deliver our Services. For years I had hated Batman, because the idea of dying always came rushing forward from my subconscious. She looked at me confused and she asked me if I had a dream that someone was talking to me and I told her no, I was awake. This list features scary stories about hidden cameras and photo-loving stalkers. She nods her head with a scared look on her face. What Happened: “Went to my aunt and uncle’s house one family vacation about 10 years ago. Two of the thread’s top comments were by redditors who had had someone die in their arms. I was a “big girl” and loved having my own room to sleep in and I was never scared. I couldn't exactly define why I felt this way; I just found it eerie. And as soon as I say those words, something falls and clatters onto their bedroom floor and the cat bolts away. I always got an uncomfortable feeling in her room, particularly the closet area, but never thought much of it. Was taken to hospital and it was barely saved and put in bandage. "Later that night, I'm sleeping peacefully, when at about 2 am, I'm woken by something ripping the covers off of me and being jerked about 2 feet towards the end of the bed by my ankle. None. It was on a side road in a ditch. 16 Truly Terrifying Super-Short Stories. We kind of just froze there, staring at him. The best feeling is getting a long peel, similar to your skin when you're peeling from a sunburn. I grab my towel and I start checking the rooms, windows and doors. The thread wasn’t the only area of the site in which redditors exchanged horror stories. Obsessed with travel? When the police investigated, they found a short-range transmitter connected to several cameras hidden throughout their home. I headed across the field, which you have to cross through to get to the woods because there's no trail...I was taking my time and calming down...And then I realized it got really quiet. I took her downstairs from the third floor in the townhouse to try and calm her down. One day we saw a backpack at the bottom of one. During this time period, her sister would wake up with bloodshot eyes, sometimes even bruises, and feel totally exhausted. My friend doesn't remember much from this time period, other than her sister being disturbed by something the year they lived there. “It expertly toes the line … When I was 2 1/2 years old, my father’s side of the family invaded my home to “take care of” me when I was sick. And the footsteps come back and they're in pace with me, running next to me through the field. If you hear a knock at your front door at 2:13am, do not answer. Hot New Top Rising. She mentioned that she and her other sister, the oldest, also hated using that bathroom because they would always feel "off" and find thick black hairs stuck in the drain, even though each of them had fine blond hair. I didn’t know why I was scared but I was. My craft room was down there I and I spent a lot of time there. Hot New Top. I'm giving her a bath before bed when she looks out into the hallway and gets a terrified look on her face and starts crying. /r/CreepyReadings features several scary stories read via YouTube video. Hope you weren't planning on sleeping tonight. The first voice is a male's voice and he said 'I know I saw her go in this way, she couldn't have gotten that far.' It wasn't in my head because it had a volume and a pitch that changed that my thoughts definitely don't do. So, in order to make your nights a little scarier, here are some of the finest horror specimens from Reddit. Naturally, I'm shocked. MuFoxxa‘s rape by a woman and the subsequent disbelief of the ordeal by everyone from friends to even rape crisis counselors. While writing this story, I decided to look it up. My sister was still pretty little and she slept in the same room as Rhonda because she was too scared to sleep alone and Rhonda was like a grandma to us who was more than happy to share her bed if we got scared. The 1 counselor I told screamed at me, called me a liar and kicked me out. I had a thousand crazy thoughts because none of this made any sense. Join. I even tried to go visit her when I was a college student, but her house was sold and she moved away apparently.”. Years (17 to be precise) of therapy ensued, but it never really did anything for me and left me a pretty angry kid who wanted revenge. Mike Fenn is a former contributor to the Daily Dot whose beats included Reddit, YouTube, and all things WTF. *These Reddit posts have been slightly edited for grammar, clarity and length. Hot. Sometimes fact is even scarier than fiction... Have you ever read scary stories and thought, “Thank goodness those stories aren’t true!” Well, sometimes the creepiest of stories are the ones that happened to real people…because then you think, “This scary story could happen to me too.”. Go now. I’ll love him forever for that. In the background, I can hear both my sisters arguing. We stayed in Ettal, Germany, in a small inn for a few nights. When you think of scary stories, you might first imagine ghosts or vampies or other supernatural creatures. As told on Snap Judgement: "I had been on the phone with my then-boyfriend and he said something that made me think he was a chauvinistic, not nice person, and I remember telling him that if he knew anything about me, he knew exactly where I was gonna go.

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