holiday party on time. Have fun and be creative in choosing the flavorings and coatings for your own personalized chocolate truffles. Celebrate the good stuff instead by making some delicious truffles – but will you top them with sea salt, cocoa or yet more chocolate? The gloves are not mandatory but if you do not use them, be sure your hands are very clean. Incorporating air by stirring will cause the ganache to harden. Maybe it was the chocolate--I used 3 bars of dark chocolate from Aldi's (Choceur, I think). I’ll make a chocolate bark with the leftover chocolate. Turn the fork “upside down” so that you can use as little of the fork tines as possible to carefully push the truffle off the first fork. When melting chocolate and not-too-sweet desserts. The truffles will look nicer if they are as round as possible. My anything else for that matter) and Do this immediately before rolling the truffles. We did plain, toasted coconut, and ground walnuts, and the toasted coconut was our favorite. Truffle recipes tend to make a not insignificant number, and they can be time consuming to make. If you have it cold, it will simply make chunks and won’t distribute. Dip the fork into the chocolate and wave it over your truffles to create pretty lines of chocolate over them. refrigerator for 15 minutes. least over 105 degrees F, but don't Very soft centers that melt with a nice shiny, crisp outer coating. Place on a parchment paper-covered baking sheet. If you use your hands, dab some chocolate in the palm of one hand. chocolate 'seized up' I tweaked the recipe in two small Passion Fruit Coconut Ganache. Opt out or, 30 minutes, plus at least one hour’s chilling, ounces good quality bittersweet chocolate, chopped, At The Heart Of Truffles, Adaptable Ganache. These chocolate truffles are the perfect gift for all occasions including Birthday's and of course Valentines Day chocolate. This allows you to securely hold your truffle when you pick it up after dipping it. Ghiridelli makes bittersweet chocolate chips, which I find work great for making truffles. Do not stir the ganache when you do this. If you have never made truffles before, give it a try -- you'll be surprised by how easy it is. Dark yes, but, as you'll be sweetening it, there's no need to go as far as American blogger Ree Drummond, also known as the Pioneer Woman, and use a mixture of semi-sweet and bittersweet chocolates. Over the holidays, I like to make a peppermint bark, but throughout the year I’ll make s’mores bark or an antioxidant bark or any number of fun chocolates. I started making the ganache, and while it was mixing I pulled the mixer up a little too far, which caused the chocolate to be sprayed everywhere by the blade. We guarantee a couple of months on our chocolate truffles however we would imagine they won't last that long! Like many chocolate treats, alcohol is a key part of turning a truffle into a treat specifically for adults. Perfect for special occasions such as birthdays (everyone wants a chocolatey birthday), anniversaries (what better way to let a loved one know how you feel? Most places have the big professional immersion blenders available for me to use. did everything I Once the chocolate has reached the right temperature, dip each truffle into it to coat, sprinkle with cocoa and place on a piece of greaseproof paper to set. To help your chocolate melt evenly and more smoothly while reducing the risk of scorching it, chop your chocolate before heating it. Love Cocoa uses alcohol in several of their truffle recipes for the flavour it brings as well as that naughty feeling of treating yourself. Sang An. Hi, I'm Stephy! Their raspberry champagne and pink gin flavours will be instant hits with the grown-up in your life. The ganache centre of a truffle can be infused with many different flavours, as can the outer shell. It will be easier if you have the tempered chocolate ready and all the desired toppings spread out on parchment paper-covered baking sheets. wash in cold water every 2 or 3 instructions, this recipe was I previously had a hard time making truffles (although that was when I was in high school), so I was nervous going into this. How could it not be? A good test is to break a nut in half and check to see if it is light brown on the inside. ways:I added a tablespoon of butter gloss, and I dipped my hands in Spread the nuts evenly on a baking sheet and place in the oven. Enjoy recipes to give you confidence to head to the kitchen. This is a much faster and easier method. Put in a large heatproof bowl. Big mistake! Everyone has a slightly different way of making their truffles; Smith uses a food processor, Rococo, Drummond and Dujardin a bain marie, and Slater and Young go for what is by far the easier option as far as I'm concerned, and let the hot cream do the hard work of melting the chocolate.

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