[center]{[image_t](https://cdn.cardsrealm.com/images/cartas/en/plc-planar-chaos/volcano-hellion-111-min.jpeg?2838) [image_t](https://cdn.cardsrealm.com/images/cartas/en/m21-core-set-2021/brash-taunter-133-min.jpeg?940)} *COMBO [link](/combo-infinite/skirk-prospector-kiki-jiki-mirror-breaker-goblin-recruiter-conspicuous-snoop)([[Skirk Prospector]] + [[Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker]] + [[Goblin Recruiter]] + [[Conspicuous Snoop]])* its not a infinite combo , use Peer into the Abyss in a oponent(they will loose 10 - 20 of life) and Storm Seeker deal the rest 40- 60 of damage [center]{[image_t](https://cdn.cardsrealm.com/images/cartas/en/dom-dominaria/naru-meha-master-wizard-59-min.jpeg?9220) [image_t](https://cdn.cardsrealm.com/images/cartas/en/m21-core-set-2021/sublime-epiphany-355-min.jpeg?2719)} you need at least 2 counters in Triskelion enchant and deal infinite damage [center]{[image_t](https://cdn.cardsrealm.com/images/cartas/en/dtk-dragons-of-tarkir/ancestral-statue-234-min.jpeg?2515) [image_t](https://cdn.cardsrealm.com/images/cartas/en/5dn-fifth-dawn/clock-of-omens-110-min.jpeg?2507) [image_t](https://cdn.cardsrealm.com/images/cartas/en/dom-dominaria/traxos-scourge-of-kroog-234-min.jpeg?8116) [image_t](https://cdn.cardsrealm.com/images/cartas/en/m21-core-set-2021/chromatic-orrery-228-min.jpeg?3829)} *COMBO [link](/combo-infinite/torment-of-hailfire-cadaverous-bloom-peer-into-the-abyss)([[Torment of Hailfire]] + [[Cadaverous Bloom]] + [[Peer into the Abyss]])* [[Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker]] on top of your library, make [[Conspicuous Snoop]] copy itself infinite times using [[Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker]] ability *COMBO [link](/combo-infinite/voltaic-construct-sydri-galvanic-genius-chromatic-orrery)([[Voltaic Construct]] + [[Sydri, Galvanic Genius]] + [[Chromatic Orrery]])* by Kollineath, King Macar's Curse *COMBO [link](/combo-infinite/voltaic-construct-karn-silver-golem-chromatic-orrery)([[Voltaic Construct]] + [[Karn, Silver Golem]] + [[Chromatic Orrery]])* *Combo description from [link](/perfil/Besamat)(Luiz)*: Core Set 2020 contains a lot of cards that enable all kinds of sweet Standard-legal combos. Latest decks. TappedOut.js Blog Widget. *Combo description from [link](/perfil/Besamat)(Luiz)*: When the very first players in Alpha cast Channel into Fireball, it sparked a passion for the thrill and excitement of combining two cards that work so well together that they can win the game on the spot. *Combo description from [link](/perfil/Besamat)(Luiz)*: Dreams from the abyss [center]{[image_t](https://cdn.cardsrealm.com/images/cartas/en/sth-stronghold/spike-feeder-118-min.jpeg?4415) [image_t](https://cdn.cardsrealm.com/images/cartas/en/m21-core-set-2021/light-of-promise-25-min.jpeg?2363)} *Combo description from [link](/perfil/Besamat)(Luiz)*: *Combo description from [link](/perfil/Besamat)(Luiz)*: by graffitii. by RedPanda_OwO, INFINITE COMBO//Cruel Divine Strider Standard / Infinite Combo MTG Decks Visit Standard forum Card search Deck Search. *Combo description from [link](/perfil/Besamat)(Luiz)*: you need one way to deal one of damage in your oponent by spartinUCCS, Kenrith Infinite Combo its not a infinite combo , use Peer into the Abyss in a oponent(they will loose 10 - 20 of life) and Curse of Fool's Wisdom deal the rest 40- 120 of damage you gani these life *Combo description from [link](/perfil/Besamat)(Luiz)*: its not a infinite combo but you will deal damage equal half of the cards of your library in each oponent and make half of these number of 2/2 zombie tokens Terms of Use | *COMBO [link](/combo-infinite/leyline-of-vitality-polyraptor-terror-of-the-peaks)([[Leyline of Vitality]] + [[Polyraptor]] + [[Terror of the Peaks]])* needs other zombie in batlefield to use Gravecrawler in your grave any times using the mana of Phyrexian Altar play Liliana's Standard Bearer and play that many cards by kuroshinne, The angels won't leave *COMBO [link](/combo-infinite/peer-into-the-abyss-burlfist-oak)([[Peer into the Abyss]] + [[Burlfist Oak]])* [center]{[image_t](https://cdn.cardsrealm.com/images/cartas/en/m10-magic-2010/lifelink-18-min.jpeg?9835) [image_t](https://cdn.cardsrealm.com/images/cartas/en/atq-antiquities/triskelion-73-min.jpeg?7734) [image_t](https://cdn.cardsrealm.com/images/cartas/en/m21-core-set-2021/light-of-promise-25-min.jpeg?2363)} [center]{[image_t](https://cdn.cardsrealm.com/images/cartas/en/p2hg-two-headed-giant-tournament/underworld-dreams-1-min.jpeg?3410) [image_t](https://cdn.cardsrealm.com/images/cartas/en/m21-core-set-2021/peer-into-the-abyss-117-min.jpeg?2194)} its not a infinite combo, you will need a red permanent in play use Peer into the Abyss in a oponent(they will loose 10 - 20 of life) andKederekt Parasite deal the rest 40- 60 of damage Articles and comments are user-submitted and do not represent official endorsements of this site. by kuroshinne, Orzhov OTK *COMBO [link](/combo-infinite/fallowsage-paradise-mantle-tolarian-kraken)([[Fallowsage]] + [[Paradise Mantle]] + [[Tolarian Kraken]])* Some are close to competitive. It is not infinite, but targeting your opponent with [[Peer into the Abyss]] will make them lose half their life (10 to 20 life if commander) and [[Underworld Dreams]] will make them lose even more life (20-40 damage). *COMBO [link](/combo-infinite/psychic-corrosion-peer-into-the-abyss)([[Psychic Corrosion]] + [[Peer into the Abyss]])* *COMBO [link](/combo-infinite/gaze-of-adamaro-peer-into-the-abyss)([[Gaze of Adamaro]] + [[Peer into the Abyss]])* *COMBO [link](/combo-infinite/solemnity-nine-lives)([[Solemnity]] + [[Nine Lives]])* *COMBO [link](/combo-infinite/kederekt-parasite-peer-into-the-abyss)([[Kederekt Parasite]] + [[Peer into the Abyss]])* *COMBO [link](/combo-infinite/sprouting-phytohydra-gaeas-anthem-terror-of-the-peaks)([[Sprouting Phytohydra]] + [[Gaea's Anthem]] + [[Terror of the Peaks]])* [center]{[image_t](https://cdn.cardsrealm.com/images/cartas/en/c19-commander-2019/curse-of-fools-wisdom-16-min.jpeg?9729) [image_t](https://cdn.cardsrealm.com/images/cartas/en/m21-core-set-2021/peer-into-the-abyss-117-min.jpeg?2194)} *Combo description from [link](/perfil/Besamat)(Luiz)*: *Combo description from [link](/perfil/Besamat)(Luiz)*: play Polyraptor and deal 5 of damage to itself make other and other gains one life each time Feeds | its not a infinite combo , use Peer into the Abyss and draw half of your deck, your oponent mills all by Luarien, Imperious Infiltrator Contact | infinite mana by Kutsu, Black Green Bash [center]{[image_t](https://cdn.cardsrealm.com/images/cartas/en/hou-hour-of-devastation/torment-of-hailfire-77-min.jpeg?1635) [image_t](https://cdn.cardsrealm.com/images/cartas/en/mir-mirage/cadaverous-bloom-258-min.jpeg?6993) [image_t](https://cdn.cardsrealm.com/images/cartas/en/m21-core-set-2021/peer-into-the-abyss-117-min.jpeg?2194)}

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