When this happens, it is often blinking with the error. You head down to the basement to get a case of bottled water, and out of the corner of your eye, you see a light blinking in the corner. So if your water softener detects that it doesn’t have the salt that it needs, it will alarm you with beeping and often, with blinking lights. Pressing the clock button will make the hours’ selection blink allowing you to go up or down to properly set the clock hour. link to What Happens When A Water Softener Regenerates? Many even have the capability to set an alarm to remind the homeowner that it is time for their regular service appointment. You add salt to the brine tank and don’t give it a second thought. If you can’t change the model, press and hold the select button for about 3 seconds. Simply unplugging the system and then plugging it back in may clear the error, but it will likely re-occur. To show the customer that this meter is working correctly, there is often a light that will blink when the turbine is rotating within the water softener. So... As a water treatment specialist since 2006, I have helped people with all kinds of water issues. When this happens, I don’t recommend doing anything to clear the error until you speak with a technician that is familiar with the system. Why Is My Water Softener Blinking/Flashing? If you have an ultraviolet water purifier, check the display to make sure the blinking light that you think is from the water softener is not actually coming from your ultraviolet light. Do you hear the system regenerating? You may have a salt bridge. It could be something as simple as you had a brief power outage and you need to reset the water softeners clock, often it is not anything to worry about, but you should find out what is going on. You notice that your water doesn't feel as soft as it usually does! There is plenty of salt in your water softener brine tank and you heard your water softener regenerating just the other day. Some people see a blinking light from the area in which the water softener is and automatically think that it must be the water softener. Then finally, on some systems, you can press “clock” one more time and set the day of the week. I do mot think this is the way a business should be run. Required fields are marked *. Once you have selected your model, press select to return to the time of the day screen. Smoke detectors are usually equipt with a blinking light to alert you that the battery needs to be changed. Sometimes a water softener may be blinking when there is nothing to be alarmed about at all! When the salt bridges, the salt is unable to dissolve in the water beneath to make a brine. Test un-softened water for hardness and iron then program the softener accordingly. Water softeners are getting more programable all the time. A brief interruption in power can trigger the water softener into thinking that its transformer is not working or its computer board must be defective when actually, all that needs to be done is re-setting of the systems clock. If the amount of water being used is less than 1 gallon per minute, the GPM will simply blink, but when the amount of water being used is 1 GPM or above, it will indicate this by blinking and showing the number of gallons per minute is used. Save my name and email in this browser for the next time I comment. link to Can My Water Softener Get Clogged And Quit Working? This alarm is often used when there is a high amount of iron in the water being treated, or if the system is for treating other issues like sulfur odor or very high volumes of water. A water softener needs salt in order to remove hardness from its softening resin. Depending on the type of system and how it is programmed, this could take anywhere from 20 to 90 minutes. Check your owner’s manual or the softener itself for which model you have, and then use the up or down arrow to select your model water softener. You have had your water softener for years, and it has been working great!

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