LakeviewCurrently serving recreational by online orderSunnyside is the retail arm of Cresco Labs, the largest marijuana operator in Illinois and one of the biggest cannabis companies in the US. From the moment I get out of my car the staff are great. These are just some of the flavor-packed items you can discover at this no-frills dispensary located across the street from Chicago’s legendary late-night punk bar/den of bad decisions Exit. Our priority is to help patients understand their medicine and its effects. You're not old enough to use Leafly. Jefferson ParkCurrently serving recreational by appointment onlyOperating 33 facilities in 11 states plus Washington DC and Puerto Rico, Columbia Care is a large-scale international operator known for introducing the country’s first legal credit card for cannabis purchases. Speak to one of our patient consultants to find the right medication for you. Keep up the good work. Menthol and cayenne topicals. Maribis of Chicago, at 4570 S. Archer Ave. in Brighton Park, said Thursday that although the state has approved its application, it won’t sell to recreational customers for at least a month. Currently serving medical patients only. Maribis of Chicago, a leading dipensary in the Brighton Park area. By accessing this site, you accept Chicago’s first cannabis operator is … The store is also offering remote assistance for prospective cannabis patients during the coronavirus crisis. Stay safe. We offer safe and consistent products that come exclusively from licensed cultivators in Illinois that must meet rigorous safety regulations. We know pain and suffering, and it’s not easy. We assist and educate the patient community with a focused window of cannabis therapy for preferred delivery of medication, through safe and adequate means that meet the needs of individual patients. That’s where we can help. We do not share your location with anyone. UptownCurrently serving medical patients onlyChicago’s first cannabis operator is also one of the city’s most beloved, featuring a beautifully well-designed space showcasing soothing woods and tasteful sketch art located a short walk from Hopleaf and Chicago Magic Lounge. We believe in an integrative healthcare approach. Back here with yet another review of Maribis. Back here with yet another review of Maribis. Garfield RidgeCurrently serving recreational by appointment onlyIf this dispensary were any closer to Midway Airport, it would be parked in the gift shop next to Hudson News. We work dilligently to provide the best care, products, and knowledge base for all medical patients in Illinois. We carry a variety of flowers, concentrates, edibles, vape pens, cartridges and topicals. The only dispensary in the area and the closest to the Indiana border, the shop brings in plenty of out-of-staters as well as loyal locals stocking up on everything from tablets and tonics to water pipes and suppositories in a clean judgment-free space. This safeguards for a safe and natural product. With 4/20 on the horizon and Illinois residents stuck at home through at least April 30, it is inevitable that many minds might start shifting in the direction of legal marijuana in Chicago. Norwood ParkCurrently serving recreational by online orderTucked away in residential, family-friendly Norwood Park, this neighborhood-centric dispensary is the perfect place to nerd out on the details of the cannabinoid and terpenes profiles in your flower strain or stock up on potent extracts like crumble wax. Maribis of Chicago strives to provide the patients of Illinois with products that best suit their individual needs. Otherwise, I think you're doing fantastic! Please enjoy products from this cannabis store responsibly! Finding quality of life for the patients of Illinois drives our team in making a difference in the lives of the patients we serve. Job Well Done. With recreational sales currently suspended, medical patients are currently being asked to shop only if it is “absolutely essential” and to expect delays due to social distancing requirements. Buy 2 products, get 1 of the same for a dollar is the best promo I've seen you all run in nearly 6 months now. They were behind the 8 ball for a couple days, but exhibited grace under pressure. Currently only allowing eight people on the floor at one time with recreational sales by appointment only, Mission South Shore has also removed all quantity limits on any product or category during the coronavirus crisis. … There is a great selection to choose from and I have been getting some great relief. First things first, you all were wonderful people as usual. Challenges met head-on. The guys at the door are so professional yet friendly. Currently only allowing five people in the store at a time with 6-10 foot distancing protocols in place, Nu Med has also installed plexiglass windows at all of its terminals with the first two hours of every day reserved for medical patients only. See their menu, reviews, deals, and photos. With events now on hold and recreational sales suspended, MOCA is currently only open for medical patients and caregivers who place orders online. Maribis of Springfield is a cannabis dispensary located in the Springfield, Illinois area. This button will take you to the full dispensary menu. South ChicagoCurrently serving recreational by appointment onlyIf you’re living on the Southeast Side and are on a mission for marijuana, you are probably familiar with Mission South Shore. The company has recently opened a dedicated space across the street from Sunnyside at 3801 N. Clark for walk-ins serving medical patients and recreational users 55 and over with heightened health risks, while the original location will serve as a fulfillment center for online orders. the Terms of Use After picking up your stash, round out the experience with a visit to next-door Leon’s Barbeque (currently open for takeout). I love Maribis of Springfield! I understand not being able to every day/week, but just a couple more times a year would be nice. Learn more about our partnership with Last Prisoner Project. Maribis of Chicago dispensary menu products are available for adult recreational use for people 21 years of age and for Illinois MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition that received an Illinois MedCard from a Certified MMJ Doctor. Browse through their stocked selection of edibles, vapes, extracts, pre-rolls, and tinctures as you seek the cure to what ails you (even if that ailment is simple lockdown boredom). MUST BE 21 OR OLDER. © 2020 Leafly Holdings, Inc. Leafly and the Leafly logo are registered trademarks of Leafly Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Secondly, I've noticed more product on the menu lately. I'd still like to see more synchronization between iheartjane and leafly's online menus. **Personal Care & Attention** I always feel safe when I'm at your store. Secondly, I've noticed more product on the menu lately. I would recommend fixing the parking lot especially for the disabled customers, it could become an issue. By providing us with your email address, you agree to Leafly’s privacy policy and terms & conditions.

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