In fact, there are more resources and Bible studies to […] Click here to check out the book. Through our collective 20 years of industry experience and success, God revealed that creating is simply what He has made us to do. This three-book series is a course in personal discipleship, designed to strengthen your walk with God. For an order of five or more books you will receive professionally produced videos for eight hours of instruction on how to make disciples. ENROLL NOW IN THE MAKE LITTLE DISCIPLES CURRICULUM! Do you have a step-by-step plan of how to get there? That's why we have a 100% Risk Free Guarantee. As you needed to know certain specifics, your driving coach was there to teach you. By working along with your confirmand you will demonstrate the need to keep learning and growing. From first glance, I thought it would just be a simple and easy activity to do together. A Great Training Tool Make Eternal Impact. Discovery Bible Studies (DBS) are simple to lead and easy to replicate, yet they encourage radical discipleship. No high beams in fog, no diesel in the gas tank, no nails in the tires, and watch out for those potholes. Help someone else learn how to truly live for God, not just hear lectures about it. We'll also have a video walkthrough of the content and how to access it in each Module on the password protected site you'll get access to once you purchase. Let’s talk about each of these and how they relate to making disciples. You can try the Make Little Disciples Curriculum for 30 days, and if you aren't satisfied, just ask us for a full refund. Order toll free at 1-800-366-7788 or online at Your driver’s training began with you watching someone else drive. You cannot bring people to your church and expect them to become true disciples by attending there. •baptism  Discipleship Essentials, A Guide for Building Your Life in Christ, by Greg Ogden. Nashville, TN: Broadman & Holman Publishers, 1999. Child Misbehavior is a Heart Issue All mankind... As we pray and consider disciple prospects, the right person must have certain fundamental qualities before we enter into a deep relationship with them. Two things: love for others and love for God. You lose motivation to share the Bible with them and you feel defeated when the stories don’t click! Is he being too intentional or too relational? From first glance, I thought it would just be a simple and easy activity to do together. Here’s what you’ll get: Teacher’s Guide, Discussion Questions, Teacher’s XL Object Lesson, Kids Craft (Color + B&W), Memory Verse Activity, Coloring Pages & Word Search. Changing the Landscape of Eternity by Making Disciples of Jesus,,,, Discipling Children in the Christian School. We talked about the story as his little hands were happily occupied. There’s also no catch phrases or silly jokes included. Weekly Verse – “The wicked run away when no one is chasing them, but the godly are as bold as lions.” (Proverbs 28:1), Bible Story – Andrew Shares Jesus with Peter (John 1:35-42). These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Thank you for your beautifully and thoughtfully designed crafts and your commitment to Scripture. The best part is when he opened up my Bible and pretended to read Luke 19. He explains how to read the manufacture date on your tires, how to jump start a dead battery, how to rebuild an engine right from the block, and how to reprogram the electronic control module. Cokesbury partners with UPS for these expedited deliveries. In the Lights, Camera, Action Series, kids will watch movie clips from classic kid’s movies each week. Unfortunately, too many churches do not train drivers anymore. For instance, is he playing both offense and defense? This web site is dedicated to help the believer understand Jesus’ imperative and to expand his effectiveness in spiritually mentoring immature believers. Go, make disciples! After a year or so, Jesus sent them on their first drive—in teams of two. Topics explore the basics of Christian faith:  You’ve scoured the Facebook forums and spent hours scrolling through Pinterest, searching for creative lessons and activities to teach the Bible. If you wait, you’ll be in the same place you are now – which is frazzled on Saturdays + piecing together a lesson plan that's not memorable or impactful. ", – Dema Kohen | Children's Pastor | Lancaster, PA. And what has God armed us with to achieve this deep desire? So, a true believer learns to stay alert for those ready to hear about Jesus just as closely as a driver learns to watch for oncoming traffic. We were both so delighted to see the end result of Zacchaeus in a beautiful pop-up paper tree! You want to do something creative and different in kids ministry, You want to make an impression on kids to teach them their value + worth, You want kids to take home colorful and memorable bible storytelling tools, You are a creative person who enjoys using your gifts in kids ministry, You don't want to feel like a glorified babysitter on Sundays, You’d rather pop in a DVD or use an app that walks kids through a lesson, You don’t think visual and tactile learning is valuable, You aren’t willing to adjust your teaching style, You aren’t comfortable moving beyond traditional teaching formats. Teach the Bible in a fun and interactive way that keeps kids engaged, Be seen as a confident and prepared kids ministry leader + volunteer, Start leading kids in a way that allows them to grow in their knowledge of the Bible, Eliminate the stress of preparing a story, lesson, activity & craft every single week, Stop spending hours scrolling through Pinterest searching for last minute ideas, Walk into church on Sundays with a proven plan. Making Disciples is a 13-session mentor-based confirmation program that pairs confirmands with adult mentors and guides them through a variety of learning experiences that will strengthen the student's understanding of the faith while connecting him or her with the community of believers in a personal way.

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