Nonetheless the quilt does also include a draft collar to help keep you cosy when the temperature drops. More and more backpackers are switching from sleeping bags to backpacking quilts because they’re lighter weight, more compressible, and more comfortable, especially for side sleepers. Zoned insulation: some quilts are insulated more in some specific places – and less in others – to keep the quilt warmer while reducing pack weight. And down is a significant component of the manufacturing cost for high end backpacking quilts. Many brands have an ETA arrival date listed next to their products, so be sure to check this and allow plenty of time between placing your order and your trips start date. © Copyright 2007-2020, and Fells Press LLC. Instead, backpacking quilts can be cinched tightly around your neck. The down is specially treated with DownTek which claims to keep down dry 90% longer than untreated down. Scroll to the bottom of this post for some tips on keeping your head and neck warm in a quilt. Paul McDougal is a hiker and virtual nomad from the UK. Synthetic insulation has never quite been able to compete with the goose for warmth-to-weight and compressibility! Holiday Sale! Hiking Sleeping Equipment Guide – How to choose the right sleeping equipment. But, for winter hiking, it’s best to go with a minimum rating of 5. But even down gradually loses loft. We prefer ones with wide elastic straps and wafer clips (Enlightened Equipment, UGQ) because they’re easier to adjust in the dark and while you’re lying on top of a sleeping pad. This means that the Katabatic Gear quilts can generally perform better in colder conditions compared with the competition. Our lightweight down quilts give you room to roam. So isn't quite as effective at keeping out drafts in seriously cold weather. Are There Many Different Sizes Available? If you are interested in a “comfort” temperature rating for backpacking quilts then we suggest adding 20°F to the manufacturer’s temperature rating. The quilt compacts well, lofts quickly, has a generously sized foot box and is ultra-soft. Since quilts don't come with a hood, you'll want to make sure your camp clothes include appropriate headwear, especially for sleeping in colder temps. Sometimes, they even have all three. After I had returned from my Appalachian Trail thru hike in 2016, I contacted Enlightened Equipment Customer Service. Katabatic Gear quilts, for example, use a pad attachment system with both primary and secondary clips to provide even better draft protection. The Nunatak Arc UL 20° is part of their ultralight quilt series. Should I Pair My Quilt With a Warm Sleeping Pad? I have a Jacks R Better Sierra Sniveller 24 oz, 20 degree bag and it has served me well for 4 years. Fill power is actually a measure of volume. No. If you can afford it, stick with the Econ Burrow. If you purchase a quilt with a foot box, be sure to leave some extra room. There’s just over 14 oz of goose down stuffed into it, which is a hefty amount compared to other 20-degree quilt options. Asta Gear uses cheap 700-fill duck down. Ultralight sleeping bags are best suited for warmer temperatures, but with proper planning and well-designed systems, they can be pushed into shoulder seasons. ✔️ Ideal for hammock camping: For hammock hikers, quilts are a saving grace. Breathing inside of a bag all night can make the bag wet inside. A better warmth rating means a warmer night’s sleep. JUMP TO:  KATABATIC GEAR  /  ENLIGHTENED EQUIPMENT  /  ZPACKS / NUNATAK  / HAMMOCK GEAR / THERM-A-REST /  WESTERN MOUNTAINEERING  / REI CO-OP /  BUYING ADVICE, Runner up Overall: Enlightened Equipment Enigma, Best on a Budget: Hammock Gear Economy Burrow, Honorable Mention: Western Mountaineering Astralite, Honorable Mention: REI Co-op Magma Trail Quilt. Our recommendation is to sleep on the pad and simply pull the quilt over you.”. To be “comfortable” in just base layers, hikers should add about 20 degrees to those ratings (i.e. In addition to a stuff sack, it also comes with a mesh sack to help with breathable storage. *NOTE: This post is about quilts ONLY. Offering the ultimate in sleeping freedom, lightweight down quilts are an one-size-fits-all solution. A backpacking quilt is an excellent lightweight and versatile alternative to the traditional sleeping bag. Such high fill power is great because it provides the best warmth to weight ratio, however it also drives up the cost of the quilt since the fill material is a major cost component for high-end sleeping bags and quilts. There’s a lot of variability in sleeping pad attachment systems and their ability to block side drafts. It’s designed with both horizontal and vertical baffles for maximum fill, draping, comfort, and warmth. But the Enlightened Equipment Enigma is a very very close second in all of those categories. Yes, many hikers will value an ultralight backpacking quilt, but be sure to consider other things too. Higher quality down has better insulating properties (i.e. and is no longer my ultralight option. You can purchase separate down hoods, but that somewhat defies the point of quilts. 30% Off Sitewide. Quilt back (left) and sleeping bag front (right). Down compressed underneath you provides no insulating value. When I returned from the trail, I contacted customer service and again explained the problem. Check for the latest price at: Each quilt is made to order and includes a 40D stuff suck. The fix was to return the quilt and add more down. This one has a better pack size than most others on this list. The heavier component is the rest of the fabric the quilt is made from. For the shell of your quilt, the higher the denier it has the more durable and heavier the fabric will be. Great for side sleepers or restless bodies, you can tightly couple it with a sleeping pad by a simple draw-cord strap system in cool weather. Backpacking quilts are ideal for summer and warm weather since they’re so easy to vent if you’re too hot. The 5, °C / 40°F model weighs 660 g / 23.3 oz. Warmth: you’re not necessarily sacrificing warmth. BAFFLES: Horizontal, vertical or continuous. Having a sewn in footbox helps to maximise warmth, as well as being slightly lighter than an otherwise equivalent quilt with a zippered footbox. And it’s possible to find a quality one for little more than 100$. Considering the excellent temperature suitability, it really is a bargain. The “fill-power” of a quilt will largely affect its warmth, as it’s measuring the quality of the down material in the quilt which directly impacts its ability to retain heat. It’s more expensive than the Economy Burrow, setting you back 255$ for a 5°C / 40°F model, and weighs 450 g / 16 oz. I have to say the pad attachment system the do sell is pretty damn lame. Compact. Cheers. you might not need down. No amount of fluffing the quilt would eliminate areas where there was no down. Unfortunately, this also makes their ratings somewhat inaccurate. The above ten are our top picks for the best backpacking quilts on the market. Let's not forget there is a big gaping hole on the underside! More importantly, like the other Aliexpress quilts, it doesn’t feature the crucial hydrophobic treatment. The article explained a fix for their quilts down migration problem. The pack size is okay, but it’s not as lightweight as many others on this list. Interestingly, insulation is typically the lightest component of a quilt. It has a nice soft feel, so it’s a comfortable choice. Best regards! Every night I would fight with this quilt to stay warm, finally I purchased another sleeping bag and sent the quilt home. The Windhard, at around 120$ (incl. You want the clip used for securing the collar to be flat and unobtrusive — this small snap button is ideal. But no such industry standard yet exists for backpacking quilts, and so manufacturers simply determine their own temperature ratings. Get inspired by checking out our: Find a jaw-dropping location for your next wilderness adventure by checking out our epic Destination Guides! You should keep your quilt in a waterproof bag – and don’t sleep in or near wet ground if you can avoid it. Backpacking quilts are an excellent addition to any hikers’ arsenal of outdoor gear. A Custom Revelation 20*F with all the bells and whistles weighs 21.3 oz and costs $420, A Custom Bandit 20*F with all the bells and whistles weighs 23 oz and costs $345, A Custom Arc UL 20*F with all the bells and whistles weighs 21 oz and costs $425. I’m just trying to understand what you’re referring to on the JRB site. Meaning the Premium Burrow doesn’t have the same “Best Buy” status as its sibling the Economy Burrow. The Ghost Pepper is available in a wide range of widths and lengths, color choices, insulation types, and foot box styles. On especially frosty nights, it may seem like a great idea to put your sleeping pad inside your quilt. about 54" width when laid flat). It looks very light but performs very well. Quilts don’t have the same confined feeling of a mummy bag, and they don’t get all twisted around and diss-aligned if you toss-and-turn. The quilt has nine different sizing options, three different fabric options, and two fill options (both of which are RDS-certified goose down).

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