Pray. Lesson - Camping At The Bottom Of Mt. Sinai. Jethro's idea was to set these men over different numbers of people in groups of 1000s, 100s, 50s and 10s. Can I ask you in the kindest, gentlest way, my friend – do you do what you do to feel needed, important, or irreplaceable? This is the background. Jethro marveled at all the wonderful things God had done. If your life is frenzied and stressful, take a moment to breathe deep. smL��H$]�9�$�`������'�S�c�$�� 2!0z�3E2�1O�Љ��%�Ky�T�\�a���N�,�I�bw��_�ɢ/�q96m]l�F��Ѩ�{^@)GB�^^�o��b��}��1}&�B�)��L��6��D���Ɂ^s?�5��Ͷk��;ξ��?�(���p{�qG �@�A�(��`�? TOPICS. ), Write "50" around the next smallest circle. Lesson: Exodus 18:13-26; Time of Action: 1445 B.C. Lesson - Jethro Has A Great Idea VERSES: Exodus 18:1-27 MEMORY VERSE: Exodus 18:24 "And Moses hearkened to the voice of his father-in-law, and did all that he said." Moses had married one of Jethro's daughters named Zipporah and they had two sons named Gershom and Eliezer. (Read, heavy burden for Moses. Afterwards, Aaron and all the elders or leaders of the people went to eat a meal with Moses and Jethro. Moses was very glad that his father-in-law believed in God. (I used green. An accumulation of teaching methods, ideas, songs, and activities is offered freely to you in hopes that we may teach our children the Bible…and the Bible only. The circles represent the number of people that were judged by a capable man. Some of us struggle with laziness and idleness, while others wrestle with. As you focus on exactly what tasks are YOUR responsibility, s. tep into Jethro’s shoes and assess the situation. Moses listened to all that his father-in-law, Jethro, had said and then Moses did what Jethro had said. Horeb is where  is where the water came from the rock that Moses struck. working. if we refuse or don’t want help because we either want the task done our way (the right way, of course!) 2:18, 21; in Exodus 2, Jethro goes by the name “Reuel”). Offer burnt offering and other sacrifices to God. If you are feeling overwhelmed, there could be many. Do you need to do some delegating to your children? Your job may not be judicial, but you find that cooking, cleaning, grading, washing, weeding, scrubbing, baking, and a zillion other “-. Others of us need to hear the message from Jethro and figure out a way to. He told Moses to just handle the really big issues. He had run south towards this area right here on the map. endstream endobj 24 0 obj <> endobj 25 0 obj <> endobj 26 0 obj <>stream This will be where the title is written. ” demand your hours and rob you of peace and joy in the course of a day. Moses said that the people come to me to ask an answer from God when they have a problem and I make them know the commandments of the LORD. Jethro suggests to Moses that he needed to put others in charge of listening to the people's problems because Moses was sitting at the tent all day. (I used green. Etc., etc., etc. Jethro watched and saw what Moses was doing all day and asked him why Moses sat all by himself while the people waited to talk to him. (I used purple.). Sunday, September 27, 2020. or we want all the praise for it. One telltale way to identify pride as the motivation? He also understood, getting worn out, but the Israelites spen, all day (and maybe day after day) awaiting their turn to be heard. 0 Jethro suggested that the way Moses was judging the people was not a good way. Everyone involved, was surely exhausted. �c�7Ɯ��5��H�O�C�(� over children in the home or in the Bible class. Jethro was happy for everything good that had come to the Israelites and said that now he knew that the LORD God was greater than all the little gods. ����ۛl���|Yl�gE��{Y�ثy��3{�H��c>Z���Ť~X���}�i��Cs��������

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