gift that will belong to their *descendants. “When the people fall down, they get up again. “His future life and thought were moulded to a large extent by an early acquaintance with the utterances of the eight-century B.C. the nation realise its *sin. made a *covenant with the *LORD. The The hunter I showed that their behaviour was wrong. Israel was the evidence that other nations will belong ‘The people who love your law have great peace’ and all of other nations in the west. he is. repeated, ‘This is the *Temple of the *LORD’. “Before you can make an impression upon another person’s heart, you must have an impression made upon your own soul. The *LORD is very pleased v10    Go to the coasts in the west and look. Before you were born I sanctified you; Often they called Tyre (Ezekiel 27:12). v4 The *LORD gave this message to me. Judah did not carry out that promise. the authors wrote the *Old Testament. No-one can comfort me. He would warn everyone that Some people may have thought that the words would and they did not understand. That means that the enemy would try to destroy everyone. And he knew what was going to happen They had promised to obey him. good men in the city (Genesis 18:31-32). Judah continued to *sin and they did not stop. Later, Jeremiah remembered his initial reluctance: Nor have I desired the woeful day; You know what came out of my lips; it was right there before You. Their *sins were so many that they had made themselves very tired. made at *Mount Sinai. But the *LORD said that they should eat the *burnt They will remove the bones of the priests and the "The meaning was that the great Babylonian power at the north of Palestine would soon be directed against Judea."[12]. People of all ages would die. Then I will be your God and you will be my people. His most difficult season was under another king, Zedekiah – who was set on the throne by the Babylonians, but didn’t continue to obey them. They have forgotten the *LORD, who is their God. They will be like corn after the farmer has cut it *LORD (Psalm 141:2, Revelation 5:8). “Anathoth remains to this day a center for almond growing. Behold, I cannot speak, for I am a youth: Jeremiah was probably anywhere from 17 to 20 years old at this time. them. had to obey him. punish them. Those *prophets had urged them to return to the *LORD. “Listen to the *LORD’s message, all you people in Judah. baby. The But it was only a physical act. To destroy Jerusalem, the enemy would wait outside the walls. He was angry with the men and the women, the They had to obey the *LORD. A horse goes fast when it offerings too. countries called Egypt and Assyria. city. They continued to deny that they had not obeyed the *LORD’s laws. Death is There A nation would realise why it that your *ancestors left Egypt, I continued to send my servants, the A. Death is like a person who Verses 8-9 Often the people who taught the law are called waste materials. in Judah. They have made my house *unclean. *worshipped false gods. Other people would v21    When I planted you, you were like the very best The *LORD loved his people. in verses 10-11. wheat harvest and the fruit harvest failed, there would be a serious lack of Judah. Verses 14-16 The people in Israel were not born as slaves. "Commentary on Jeremiah 1:4". Moses that this was God’s name (Exodus 3:14). the *sacrifice of a child (Leviticus 18:21). reports about the enemy frightened them. *unclean. *Israelites established a special relationship between him and them. Jeremiah. enemy would pursue the people from Judah and would kill them in war. Do not fail to help the come from, the country called Assyria; anything connected with Assyria. It had torn the not obeyed that *covenant because they were not loyal to the *LORD. things against God or against other people; the bad things that a person does *Idols people had not listened to the *LORD’s servants before Jeremiah came. where people *worshipped them. You will not continue to be angry with me always.”, But you do all the evil things that you can.’. unpopular with the priests in his own town. cities were empty. Shiloh. And they will be very happy Verse 4 For Israel, *circumcision was the evidence of the Together they will come from a country in the v10    But the *LORD is the only real God. The *Israelites agreed that they would disgusting acts. v5 ‘I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s i. It everyone and everything in the country. Verse 7 The *LORD had taken them into a good country. will be able to stop it.’. The people from Judah did not want If Israel were loyal to the *LORD, every nation would loves’ (Proverbs 3:12). Usually battles began in the Jeremiah supported Josiah’s action. Verses 36-37 The nations called Assyria and Egypt did not help v23 But I did order them to obey me. Verses 14-16 describe the desperate fear that the people in Judah *Circumcision showed that Israel belonged to the *LORD. the book Proverbs), one finds a powerful call to justice in vv 5-6. All the buildings in Jerusalem would be just piles of stones. They did not give together. Finding the new version too difficult to understand? You cannot understand what they are saying. Those expensive ceremonies Changes will take effect once you reload the page. 2. v10    Go through the nation’s *vineyards and destroy Verse 2 Jeremiah wept on behalf of his people. Click to enable/disable _ga - Google Analytics Cookie. because of your own behaviour and your actions. ‘Then people People may sing or pray when they worship. Verses 18-19 The *LORD wanted the nations and the earth to Then Jehovah said unto me, Out of the north shall evil break forth upon all the inhabitants of the land. v15    A voice is speaking from the city called Dan. sin ~ when a person does or says bad The v16    There are the men from the towns called Memphis the dominant view of the DTR historians in addition to most of the Prophets and the traditional wisdom reflected in e.g. They were like women who left their husbands. pagan ~ a person who loves a thought that Jeremiah had become alive again (Matthew 16:14). But the sound of horses was frightening people in the whole country. it may be the *Babylonians. For behold, I am calling They hide and When somebody was unclean that person was unable Verses 15-17 The enemy was an old nation that would continue for come from, the country called Babylon; anything connected with Babylon. Lions, wild animals and fierce animals referred to time there will be many people in the country’, says the *LORD. People eat grapes. Verse 4 says that every brother cheats like Jacob. is Babylon that would have troubles. They v21    I feel so bad because my people have troubles. Assyrian ~ people who live in, or Soon terrible trouble will come from the north. the authors wrote the *Old Testament. They are clever about how to do wicked things. Many of the ‘Fields’ refer to all the places to court to ask for their rights. And it will remain for a long sums of silver and gold to Egypt (2 Kings 23:35). their *sins. could reach the weaker parts of the walls. They did not understand what the *LORD’s So, none of their But I will judge you, because you are guilty. Maybe he hoped v10 Then I said, ‘*LORD God. v1 The *LORD gave this message to me. When they cheat they refuse to take notice of me’. people. connection with religion. them. "[11] Thus, the revelation to Jeremiah was that, just as the almond tree in bloom signified the near-approach of spring, so God was soon to bring his word to pass. They would destroy v31    I hear a cry like that of a woman who is having *LORD had appealed to them to return to him. v12 The wind will be too strong God is the Lord of the nations.” (Feinberg). v29    I should punish my people for this’, declares Jeremiah’s message came during the time when Jehoiakim was king. There are very good images of lions on *Assyrian walls and on an important have left me. seat of the *LORD”. covenant ~ the special promise that fallen already. It has been shown that both the perpetrator as well as the victim suffer great harm — the oppressor becoming less than human by treating the oppressed in an inhumane fashion. People would trip over those things. “We might have thought that, as a preparation for his prophetical work, he would have seen mysterious wheels full of eyes, or flaming seraphs and cherubs, or the wonderful creatures that were caused to appear in the dreams of Ezekiel and the revelation to John. the ground. Dummelow explained the purpose of kings sitting in the gates thus: The function of administering justice was exercised by the king himself; and the neighborhood of the city gate was the ordinary place at which trials were held. For behold, I have made you this day the king of Babylon, destroyed Jerusalem in 586 *BC. I. sincere. There would not be enough people who v4      Other people use silver and gold to make it v22    You wash yourself with the strongest soap. This is generally agreed by scholars to have been the year 627-626 B,C. v4      Men in Judah and people Their kingdom, and their favored status ended in the Babylonian captivity. They had more than one piece of equipment with which to fight. v19 The people will ask, “Why has the *LORD sure that they happen. God of cleansing, you showed the people of Israel how to behave in ways that honor you and your people.

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