The general atmosphere around protests is the one thing that I really hate about this campus. The other reason I mentioned is the physical beauty of the campus. It has been the best decision for me to go here. The administration of UCSC definitely sides with the students; they do their best to accommodate all student needs despite the budget cuts. UCSC is a progressive, active university. UCSC is beautiful. The college town is small, but it has a good spread of everything you could possibly need, plus its close to the beach and the boardwalk, which has rides and games. College Majors List -- what is it really? Students absolutely love UCSC. The people are very unique, and there are many that I don't get along with, but once you find your niche, the social atmosphere is great. You seem to spend most of your time on campus in your own residential college, since there is no great central meeting place. The campus is set on top of a hill so there are amazing views everywhere around the school. the individuals who attend this school, for the most part, seem welcoming, fun, and open- minded. i think it's a silly complaint, as most of my professors are relatively unbiased. Get matched to scholarships that are perfect for you! I love the fact that we are the banana slugs, and while there isn't a lot of sports enthusiasm, the students have a lot of school pride and are proud of our mascot. .menuargus ul.schoolmenu li { I live right down town on Laurel Street, an while there are a lot of homeless people, I like my location a lot. After a stressful day of classes a soothing walk around campus puts everything into perspective. University of California -- Los Angeles, CA, University of California -- San Diego, CA. But the administration and beauracracy is horrendous. the best part about our school is the view on campus and our ski and snowboard club. I think that it's great that it's such a large school so you never run out of people to meet, but since it's divided into 10 colleges, you get to know people from your individual college really well, which makes the school seem smaller. -College 8: socal preppies Its a great school. This was very helpful when it came to exams. False: Like ANY college, there will be party people. We spend so much money trying to acquire a good education in order to do some good in this world, but meanwhile, we're doing it in a corrupt system. I liked the size, although it would have been very annoying if there were not buses around all the time to get you to your next class quickly. I felt that it was thought out and well organized. The first is the school's plan to expand and build a new science facility on Science Hill. The greek life is a big part of UCSC, I myself am a part of it so I can really agree to this fact. I found no issues. Sure you may here that Santa Cruz isnt a serious campus but it actually is. I just wish that it wasn't virtual so that I can truly experience the campus life. The view from campus is just truly magnificent, nothing beats it. It does make for a segregated populace though, as there is no "common area" central to all of the mini-colleges, so people tend to stay within their respective living areas. the professors in the psychology, politics, and feminist studies departments are my favorite! The school also offers a wide array of majors to choose from and the advisors are highly useful and available. The people, overall, seem friendly and accepting and full of slugpower. The best thing about it is the community. }, View: ALL Positive Comments (44)ALL Negative Comments (26)ALL Neutral Comments (23)ALL Advice Comments (12)Contact OKInvalidated Data (9). Athletics is a big thing on most college campuses, and although a lot of students UCSC are in fact athletes, every year more and more athletic programs find themselves being cut or in desperate in need of funding. Hopefully it won't destroy the natural beauty of this campus. I am not really a fan of the school system though. Student and alumni reviews of The University of California - Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, CA at StudentsReview ™ -- Tuition, Application, Sports of The University of California - Santa Cruz. However, it is rather difficult to go through UC Santa Cruz without getting tied up in political views and occasional protests from what I've heard. While in-person classes would be more beneficial, I feel as though the experience could be better considering the current situation. It is supposed to really help bring people together. I feel like this needs to be worked on, specifically testing. And if you're worried about making friends, it's not too tough: Despite the big number of students who attend UCSC, only a portion of them live on-campus; and living in the individual colleges gives a small-campus feel, so it's easier to make friends with those in your immediate area. Narrow down over 1,000,000 scholarships with personalized results. In my opinion you couldn't ask for a greater location for a UC campus! The campus is amazing: imagine having forests and fields in your backyard. Some hostile locals towards UCSC students, so don't throw huge keggers off-campus unless you want to get a party fine from the city. The one thing I tell people when they ask me about UCSC is that unless I was traveling the world at that moment, I could not imagine spending my undergraduate career anywhere else but Santa Cruz. You live among a community of (almost totally) extremely open-minded people and it's extremely easy to find a small community of people which share some of your similar values and interests. A trip downtown on the bus is an journey (going to get groceries? Its a young and quirky town. Crazy, huh? Each of these colleges has its own vibe and you'll take your first 'core' class with about thirty people from your college, which is really great way to get to know people you'll be closely surrounded by. In short, don't bother with this place. They shouldn't march on a daily basis and they should only march on the people who can actually change what they are trying to protest. It is a big campus but really only takes 20 mins to get across it. So instead of being just the right size, it's going to grow into a larger school. However, the environment is wonderful and I believe the campus currently holds the right number of students. Classes can be too extreme, or too easy, depending on which ones you take and how seriously you take them. You can be active in politics, social issues, fun, anything you want. --if you are into music, that is good. Lot's of students live downtown and everyone knows where the students hang out. I am a bio major and still had time to take some of these classes. Many of the residents don't really like the students...or so it seemed to me. It allows the opportunity for people to be active with on campus activities but also to meet new people and increase the amount of friends one has. If you don't want to be outside, there are several libraries, coffee shops, and sitting areas inside academic buildings. There is no big central meeting area where you will see everyone, but each department has a center and so that's where you will spend most of your time. i love walking to class through the forest and seeing doe and their fawn, though some kid did recently get attacked by a mountain lion at merrill college. I love my fellow anthro buddies. This is an offer for educational opportunities that may lead to employment and not an offer for nor a guarantee of employment. Off campus I am usually downtown at the movies and or eating dinner. Between going downtown, hanging out at the beach, hiking around the trails on campus, and attending events on campus like open mic nights and movie screenings, there is always plenty to do at UCSC! If you love the forest and access to the ocean, this is the place for you. The Registrar will tell you to do one thing that will have dire consequences with your academics, unknowingly setting you up for failure due to a deadline with your college, etc - stuff like that. The community is very diverse, but there is a little locals vs. slugs (that's our mascot) rivalry that mostly happens in the water (for the surfers) but can come up on land and ruin a party. The most frequent student complaints have to do with the overpopulation in College 9 and College 10, how people cannot move in, the inconvenience of parking on campus for freshman and sophomores, and the lack of a frat row and a larger greek life.

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