For a series of performance tests, we selected the butter with the highest fat content (Straus Family Creamery, at almost 86 percent), the butter with the lowest fat content and the highest water content (Land O' Lakes with 80 percent fat and almost 18 percent water) and our favorite table butter, Cremerie Classique (82 percent fat and about 16 percent moisture).

The Cremerie Classique cake was tender, but not quite as light as the Land O' Lakes cake. We used the butterfat and moisture levels, which are listed in an accompanying chart, to determine which butters to test in cooking.

We sent them to a laboratory for scientific analysis. Plugra, in particular, suffered from this. The Straus cake was rich in butter flavor and had a course, rustic texture.

Corned Beef Hash Egg Bites in the Instant Pot ». -- The Bottom Line: The flavor and aroma of Straus made it a clear winner. March 11, 2019 by Eric Samuelson 2 Comments. Should you ever use regular butter? A more natural diet, produce a better milk, and then better butter. We whisked them into beurre blanc and baked them into pound cake. To determine the difference in moisture content, butterfat, salt and milk solids, we turned to the scientists. ), Copyright © 2020 Eat Like No One Else on the Foodie Pro Theme. It also tasted saltier and had a pronounced butter flavor. Kerrygold butter is often the same price or more than the box of 4 sticks and you get half the amount. How this popular SF chef started her own YouTube channel during the... Coloradans wait 12 hours in line for first In-N-Out, The Onion skewers Gavin Newsom's dinner at The French Laundry, Popular Bay Area taco bar chain permanently closes location, Anchor Brewing is selling beers from Christmases past, How a crisis manager would stop a big Thanksgiving gathering, Walmart has Xbox Series X in stock, but it won't last long, Parts of California face Thanksgiving Day blackouts, What Bay Area retail workers want you to know about holiday shopping this year, For the first time in history, Pliny the Younger will be available online, but there's a catch, SFMTA unforgivably says 'the 101' in a tweet, Silliker Laboratories of Northern California. It’s something we spread or melt on foods to make them tastier. Don’t all butters really taste the same? We used the average of the two scores. Some of the stores that carry Kerrygold Butter include: Check out the Kerrygold USA website – it has a search on where you can find their butter. The milk that is used to produce this butter is from cows that eat grass.

Learn how your comment data is processed. The texture is slightly waxy. What is the Difference Between Kerrygold vs. “Regular” Butter? It’s an ingredient. -- The Bottom Line: Land O' Lakes makes the best beurre blanc. Grass-fed milk has a richer taste and is creamier, thus why Kerrygold butter has a richer flavor. When it comes to flavor, our panel discovered that how a butter is stored makes almost as much difference as how much flavor-giving butterfat it contains. It had a deep, butter flavor and a powerful, nutty aroma.

The butter actually tastes like something, where stick butter has a flat flavor. That is probably because high-fat butter softens and melts faster.

We would love to hear from you! The Cremerie Classique cake had a pronounced sweetness and rose higher than Land O' Lakes but not as high as Straus, which rose the highest just out of the oven but ended up with the densest texture. "It always has the best results."

-- 1. In a blind tasting, some of the expensive, high-fat butters Bay Area chefs swear by scored very low because they had slightly musty, off flavors probably picked up from store refrigeration. Kirkland Signature Salted Butter Solids, 1 lb, 4 ct. Or if you are making shortbread or butter cookies, where you really taste the butter flavor. After much discussion with baking and science experts, we concluded that the high amount of fat in the Straus cake kept it from developing as tender a texture. Cremerie Classique is made by Raven Creamery in Portland, OR, a small dairy employing just 11 people. We ate them plain and spread them on bread. Although butter prices change regularly, we watched the price over the course of several weeks and it never rose above $4 a pound. The biggest difference in Kerrygold butter starts with the milk. Yes you can find Kerrygold butter unsalted. Even Land O' Lakes, the only national brand, and house brands like Safeway's Lucerne, crept over $4. But it is something that we think about much more than that? When Put to the Test, Here's How Butter Brands Stack Up, In 1999, California, the second largest producer of butter in the nation, produced 343 million pounds of butter. Celles sur Belle.

... Great for cooking & baking; Add.

But the Land O' Lakes crust seemed a good choice for sturdier uses like pot pies.

Grass-fed milk has a richer taste and is creamier, thus why Kerrygold butter … In the Land O' Lakes cake, the steam created by the extra moisture and the lighter butterfat made for a lighter cake. High-fat butter softens and melts faster, which can lead to flat, dense baked goods. Butter tends to be cheaper in November than in December, when more people bake. In conclusion: "Land O'Lakes has a balanced milk solid to butterfat ratio that makes for superior flavor and consistency in the final product," says Test Kitchen Director Robby Melvin. Learn how it is different than regular butter.

One butter executive advises buying butter in November when it is cheaper and freezing it. This is great for baking things especially baked goods that you want to be flaky, like croissants and pie crusts. Klein told INSIDER the butter is her go-to for it's "neutral" flavor and consistency. Many of the butters received low scores because they had off-flavors which we surmised they had picked up during transport or on the supermarket shelf. Horizon was $3.99 in November and $4.99 in December at Andronico's; at Safeway, Tillamook was $2.89 in November and $4.19 in December. “That’s a good finishing butter, but you don’t want to cook with it because if you do, that tang from the taste will get lost.” Instead, slather it on bread or use it to finish a sauce. Market pressures also affect prices, industry executives say. The Cremerie Classique sauce had a slightly sharper flavor from the wine and vinegar reduction.

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