The following tips can help you decide what to do. To combat either of these problems, remove the affected site and apply a horticultural oil in a diluted spray to control the pests. In the future, use compost and organic mulch instead of fertilizer to feed your azalea. It does not matter if your azalea is located inside or outside; you should follow the same guidelines for care. Do not feed your azaleas in the late fall, as fertilizer may slow the onset of dormancy. The University of New Hampshire Extension recommends watering every week in the fall until the temperature is less than 40 degrees Fahrenheit. An azalea is a shallow-rooted plant and therefore needs moisture. Why Are My Azaleas Turning Brown & Dying?. If you don’t water and mulch azaleas during hot dry days, the leaves will scorch and the plant will begin to fade. Azaleas come in a variety of sizes and may grow low to the ground or soar as tall as 25 feet. Azalea Health: One of the best things to add to the soil of azalea plants are coffee grounds. Because azaleas are hardy plants, they often are planted in cold climates. As a result, they may suffer damage from frost, which can cause the plant to wither and die. University of New Hampshire Extension: Some Of The Branches On My Rhododendrons Were Damaged Over The Winter. Do not apply fertilizer to azalea that are already suffering from excess heat or drought. When bark scale presents itself, the plant appears to be covered in a soot-like mold. In that case, water the plant well before fertilizing. Rainwater contributes to the acidic conditions that azaleas prefer. Water azaleas as frequently as required to ensure the soil is moist (but not saturated). This will clear out any built-up salts and fertilizer that have accumulated beneath the plant’s roots. Research azaleas that are hardy in your zone and choose varieties accordingly. Compost and mulch slowly release needed nutrients into the soil and, for most azaleas, that will prove adequate fertilizer. Spread a compost over the root system and keep the soil moist with mulch. The plants are hardy as they can live in temperatures below 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Meg Schader is a freelance writer and copyeditor. Clemson Cooperative Extension: Azalea Care, Earth-Kind Landscaping: Rhododendrons or Azaleas, How to Plant the Duchess of Cypress Azalea. To find out more in this respect, read the information below. Leafminers may be seen on the upper or lower leaves and cause yellowing or browning on the leaves. They do flower, and they look good when they do. Provide adequate water to the plant and wait until temperatures sink to normal levels before fertilizing. The Practical Planter is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Can You Explain Why This Happened And How It Can Be Prevented In The Future? While the above solutions offer a quick fix, you should still learn all you can about caring for the plant. If your plant is infested with the bug, its foliage will appear yellowish or white and display black bugs on the bottom of the leaves. Azaleas are also vulnerable to fungal diseases such as leaf gall, petal blight, and rust. Winter injury often occurs when the ground is frozen, preventing the plant from taking up water from the soil and causing leaves to brown and curl, notes University of New Hampshire Extension. Rhododendron leaves are leathery in appearance and larger. Use the above information to make sure that you grow azaleas that are both healthy and beautiful to view. Ask the Expert: how to revive an azalea my grandpa has three azalea bushes on the front of his house. Temperature does not matter a great deal as long as the temperature does not fall below freezing or shade is provided in warm climates. Additionally, mulching azalea bushes with a heavy layer of organic matter can help keep the roots warm and hydrated. Regardless of whether the plant is dehydrated or not well suited to your area, pruning a burned azalea shrub to remove damaged branches can improve its chances of survival. Evergreen azaleas tend to grow in crazier shapes, so heading off a wonky branch will give your plant symmetry. If you have a deciduous azalea, you should prune your plant when it doesn’t have any leaves and is dormant. Avoid planting or placing the plants in areas with direct sun or full shade. Although it is not an option for established plants, you can prevent cold damage in future azalea plantings by choosing your site and species wisely. If your azalea sits in a container, fill the container to the top with water, allowing the liquid to drain freely. I’ll share what I learn as I develop my green thumb. My azaleas look bad though. Other pests that affect the azalea include bark scale or leafminers. Native plants tend to be more cold hardy than those imported from other areas of the world, as they are adapted to the local climate. Water potted azaleas with rainwater not tap water. For example, white azaleas cannot withstand temperatures that soar above 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Never prune after July 1st, … Limit an application to a few tablespoons and water well. Azaleas look bad after they suffer from winter burn, but this is preventable with the proper care.

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