This wikiHow will teach you how to draw a Kawaii watermelon! It consist of 90 percent of the water. Here you can draw a whole watermelon drawing with following step by step images. Kawaii, which means cute in Japanese is a form of cute doodling. Watermelon is a very simple subject for drawing, and you will be convinced of this in this tutorial on how to draw a watermelon. Let us learn how to draw a full watermelon with this simple drawing lesson. Step 1 – Draw the Outline of the Slice Watermelon slice outline drawing. It gives lots of energy to the body. Sep 29, 2012 - Are drawing a picnic or kitchen scene and need some tips on drawing a watermelon? The overall shape of the slice should be close to a half oval. In this case it will be drawn in 3/4 view so one side of the outer skin will be visible. Start by drawing the outline of the watermelon slice with light pencil lines. Aug 26, 2019 - If you are looking for a lesson on how to draw a watermelon easily, then you definitely found what you were looking for. In this drawing lesson, we’ll show How to draw a watermelon step by step total 5 phase here we create a watermelon it will be easy tutorial. To draw a watermelon beautifully and correctly, you will need not only a sheet of paper, pencils and colored crayons, but also a compass. Draw a triangle. Start drawing a watermelon by drawing a circle. It is good to eat during summer and hottest days. One way or another, let’s get down to the lesson itself and see for ourselves. Open this page and start drawing. Watermelon is one of the all time favorite fruits. In fact, a watermelon is an oval, not always correctly shaped, with the appropriate texture and stem. In the middle of your sheet/space, draw a soft-edged vertical triangle. Follow this step by step tutorial which will not only show you how to draw a little better, but can potentially make you crave some watermelons as a result! Instead of a compass, you can use any round thing, such as a glass or a mug.

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