But have you ever wondered which of these fearless, fleet-footed heroes was the fastest? Then, they looked at how fast Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne would likely have been throwing the Batarang to determine the difference between real time, and Flash time. The reason she's at her place on this list is because she hasn't had the exposure to show us exactly what she can do. While working in his CSI lab one night, Barry Allen was drenched in chemicals and struck by lightning in a freak accident that granted him super-speed. While his max speeds haven't really been clocked and only measured in relation to the other speedsters he is running with, he has shown a few impressive feats. One of the Flash's worst enemies, Hunter Zolomon or Zoom, doesn't always get credit for his speed due to the fact that he actually uses a form of time manipulation known as chronokinesis, which means he is able to alter the timeline around him. Like Barry, Wally's max speed is undetermined, but its far faster than the speed of light. A being of pure Speed Force sounds like a force to be reckoned with, but because this 23rd century Flash hasn't appeared often enough, she's close to dead last. Eobard Thawne gave himself powers similar to Barry Allen's before creating his own Negative Speed Force that he used to become as fast, and sometimes faster than the Flash. * One microsecond is to one second as one second is to 11.574 days. One of DC's longest-running (pun not intended) heroes, The Flash has been an integral part of the DC Universe since the character was created. We know he's fast, but the scene shows just how fast he really is, and now science has stepped in to get a little more specific about Barry Allen's speed. While DC's speedsters seem to gain and lose their speed on an unusually regular basis, we're taking a look at who the fastest speedsters in the comic book DC Universe generally are. Barry once saved an entire city of almost half a million people from a nuclear bomb by evacuating the city as it exploded, and he also evacuated the city of Tokyo in 30 seconds prior to it being flooded. Toys Are Available for Pre-Order, Frank Grillo's Boss Level Goes Straight to Streaming on Hulu. 5 #3 in 2016, Avery was one of many members in Central City who gained superpowers during the Speed Force storm incident, and one of even fewer to keep her powers when the story ended. Literally. He's also able to move around Barry as if he was frozen like a statue, though he is often his own worst enemy when it comes to actual speed races with either of the current men to hold the title of the Flash. Did we happen to skip over a Flash you think should have made the list? In Flash: Rebirth, it was revealed that Barry’s accident didn’t connect him to the Speed Force… it created it. So be ready for some more Barry Allen in the near future. Still, without the gifts of the Speed Force, Jay’s speed tops out at a mere speed of sound, and it’s been implied that his ability to go light-speed usually comes from working with Flashes who have a stronger tie to the Speed Force. When the supervillain Manfred Mota threatened his Central City, Fox was sent back in time in an attempt to recruit one of The Flashes to help him. Even though the process to figure it out is a bit complicated, they break down the whole thing step by step in a way that is pretty easy to understand. He is also able to do entirely different and dangerous things with his abilities, like creating building-destroying sonic booms with a snap of his fingers or turning other speedsters into statues by reducing the speed of their timeline, and he just recently got a massive power upgrade after absorbing several of the Speed Force's complimentary forces. So it’s safe to say her powers operate at near-light speed, though the Allen blood within her means she could likely achieve some of the same heights as her grandfather. There are plenty of fans of The CW show The Flash who felt Grant Gustin deserved a shot at playing the role on the movie side of things as well. Basically "The Flash of the Legion of Super-Heroes", Jenni Ognats is the bearer of the Speed Force in the 30th century. Thanks for the A2A, Victor Ojo. We don't know exactly how much screen time he will get, but we will get to see that insane speed from The Flash on display when Suicide Squad hits theaters on August 5. Avery’s relatively low placement on this list is because no one knows the upper limits of her abilities. Reverse-Flash has shown how this has effectively made him faster than Barry by moving himself faster through time than Barry was able to run. Avery is one of the newest additions to The Flash family, debuting during the current run of The Flash’s first story post-Rebirth. RELATED: Who Is The Fastest Of All Marvel and DC Speedsters? Zack Snyder's Justice League to Get a Black & White IMAX Release? After Bizarro gained the ability to make duplicates of himself after being fused with a blue sun, he created Bizarro World and populated it with a number of inverted versions of famous DC characters, including the Bizarro JLA, which naturally featured the Bizarro Flash. Barry Allen was the second person to call himself the Flash and is one of the few heroes who could legitimately be called the Fastest Man Alive at one time or another. The current holder of the title of the Fastest Man Alive is Wally West, largely due to him being a conduit of the Speed Force while other speedsters are only able to tap into its energy. The first superhero to ever name themselves The Flash. When tapped into the Speed Force, Jay can run between 20 times the speed of sound up to the speed of light, but he’s also one of the few people on this list who doesn’t need the Speed Force at all, being a natural metahuman.

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