What position is most satisfying for you? Does prolonged thrusting dull the sensitivity or feeling of your penis? What do your partners think about it? 13. Why or why not? Do you orgasm this way? Do you value your men friends? How often do you have intercourse? How do your friendships compare with your love relationships? Interesting book, although perhaps a bit dated per social mores of the time. Is it easy to remain in charge of the situation? Can you always tell if your partner has an orgasm? 51. 2011-01-04; in Health & Fitness ; Shere Hite ; The Hite Report. E. If you are still living at home with parents or family, what rules are set up concerning your sexual and dating activities? When did you first learn about the clitoris? How long have you felt this way? Do you like manual stimulation of your penis by your partner? 35. Something went wrong. Why? Is this position all right with your partner? 128. 72. How has your sex life changed over the years? Ebooks library. How do successive orgasms feel? Si vous n'avez pas trouvé votre notice, affinez votre recherche avec des critères plus prècis. be found in Shere Hite’s report on male sexuality (1981). Here in one book, all you ever wanted to know and much more about male sexuality is found in The Hite Report on Male Sexuality by Shere Hite. 136. Should the woman be consulted? Or do you always want to define sex as intercourse? Condom? 62. Did you share the expenses? 113. How do you feel if your partner does not have an orgasm at all, in any way? Have your attitudes and activities changed? What do you think of women’s liberation? Have you ever continued on to a second orgasm without losing your erection? How do you like it to be done? Were you shocked? ^ Read The Hite Report A National Study Of Female Sexuality ^ Uploaded By Michael Crichton, the hite report a national study of female sexuality i first purchased the hite report in the early 80s i am a straight male and a product of the 60s this is a sexuality survey of femalesfor females done by a female i learned a lot about the opposite Before orgasm? Are you having one now? 163. 40. 112 0 obj<>stream Do you like anal intercourse? 166. Exactly what does it feel like –both physically and emotionally? Why? Do you ever stop short of orgasm when you masturbate to heighten your sexual feelings? Do you always ejaculate when you orgasm? What did you hear from other men? 0000003844 00000 n Nous vous fournissons uniquement un descriptif détaillé de chaque notice et la possibilité de les télécharger gratuitement. Did you orgasm before you were old enough to ejaculate? Does your partner masturbate to orgasm? H�|W�r���V)*Ea��j�+�&5��ƕE� RP�A���7����'�gTٌ���ɹx��ĤT�@v�uι���-�l��X�2e~�"^d���Nj�h/"����Ϸ�m��5���bV\.�ܝ#|ۃ�*%�S��,��bA�~�O�����k�����0J:�*�y��Jp��[���xE�5���T�m� {��d_��`��9m�x\���N��3Z�W���������M"�s�"^0�ˋ�G �p���X���w����%/�v�Y��D/��1]?�퇷�nް��)�E!/͗�|������ٟ^:'�q����雟��}u�. What was the first time you ever had physical contact with a man? After sex has begun, do you assume intercourse is expected next? 26. A large-scale survey, Hite’s study nevertheless offered men the opportunity to express their feelings about pornography, a surprisingly rare occurrence in research into sexual attitudes. THANK YOU. Ne craignez-vous pas d’être confrontée aux mêmes problèmes que rencontre la vulgarisation scientifique : monopolisation du temps et du thème par les organisateurs du débat, spectacularisatio What do you think of the “sexual revolution”? If you masturbate, does she know? to be celibate? Do you ever feel pressured to have orgasms? 134. Who usually orgasms first? 154. Why or why not? Did you have a best friend in high school or college?

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