Copyright © 2020, BlackDoctor, Inc. All rights reserved. Post-Master’s Certificate Nurse Practitioner, Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN), Nurse Suicides: Unveiling the Shrouds of Silence. For women, the professions with the highest suicide rates is substantially different from the men, but in large part because the CDC did not publish the female rates for a number of professions with high suicide rates like Construction and Extraction due to low sample size in women. What's more, there is a clear gender divide in the prevalence of suicide in the United States–men commit suicide at more than three times a higher rate than women. The work of a police officer is attractive to many people, especially young children. Some of the patients might even end up dying in their care. Several other eastern European countries have high suicide rates, including Belarus (26.2 … This splits the entire US workforce into just 22 occupations. In America, suicide is a rising problem, especially among men. The next chart shows the suicide rate in 2015, split by major occupation group. In fact, for all professions we looked at, men had a higher suicide rate. Just like stock brokers, the real estate industry is also a high-reward, high-risk career. The CDC recently released a report showing the suicide rates of various professions in 2015. Some of the things that make a job stressful are high client demand, long working hours and the emotional trauma involved. Generally, a pharmacist is responsible for prescribing patients their medications, oftentimes a thankless job. Their suicide rate was 90.5 suicides per 100,000, according to the report. Not exactly. Since stockbrokers are responsible for managing other people’s money, they are always under a lot of pressure to deliver. Every job has its own share of stress. Our nation saw an alarming 40% increase in suicide deaths in 2017, when nearly 38,000 people of working-age died by suicide. When the property market is strong, real estate agents can make millions of dollars.But, when there is an oversupply of housing, the prices of property can plummet dramatically leaving real estate agents broke. All rights reserved. Men across all occupations have a suicide rate of 26.0 per 100,000 people, three times more than females. By a large margin, the profession with the lowest suicide rate is Education, Training, and Library with a suicide rate of 5.3%, nearly 10 times lower than that of construction/extraction professionals. It is important to note that NIOSH sample size: For black men, the most suicidal jobs with a large sample size were police & detectives (2.55 times higher than average); furnace operators (2.01 times higher than average); and electricians (1.78 times higher than average). For black women, the most suicidal jobs with a large sample size were protective service occupations (2.79 times higher than average); sales supervisors (2 times higher than average); and packaging machine operators (1.96 times higher than average). In addition, there is also the risk of losing money due to unfavourable market prices. Chiropractic is a very sensitive practice where anything can go wrong during the treatment of a patient. The lack of stability in real estate, particularly not knowing when the next paycheck may arrive if the housing market is weak, may very well be one of the main reasons why real estate agents commit suicide at a rate of 1.38 higher than the average person. The following chart shows suicide rate by gender in 2015 across all occupations. Given that job and money trouble ranks among the leading causes of suicide, we thought we'd dive deeper into the data and calculate which professions have the highest and lowest suicide rates and how it varies by gender.

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