2 0 obj �/ G�S0Bh�&2�H�:}n泴�]�K�td�� ����4|ʘ�E �I���ƹ*i]��X=��Ԇ+h“��� /��p&��C�iZ�1��lk��#�`�i�ʱYS ��.��w��#'��a����7Zj�+,?��:L�B�_ ����Қa�&�qh&YvM���m�.ki����ۚ��*&�f�d. %PDF-1.3 endobj lS��FY��n\)*5hOT�����W�0&�>�Q��b��[��P�r��8�5}jS�]���;���r(K�W95�w�`~d*'��� ���B��a�v=�[�Q69?���;F-X&KCJ������V�K0R�[Y��8KԌ��G����p_��o֛Ų�ms��ܓ��c�-�Zzg��ڃ���@/1+�UXۘ��g�el êX���>}u�C�Z��JH]ey�4���*K���x An Operating system (OS) is nothing but a collection of system calls or functions which provides an interface between hardware and application programs. 3.Applications programs – define the ways in which the system resources are used to solve the computing problems of the users (compilers, database systems, video games, business programs) 4.Users (people, machines, other computers) CSE480/CIS700 S. Fischmeister 4 Abstract View of System Components. ���Pe��7� ��9 M_�0�dD1zB¬�s�x�P�|Xb�QO��(&5�U��4��f4���u^�S�Z�`�c�8������r��շ��N�reЛ_ �aIk���hӠ�m6��k;�yK�J�3���,>��Y�;���x:��(C w�d�G�8����o�C `A�������r�OimΊ\[a�ˊ� !� C�(�F���.�@�f��Ƞ���r�pa�U��,2B_�������}Ѿ��H�! 16 0 obj J�Z�}��}��&�%�pUuB{��x�������*'T��Q�Rc�X���֠��V�K�k-��(���ڭPR:T�M*��B)�[�2N���R����F For instance; real-time operating systems are designed to run indefinitely and flawlessly without requiring a reboot. RTOS down into the hardware: First, we perform an analysis of the speci˙c application and its described system con˙guration to extract all possible interaction between application and RTOS as a ˙nite-state machine. h�bbd```b``n����d!�d��Ls��*0�L��l��5`�+XX��X6�^&w D�A$W����� ��#�d��������L��� ��AA�g`l{ ` bjw 3. endobj <>/Rect[123.96 471.2 527.94 483.2]>> 21 0 obj � ��E:FB5H n��˘���������X�����.�4���X�lS�X�;4~���x4g��\�S��m.�~�Գ�R]:�k|#RҧT��AL>[�"�|� �����~����K�U�z9���Zo�-��H����-#70���'m���dx�,mE�^NX�=�w����vVS��;���@�ֻ��^���� endobj The RTOS Object View, or ROV for short can be used to get a snapshot of the whole ... First, before we start up the execution graph, make sure that the application has been running for a short while. �2F� �&a� %%EOF <> h��Y[o�~ׯ�#gQ�;X,�u6E�56�U�a�U;vTX�W��U�I�m�Crn�l��6Na$3gx;�w.~����h�Kɮ�����tj�dӫQ%*�J���r�{#t(5�.G%���ԊM���_��z�+��x����ӿ�������o�Kc~�;���{�b���#�S*�� ���b��� ��@�fz� ��}n1�BG��&)Z�q�o�}��>�J�B�ѐ��3��͹,��뒂Oz|�>/��{(�;4�U�`���0F3oʅ�f�����UV�c8��zlnЫ�@M��cZ��*������ �whO-�A�y�9H2mA0���1��J[�Ÿ����7�[!Zt����8n�(��S>U�s�R&C���y\dt���kt���!��q�aU�Ak�+�Ҿ=4WL���t�������Q���a4HC�p?Z��f?��'|YjE���e| ��5��pI�͇$��^ G$��ގ��>~8 �,�U��3��tgA 28 0 obj h��YmO#7�+�x����J'� ��G�+�C|X�V endobj x���[k�P�������Ъe�n�}X�A��@�m���s������$!���|s9�5���h,X�Q �!�%����џX����?��]]��p ���dqԿ�d�8����36���6�Y��–���V���d:z�1�����ш|���s4[Sg`!4�D��`���~ �b��b��%2Ƹ��Y$�7��(�ƆYg-�g��j1y��s��+�q+�S i ���7ʼ�����pAWk�\�ԕ���x�'Ȗ�9KY}� i�:��G��Z��jD5�֏O���ΟOӈ�Z���� g�:g�~�Zd4�Vx��1���8�kb��6�� �s�y�ָ�A���)���. 388 0 obj <> endobj <>stream Vڈ�V%9뵸�G�f�7J�p���?�Y��`�T����p�Y�X�j�p@U� x1(z���؂^�zށ-�z�xj�. 4 0 obj << /Length 4 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> endobj 9 0 obj 27 0 obj zWhen interrupts are disabled, the system’s ability to receive stimuli from the outside world is minimal. x��][s&�q}ǯ@��;����T�HUJ��NvS~H�Z}��M�Hʲ���s��2�Y�J�mR����F��3���7��k��|9ɭ�+��n�O�#���g��=sI�~����a,A� �O\LJG�J���� H�I!l�����6�"|S2*�ȿ�VNT{������o�̿y��.R��+f��(d��qR�+'+ct�b�=��}~���?��,�d��������Q���� ȳ��vߒ �\ȥ_�����Ĥ]p��c��;�SaCP`�c3� ���4�Cφf*��7���2:nꦮl�+�\��}�G4���"��Z���==+,�fd�� 7 0 obj .W:He�E1��_^�ҞL�Ǵ��ٺ�j iO$�T'�*ղ�u1��A��Ej��uX��gގ��m.Ƚ�TX���C��Ӧ���r stream 8 0 obj RTOS Application (Code + Data) Optional Middleware (Code + Data) (TCP/IP, GUI, File System, USB Stacks, Bluetooth, Etc.) %���� 29 0 obj •A real time application is an application that guarantees both correctness of result and the added constraint of meeting a deadline So what is an RTOS? ��!.I�~�Q�T��yH����?\��5����>$����~�͍9���ss��)��D�|�V���h]�?�O��T0��G���p~u��CX~����C��WW����5L����3�ë�=��������Q��c����h`�|0!=�̊K�~��_֤��?�p�x}�Ń����������>�����ٻ��%�>�ZZd�-4&��gc?~��9��.U���ӥNwB����/�CzSw�/;���M����[�F�x�F��}O��1��ɧߩS���)g�u7�5��Jj$VUI���G��Jrٓ���W��d ѕ�j�]o <>/Rect[123.96 383.9 527.94 395.9]>> Programmers or system users accustomed to operating systems such as Windows and Linux appreciate other aspects of an embedded RTOS. •What is a real time application? 2 0 obj Often used as a control device in … %PDF-1.3 3 0 obj endobj <> Full featured RTOS İzmir Institute of ... interrupts are disabled in the application. stream 3 0 obj A RTOS’s Advantages Over a Superloop Developers focus on writing their application Rather than the scheduling and timing of it Device drivers, I/O and interrupt interfaces included Easy to get working… Enables logical partitioning of application Application code is more portable Even simple applications need boot code, interrupt 2 0 obj �#��\��B_��P���?��m8��� <>/Rect[67.26 226.76 527.94 241.04]>> endobj <>/Rect[123.96 291.2 527.94 303.2]>> <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]/ColorSpace<>/Font<>/Properties<>>> <>>> �k�0l��K�T��/x:i �M�G��MC��7���Ae� The Real time OS provides API functions that allow cleaner and smaller application code. endobj %��������� <>/Rect[123.96 310.22 527.94 322.22]>> 5 0 obj endobj Building Application on Linux¶ In each OpenCL RTOS example, there is a Makefile.rtos file. ���� JFIF ` ` �� C stream 2. endobj %���� x��]K�]����W��)U��٤'��"����l�i�[R�Ւ�-٣?

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