P. Show them the pain they show us. These lands will be ours. I demand challenge. Sokos Let the world be in your deb. The Ghost's whisper to Polemon Of all servants to Kosmos, none so wants the war to rage on as you. The Sage sailed ashore to see my ship. One came for my head on his way to Melos. From thence on, you will be able to track them down and eliminate them. Ruthless in his oppression. When all fall, we stand. Letter to Asterion Come for a visit to see the training. Sage Letter to Belos the Beast of Sparta D. Letter to Diona Can you? I'm a fighter, not a doll. K. This is a time of change, of death and rebirth, a time of genesis. Bring heads. About time. And still I wait. A good life, a good death, and nothing more. Sotera's ships see all, circling Salamis like a hand around a thorat. You will eliminate some of them during the game. I've already left, this time for our marble quarry in Salamis. Faster. Note from Podarkes Our Cultist guide for AC: Odyssey will help you kill every member of this organization. Word is Deimos came to you to help your little problem - we need him. Well for me The Ghost of Kosmos is now a literal ghost. Might be more expensive, but trust me, it's almost fun watching them die in battle for drachmae. Or worse. Olympic Declaration The Olympic truce is hanging by a thread in these tormented times. Take revenge for all you've suffered during these violent times. Your whimpering at the hands of the brutish Redblood M. was echoing in all corners of our shrine... Save that pain. The southern Sporades are yours. Or take after Blueblood I. and hire a good mercenary. And if the Sage opposes me, they will be sacrifices on my altar. Glory to the League. Here, you can also discover the identity of the Cult's leader, check tips on how to learn the Cultists' locations, and learn how to unmask them. The Centaur's waistband was silver encrusted. Forget honor. They'll show you what a real beast is. Instead, you need to collect clues from the bottom row Cultists that are in the same branch. Killing them will gradually reveal to you the identities of the Sages. I heard he set sail south - maybe near Anaphi. Misthios, Glory to the League. After reaching the hideout of the given member, you should do a quick recon with Ikaros; those characters are oftentimes well equipped and very good in combat Kill then in any way you can. Glory to the League. On political unrest: The gracious leader of the abantis Islands, Skylax, donated his personal fortune and a find collection to your war efforts here in Lokris. All the lines of the diagram lead to a single entity - The Ghost of Kosmos, who is the leader. Vulnerable. Faster. A Cultist's page informs you about requirements you have to meet in order to identify this person - the picture above shows an example where the main character has to visit an Attika silver mine. I might hear your wailing from its gaping maw. But who is controlling whom? You will be manipulated. Glory to the League. I've found it - in Andros rests the greatest, most ancient forge in the known world. Now it is stained with the blood of my brothers. Captain, Let Athens be an example for the world. Let the world be in MY debt. If you stand opposed to me, you will be the first of many sacrifices I burn in Kosmos' honor. His expertise in building deadly - and expensive - naval vessels will serve his Sage well. Want to feed them to my wolves. The whispers say you are following the trail of the other child of the bloodline. Of all the Sages, you must fear her. I see myself in you. Sage Letter to Kallias Glory to the League. My contact - a fort captain who feeds me information - says Attika will soon fall, and chaos will reign over this place. Only you can know the truth - I killed them. We live in an era where the common people's voice can break a ruler. If any understand the desire for flesh, it is you. So leave this manhunt to me. On political unrest: You cannot miss the encounter with the cultists in the game. If our Sage had a son marching on the battlefield, he wouldn't be so quick to send us to war. I'll help you one last time—I know one of Aristophanes' actors is enamored with some girl he's calling his muse.Find her. There she waits. Dead Man's Note Was this an act of fealty, or provocation? Might be more expensive, but trust me, it's almost fun watching them die in battle for drachmae. Someone stop him. Your orders are simple—today we rush the rebellion and send every Spartan invader to the underworld. You will be in my debt. Our Sage was last seen sailing west, and sailing alone. From his control of the quarry and slave trade there, he will be our eyes and ear. Now killing that cultist is part of a sidquest leading in to the Atlantis questline yes. I will never earn your respect, so I will instead demand your submission. They were of no use now. After collecting enough traces, you can open the given cultist's bio and learn the identity and location of a Cultist of the Kosmos. This site is not associated with and/or endorsed by the Ubisoft or Ubisoft. I was suspicious from the very beginning when I first saw Aspasia early in the game and that suspicion grew fast as she avoided questions from Myrrine and vanished when I completed the main story. After that, it's easy. Those who do not obey will find his hidden knife at their throats. M. Asterion. Worshipper, He was impressed. Come to Kythera - The Sage I. has been gone so long, and my gentle students yearn for a cruel hand. Those who do, die. The Cultists of Kosmos are a secret organization found in Assassin's Creed Odyssey. Stole some supplies and set off in the night. Someone named the Mytilenian Shark was its captain. Kosmos will protect me. These lands will be ours. Draw the bloodline to us. The Ghost's Whisper to Hydra The democracy will die, and I will rule again. You are close. So let this be a warning: peace will be mine. The trick is to start with the eyes—stick your thumbs in slow. How 'were selling ships to both sides. Here, you can also discover the identity of the Cult's leader, check tips on how to learn the Cultists' locations, and learn how to unmask them. I will bring my new Followers to be blessed by Worshipper D. before returning home to cleanse the lands of filth. I am to them as the Chosen One is to me. His expertise in building deadly - and expensive - naval vessels will serve his Sage well. The awards are always a legendary golden item and a new Mysterious Fragment. Now she's in the sea's belly north of Thera, crashed into a sunken ruin as the Sage ordered. Follower's Note The Sage Eye my sight. Our hero, Pallas, is bloodthirsty. The true blood runs red. May the Chosen Blood guide you. Tell him Klitos was last seen heading to Shipwreck Cove in Achaia. Cracked heads like eggs in battle last night. That’s all I do. No hand is as cruel as yours. I collected this from Epiktetos' things after Deimos was done with him. Letter to Asterion Kassandra came to learn that Deimos, was saved from Mount Taygetos that fateful night, only to then fall into the hands of the Cult. Soon will be time to act. Bring them pain but never death; death of the bloodline is for Kosmos to give, and no one else. You are the waves now. Anyone. He doesn't have any subjects. Iobates, Have fun using it on our WWW pages. M.

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