Ezi-action® Drumpumps satisfy the criteria for transfer of food grade lubricants. You can also view suppliers in Australia, UK or the USA. Email: sales@nzpump.com Standards of cleanliness and hygiene are as important on the shop room floor as in hospital operating rooms. New Zealand Pump Company is pleased to provide support documents to confirm FDA compliance and Japanese Hygiene Approval. Manager of Maintenance, Ezi-action® Drumpumps can be cleaned and inspected. Stops squeaks and sticking, eliminates friction, repels water and prevents freezing., A crystal-clear non staining pure silicone lubricant, Contains the highest silicone content available on the Australasian market, Will not stain or mark, Lubricates metal, plastic, rubber, fabric, wood and even painted surfaces, Stable over temperature extremes from minus 40 degrees C. to +204 degrees C, Revives, protects, lubricates and waterproofs, Completely odourless. Lubricants do not discriminate against the materials wit… Deutsch, English Food Grade. ITW POLYMERS & FLUIDS MANUFACTURES ROCOL WORLD LEADING CUTTING FLUIDS &, Rapidly dissolves all sugars and fondants from all surfaces leaving a light lubricating, protective film. Find where to buy products from suppliers in NZ, including: distributors, manufacturers, bulk supplies and wholesalers of raw ingredients & finished goods. The PURITY FG product family is formulated to provide: Suitable for use in hydraulic, air compressor and airline systems. New Zealand Pump Company is pleased to provide Declarations of Good Manufacturing Practice and Traceability in line with practices defined by European Commission Regulation (EC) 2023/2006 and European Regulations (EC) 1935/2004. Ideal for use on chains, bearings & slides in food /clean environments. - excellent wear protection Proudly Manufactured in NZ and USA. SUPS – A unique protection for gear teeth on start up and in use, Outstanding load carrying performance: FZG load stage 12, Excellent anti-wear performance - no need for additional additive treatments, Temperature range –20°C to +150°C, NSF H1 registered. Deutsch Mechanical Engineer, English, English The safety strap, that prevents unauthorized use of the pump, is available in a range of colours. An oil or grease qualifies as an NSF H1 food-grade lubricant when, in the event of a contamination, it is present in no more than 10mg/kg of the food stuff in question and does not cause any physiological hazard or affect the food’s odour and taste in any way. A pure silicone grease that stays put in all conditions, Stable over temperature extremes from -50 degrees C to +250 degrees C, Non toxic and solvent-free, Superb viscosity stability, Excellent heat conductor, High electrical resistance, Will not cause perishing on rubber seals and components, Lubricates, protects, repels water. Our Original Equipment Manufacturer Approved Vertex Brand provides the most comprehensive product offering for Features: Rapid penetrating action, Protects against corrosion, Available in bulk and easy to apply trigger spray, Temperature range +5ºC to +95ºC, NSF H1 registered., ISO 21469 certified. Since 30 September 1998, approval and compliance of food grade lubricants is the responsibility of the NSF International. Français Français Français, English Meet or Exceed Standards. Français, English English Deutsch, Meet the highest food industry safety standards. Fax: + 1 626 458 8024 Features and benefits: Unique L-CO system, reduces carry over, Enhanced oxidation stability, Extremely low sludge and varnish build up, Minimal foaming, Temperature range –20°C to +100°C, NSF H1 registered. CRC Industries follows strict guidelines in all areas of research, development and production, making CRC Food Grade range The Professional's Choice. PAS Grantham Ltd. (McCain Foods). MAC Silicone Grease. But when it comes to production equipment, lubrication keeps the business of feeding and healing the nation on track. Reference: What’s New in Food technology & Manufacturing November/ December 2015 Sam Hall, Bel-Ray Company. Français, Français Fax: +64 7 839 1193 Features: DETEX - Metal & x-ray detectable plastic components (aerosol   caps and actuators) capable of detection by most metal & x-ray detection equipment,  Long lasting protective film, Good corrosion protection, Temperature range -20ºC to +110ºC, NSF H1 registered. It insulates valves, electrical contacts, spark plugs, battery terminals and fasteners from moisture and protects against corrosion. Русский, Français ITW POLYMERS & FLUIDS MANUFACTURES ROCOL WORLD LEADING CUTTING FLUIDS &, Suitable as a release agent or for light lubrication duties on a wide variety of applications in, High performance versatile lubricant spray for all round light lubrication of small bearings, pins, bushes and slides.

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