The Online font directory for Google accounts for over 600 fonts. By using this neat tool, you can find matching fonts for your font and make your job easier. I have selected the most beautiful and only ones which fits to particular topic. Resource link. The folks at KK UI Store created this handy library of font combinations using Google Fonts, and compatible with Sketch and Adobe XD. Type Genius allows users to find or discover that particular font they may have been looking for that perfectly fits their design projects. Designers use the site for project research, type selection, and pairing, and discovering new ways to choose and use fonts. Font Combinator is a Blender-like function. Tell me more! A showcase of font pairings from Typekit and H&FJ is Just My Type. You are free to modify the templates anyway you like and use them for your personal and commercial You start the game by choosing the main typeface to match. is a huge library of handpicked font styles and font combinations used on different websites. Be the first to see new posts by subscribing by RSS, have new content delivered by Email, or join Line25 on Twitter. Thank you for your support! This interactive tool lets you test different fonts against each other to visualize how they interact. Typekit is a subscription font tool that puts together different fonts for searching and matching quickly and easily. It’s a cool tool that can either be use by downloading an image with the font you like or using a URL link with the image that contains the font you want to use, and Matcherator will find the font or something close for you. To use this tool, all you need to do is select a font that you want to be the primary style, and Canva will search through its library to find the correct pair that matches the primary font for you. Choosing the right font is crucial for creating great designs, but it doesn’t end there. Type Wolf is a big source of fonts and you will be able to choose from its list of font styles to use for your projects. There are of course, a host of font varieties freely accessible on the web that you can use. by Renee Fleck You need to select your font and it will suggest paired Webkit fonts that you can use in your projects. Simply pick an element, a font, a size and a colour. View font pairs for Open Sans. Type Genius does so by presenting you with website examples where these fonts have been paired or used on before. These amazing tools are project-savers and will help you find matching fonts quickly and easily. Awesome awesome list, even though i knew most of them… but never realized that I knew them until I saw this list and checked them one by one… still I suck at typography :P But seriously thank you for the informative yet straight forward blog, really helped me to get inspired for a project :) Its font combinations come in categories such as site of the day, font recommendations and lists, and the most popular font type. Part of the 25×52 initiative, this collaborative, ongoing project offers inspiration for using Google’s font library. Mixing Typefaces is actually a PDF file that gives you font matching possibilities. Heading: Fira Sans. Resource link. The major challenge is getting the right font styles to go with your project effortlessly. It is very easy to use, all you need to do is to select your font and press ‘find matches’. This interactive font generator lets you select how much contrast you want between your font pairings—from high contrast, balanced, to very similar typeface combinations. The text is editable, try replacing it with your company name or other … But, pairing typefaces isn’t easy and many of those fonts don’t work for typical websites. Enjoy! In fun colourful blocks, these font samples are shown. By continuing to use Pairfonts, you agree to our privacy policy. We appreciate that. This is a real time-saving tool and it will help you achieve great results. Today, there are different tools on the internet that can help you with the selection of the right font pairings for your projects. You can copy and paste your own content in to see what it looks like with these font combinations. What You Can Learn from a HR Payroll Software Demo, 20 Positive and Negative Effects of Video Games on Children, 15 Best Facebook Messenger Tips and Tricks You Should Use. That’s right! Beautiful Google Font combinations and pairs. Examples of various fonts used on websites are also included, and you can see these variations and choose the one you want. FootJoy has a generate button that lets you create random font combos and also a lock option which locks font icons of the combination of the fonts you are generating. Typekit fonts in action 254 samples Get under the hood. If you are using more than two fonts – say one for the heading and the other for the body- then you need to make sure there is a level of coherence and synergy between the fonts. Each example on the list displays a page of sample text using the font combination, the colors used, and ready-to-use HTML/CSS code that you can cut and paste into your website. You can look at this tool as a public archive for fonts, many designers use this tool to research for their projects, pairing, font selection and so on. check out my Google font experiment at, Please be polite. A selection of beautiful font variations from across the web is Style Wolf. The fonts are displayed in a colourful way such that each pair is placed in a colour block to differentiate them. This tool is decent enough to let you pair fonts with an infographic showing you the best ways to combine Google fonts using the vertical and horizontal axis. So, if your aim is to create really inspiring and awesome effects in your designs using a combination of font styles, then this article will offer you the best font pairing tools to use for your next projects. It is simple and easy to use so don’t get confused when it comes to choosing the right fonts for your design projects. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect font combination for your next design project, look no further. Web Font Blender is a little tool to check out cool web font combinations. This innovative initiative gives inspiration for the use of the Google Fonts library fonts. A popular resource for web and graphic designers alike, thousands of folks rely on this resource for endless typography inspiration. Fontspring’s Matcherator will help you identify what font is being used on the image. Fira Sans & Merriweather. Simply click anywhere in the paragraph or heading text and start typing. So, you can check it out using the link below, maybe you might find the right font for your design project. This is the reason why Google Type was created. Typography Resources Featured Pairs Popular Fonts About. With the Font Combinator, you will be able to pair fonts for your text, titles and subtitles. It is really a great source of inspiration for beautiful font combinations. It is readily available and can be really handy. Open Sans is a sans-serif Google Font. This tool offers you the ability to pair fonts and it comes with a lot of fonts to choose from. This tool contains some high-quality fonts with many examples of these fonts in use. Along with a free plan with limited collection of fonts, you may choose one of the paid plans that bear more options. Only scroll down to see for yourself on the web. If we want to achieve a great and effective design we need to pay attention to typography and part of it is to make sure that we choose the best fonts for the design and the right font combinations that would work together to the project’s overall look. Stay connected for more articles like this! Check them out below and bookmark your favorites! All rights reserved. Iggy is the main person behind Line25. Fonts in Use is a selection of numerous styles that have been used, such as websites, packaging, labels, business cards, flyers, magazines and a catalogue of fonts. Brandon Grotesque and Minion Pro. As a designer who wants to a fast and simple way to test font pairings, Typecast is a lovely option. Have a suggestion? Typespiration is an awesome platform with samples of sample text from its projects submitted by artists. in Inspiration Just like its name says, this font pairing tool is totally astounding. It also comes with a free plan that gives you an unlimited number of fonts with fewer options or you can opt for the paid plan to get more pairing features.

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