It is priced at $99. In addition to a typical brass back he utilizes carbon fiber. The beautiful Dovetail Saw cuts true and leaves a fine kerf. Erik Florip is a Marine and a family man who creates hand saws when he's not actively training or changing diapers. Tried it out and it cuts very well and is comfortable in the hand. The fact that this saw is completely made by him (he folds the backs, machines the nuts, cuts the teeth all in house) makes it even better. Here is the catch…each of the businesses outsourced to have their own markup and overhead to deal with. Ripped a 1-by in halves to make a bookmatched top for my box. After mastering the hand saw manufacturing process, Erik has turned to making other tools, specifically marking gauges (see them here). Click on the picture to the left to see more. Condition is Used. A few months ago I wrote an article & published a video titled, “Which Affordable Dovetail Saw is Best? But, with over 300 suppliers in a dozen countries, it is inevitable that a hiccup will happen now and then.If we are out of stock on something you have ordered, we ask you to be patient. I’ve used the quarantine time to learn how to hand cut dovetails and this saw works beautifully. Both saws sent feel well balanced. Over the past year I’ve asked students in my school which of the dovetail saws they like the best, and overwhelmingly they vote for the Florip dovetail saws. I was a bit skeptical at first, but once I took the saws for a test drive, I fell in love with them. Here's a little teaser to show the saw in action. I value the time I spend on the lathe, mill, and at the workbench with a sketchpad. These saws are higher quality and less expensive than competitors. I sold a number of custom saws but generally felt that the process was lacking. A major highlight, this saw will do just about anything a full sized panel saw will do (just a little slower). I had no experience in making tools or operating machinery, I didn’t even know what a metal lathe was. I especially love seeing his “Stealth” backsaw, with black saw nuts and black saw plate. walnut $135.00 USD. There is something rewarding about receiving a shipment of raw materials and transforming them into a fine tool. The brass back has such an amazing feel compared to my other steel backed saws. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. I’ve made and used slotted backs in the past…they work fine but I prefer the folded backs for the traditional look and ease of installation. I was impressed by not only the quality of craftsmanship, but the comfort of the hardwood handle (shaped more like my custom-made back saws), the perfect thickness of the saw plate, the folded brass back, and especially by his expert saw sharpening. With shipping mine came to $120 so a bit more than his standard but I thought it worth… Read more ». Dovetail Saws: The Cream of the Crop Great dovetail saws are easier to find these days than they used to be, but sometimes that makes a buyer’s choice harder. Like many other new traditional woodworkers, he couldn’t justify spending what a lot of heirloom toolmakers were asking so, like many others (including myself), he started refurbishing & sharpening antique hand saws. Period. I purchased my saw directly from Erik. I’m no hand saw expert, but I have made a few hand saws, rehabbed dozens of hand saws & backsaws for my school, and have listened to student feedback. I should mention that Erik does have an eBay store as well, which I where I purchased mine (it’s got the Brazilian satinwood handle). He posts saws there from time to time and they seem to be the more unique wood species. It has taken many thousands of hours and some serious pieces of … His frustration with overpriced hand tools inspired him to get into woodworking hand tool making in the first place. The handles are very comfortable. Here are a few more photos of the Florip Toolworks shop: And here are a few photos of Erik’s family, including his favorite little helper: So please buy some tools today from Florip Toolworks, and support this great guy, who not only chooses to make quality tools that average people can afford, but who also chose to risk everything to serve our great country to protect the cause of freedom around the world. It should be finished better. $20/Mo Red Pocket Prepaid Wireless Phone Plan+Kit: Unlmtd Everything 7GB LTE, Dyson Ball Multi Floor Origin Upright Vacuum | Fuchsia | New, Sony PlayStation PS Plus 12-Month / 1 Year Membership Subscription, Intel Core i9-10850K Processor feat. His saws cut better than mine! Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. ​​ OEM Samsung USB-C Type C Fast Charging Cable Galaxy S8 S9 S10 Plus Note 8 9, Acer Nitro 5 - 17.3" Laptop Intel Core i5-10300H 2.5GHz 8GB Ram 512GB SSD Win10H, Reverse Weave Hoodie Sweatshirt Champion Life Mens Fleece Heavy Authentic Cotton, Bose SoundLink Around-Ear Wireless Headphones II, Certified Refurbished, $5/Mo Red Pocket Prepaid Wireless Phone Plan+Kit: 100 Talk 100 Text 500MB. Dovetail Saws, Carcass Saws and Gent Saws are all types of backsaws, smaller than Tenon Saws, designed for specific joinery tasks. Check out the 360 degree view to the left by click on the play button or arrows. 90-Day Money Back Guarantee+ Free Returns. 5 mL Essential Oils - 100% Pure and Natural - Therapeutic Grade - Free Shipping! This translates to higher product costs.”. Small Tenon Saw (pictured with granadillo handle). I'll keep that Would love your thoughts, please comment. He is a one man shop that specializes in unique hand saws. This is all done under one roof. | He states that it won't leave his shop until he feels it will make the user find joy when making a cut. Florip Toolworks makes everything in house from raw stock. There are usually a couple guys helping out, they’ve had to stay home due to Michigan’s stay-at-home order. You got a great deal Mike! Pokemon TCG Sword & Shield Vivid Voltage Elite Trainer Box. In the time since I have to say I love it! Would like to purchase the bench saw next. The Florip saw with a cherry handle is US$115 so about NZ$180 plus shipping. British Gold Sovereign Great Britain Avg Circ Random Date, Mens Womens Winter Warm SCOTLAND Made 100% CASHMERE Scarf Scarves Plain Wool, Bose Wave Music System IV, Certified Refurbished, Skullcandy Indy True Wireless In-EarEarbuds - Mint ,Indigo Blue or Black, Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer | Refurbished, Skullcandy Hesh 2 Wireless Headphones with Mic-Black (Certified Refurbished). A craftsman who decided to learn to make his own tools, we are glad he chose this path! The Florip Toolworks Dovetail Saw is made in Michigan by Erik Florip. Highland Woodworking offers a range Dovetails Sawa and other hand saw for any budget. ​​ There might be a slight delay of 5-10 days before your saw ships. “It would have been much easier to outsource the components and assemble as the parts arrive. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. It looks beautiful and cuts wonderfully. Florip Toolworks has taken the characteristics of what makes a good saw into an every day user with some flair. Glad you liked the blog post, and thanks for commenting! The Florip Toolworks Dovetail Saw is made in Michigan by Erik Florip. Plate is coiled 1095 spring steel, ground perfectly flat. Lie-Nielsen vs. Veritas, Class: Make a Dovetail Saw + Tenon Saw with Tom Calisto (2 Days), Class: Make an 18th Century Panel Saw with Tom Calisto (2 Days), Making Cabriole Legs with Dave Heller Part 2, Making Cabriole Legs with Dave Heller Part 1, Attach a Moravian Workbench Top with Blind Pegging, Awesome Geometric Marquetry Introduction with Dave Heller, How to Make Workbench Dogs, Dog Holes & Holdfast Holes, How to Use a Combination Plane for Woodworking, How to Refurbish a Combination Plane for Woodworking, How to Choose Wood Lumber for Woodworking {7 Simple Steps}, How to Square, Flatten, and Dimension Rough Boards with Hand Tools, How to Make Mortise and Tenon Joints with Hand Tools, PRIVACY POLICY, RULES, TERMS & CONDITIONS. We won't forget you or your order, and will ship the missing item within 24 hours after we get it in our warehouse (the expected date on your order is based on the information available at order time). Folded backs will absorb some shock if the saw is dropped (still though, try not to drop it). It may take a few seconds to load. I was intrigued, so I emailed Erik with some questions, and he sent me a couple saws to try out. The brass back has such an amazing feel compared to my other steel backed saws. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. Not built for fine joinery work but great for breaking down stock at the bench. The carbon fiber feels slighltly lighter than the brass backed one.

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