Translators Tamil-English . Norsk Språkservice Language Services provides a wide range of Aen wiihtamawaw pikwa awiiyuk ga atooshkayt avek wintranslation. single-status certificates, name-change certificates, police clearance Tamil-French and vice versa, Tamil-Spanish and Tamil-Italian, Tamil-German, alongside Singhalese (Sinhala) and is also an official language of Singapore. Tamil is a very old language with over 2000 years of history and literature. by mailing us your documents at: translators are highly qualified professionals – including authorized Real Translator Jobs - New Top Offer Can You Speak English? Very satisfied [with the project manager]'s customer service, [it] was excellent. It is also spoken in Malaysia, Kerala, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh and is the first ever Indian language to be declared as classical language. Language Services: English-Tamil translations. We can translate all kind of contents from English or any other language to Tamil and from Tamil to English or any other language as we deal with all the major languages. The workers from wintranslation have been very nice and professional and always help with adjusting due dates and payments are on time. agency with a solid network of professional translators Our Tamil translators are capable of providing the translated text in Unicode and true type fonts such as "Krutidev 010" if the translated contents are going to be placed in any desktop tools such as Adobe Photoshop, In-design, Illustrator or CorelDraw. Otatooshkewuk tapitow ni wiichihikwuk kiishpin kakwaychihkaymoowina ni aayan.  CLIENTS  |  WORK  office tel. Sri I have done translations for wintranslation for about 2-3 years. Tamil Nadu and Kerala) and, (Sinhala) and is also an official language of, , but also to other Dravidian 70 million people, mainly in South India (in the Indian states of ... Find more English to Tamil translators. in the field of economics and marketing, WE WOULD LOVE TO HELP WITH YOUR NEXT TAMIL PROJECT I really appreciated their quick turn around times (faster than quoted) and their patience with my questions about the translation (not having any background with the language). I'm sure we'll be in touch in the future as other opportunities become available. It is a one of the two state official language of Sri Lanka. When another document came in at the last minute just before a big event, wintranslation had no trouble accommodating the request which I knew would be too much to ask of a smaller independent contractor. It was a pleasure working with her. In addition to their Tamil language expertise the translators also possess specific industrial knowledge related to financial, legal, medical, technical, education and other e-learning subjects. translation services, including Tamil-Norwegian translation and Norwegian-Tamil Translate here. For more information, call us on +47 22 222 773. |  KONTAKT. We (The Indigenous Theatre at the National Arts Centre) required short translations in a variety of dialects: Algonquin, Michif, Plains Cree, Woods Cree and Halq'eméylem. Our Quebecois staff is very impressed with the translation. |  RATES  | Working for wintranslation has been a very rewarding experience for me and helps me keep both Michif and Plains Cree languages alive. Translate Tamil to Lankan Tamil is distinct from the kind of Tamil spoken in South India. It has the official status in the Indian states of Tamil Nadu, Puducherry and Andaman and Nicobar islands. The end result are some fabulous resources that will be shared with kids and adults alike, with more to come! As part of my degree, I worked as an intern at wintranslation for eleven weeks. Ottawa, ON We will be glad to provide a free sample translation of around 150-300 words if you have a large volume of contents (Above 10000 words) to be translated to give you a feel about the quality we can offer you. Also there are plenty of Arabic, Korean Chinese, Hindi, Greek and other popular language translators available mostly in the Colombo city and through the internet. It helps me feel like I am doing my part to help keep my dialect, Aivilingmiut/Rankin Inlet, alive. knowledge of the Tamil language, which enables us to provide high-quality Tamil-Norwegian and Norwegian-Tamil translations, as well as professional Tamil-English and English-Tamil translation. The museum contacted wintranslation because we needed text translated for a new panel. Wintranslation made the process easy even when I was unable to communicate regularly. The company was very solution- and client-oriented, which I very much appreciated. Thank you wintranslation, the translators and community members for ensuring the museum was able to put forth an excellent panel that was true to both communities and that visitors to Murney Tower Museum will be able to experience both Eastern Ojibwe and Mohawk in print. You could try to translate from Norwegian to Tamil via Google Working as an intern at wintranslation was a great experience. Thank you so much. (Translator Profile - Mohammed Fahim) Translation services in English to Tamil (Advertising / Public Relations and other fields.) approx. Although our materials were designed in-house, the wintranslation team was happy to review all final designs to ensure there were no errors, and the layout was correct. Most important, it is keeping our Anishinaabe language alive. With respect to the payment method, it is on time, and if there is a need to receive payment before the scheduled date, they will usually accommodate the request. GET A FREE QUOTE NOW, South Slavey, alternatively known as Slavi, Slave, Dené, and Mackenzian, is spoken by the Slavey people in the Great Slave Lake…, Tagalog is one of the official languages of the Philippines which is spoken by most who live in the region…, Hindi is one of the official languages in India and is the fifth most widely spoken language in the world.…, 2197 Riverside Dr All our Tamil translators are 100% native speakers who have mastered the language effectively. I also work for various Art colleges in Sri Lanka, and have translated a wide variety of documents from books to general articles. and licenses, divorce orders and certificates, translation. Google Translate is a very useful tool that translates text We found wintranslation by means of the All-Seeing Eye (Google, that is), and we selected you on the basis of testimonials for timely delivery, price, and (not least) rapid and true personal engagement from your side. You can also Kudos to your company, their quality and speed of work, courteous customer service and professionalism. They were competent, friendly, and helped us meet our tight deadlines efficiently. Gampola Gichi-miigwech Wintranslation! into and from Tamil of certificates of company registration, tax Translators Tamil-English. Professional Tamil Translators , Western Province, as you speak English, and at least one other language, there are plenty of jobs for you available. I'm very happy with your work and will recommend your company whenever somebody needs translation for something. Google Translate is a very useful tool that translates text winstranslation gives that chance. Copyrights © 2018 All Rights Reserved by iConic Translation World. Get the best deals on Translations Tamil And English ads in Sri Lanka. If you are in need of a translation. contact us at our Oslo Hire the best freelance English to Tamil Translators in Sri Lanka on Upwork™, the world’s top freelancing website. Sinhala is little bit of descriptive but a talented translator can manage word count as per very similar to English, that is 1000 Sinhala words to 1000 English words. reliable and precise translations. Tamil alphabet. JOB VACANCIES AVAILABLE FOR WEB DESIGNERS. They usually pay when I request payment earlier than scheduled. Norwegian-Tamil translator. Can You Speak German? Wintranslation really helped us out. Tamil is also a national and official language of Sri Lanka and one of the official language of Singapore. wintranslation went above and beyond to ensure the dialects were location appropriate and that they were done by knowledge holders from both communities. languages such as Telugu and Kannada (Kanarese). K1H 7X3, +1(877) 742-5982 (toll-free for U.S. and Canada), Translation Service Company Copyright © 1998-2020 wintranslation, Marie K., Michif and Plains Cree Translator, We contacted wintranslation to have one of our assessment documents translated into Eastern Ojibwe. With clients such as Scotiabank, the Government of Canada and the UN, wintranslation is a trusted language service partner. We Any questions I have are answered, and they give me the opportunity to take a job or to give it to someone else - there are no surprises or unexpected pressures of any kind. +47 22 222 773.

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