This phase follows a very precise timescale – five days for every 1lb you lose – so if you’ve lost 20lb you need to follow this phase for 100 days. I have prepared a Memento Sheet that describes the main rules of the Dukan Diet Phase III. I’m confused since, on here it says that your allowed a starchy meal a day + 2 pieces of bread. I’ve gotten myself into a routine of eating very small meals every 2 hours. When Is Black Friday? My daughter started phase I on Wednesday 24/08/2011; her weight was 88.6 kg; length 1.85 m (sorry for the metric measures, but I understand you can deal with them). Sunday dinner, you should not have another one Monday for breakfast. Your email address will not be published. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Find out about our policy and your choices, including how to opt-out. Do not skip this rule or you may experience rebound weight gain. Like starter for breakfast, main course for lunch and dessert with my dinner? The Consolidation Phase is very important to the long term success of your diet. Nationwide News Pty Ltd Copyright © 2020. Hey I am lysanne (yolandes daughter). I don’t really understand, according to the book that I’ve got, your allowed to starchy meals a week + two pieces of bread a day? Don't use cream or butter while preparing the dish and stick to no more than 220g boiled weight. You can replace the bread with 1 cup of pasta (cooked, not dry) or any other allowed starch - whole grain rice, lentils, peas, couscous, quinoa, etc. It is the exact following of the third and fourth phases of the Dukan Diet, the Consolidation and Stabilization phases, Can adding herbs to your meals save your life? Sure, feel free to post anytime. OJ = orange juice, I presume. – What exactly is a serving of fruit? Choose only low0crba, protein rich shakes.. another question sorry.. :/ ! Michelle Bridges' top 10 tips for long term weight managemen... Game Of Thrones: The 9 hottest sex scenes. Basically, your body has two ways of doing so: To prevent this from happening all the new foods are being introduced gradually. Or how much should my apple/kiwi/peach weigh? The most worrying ingredient here is sesame. The new Dukan diet 1. I don’t want to gain too much, and I am scared of tipping it too much too gaining weight again :-( I am so confused right now? She started phase III on the 19th of December; weight: 70.8 kg. Can they be wholemeal or just brown bread? Visit the Dukan Shop Find productsthat will help you livea healthier lifestyle. So if you've lost 30lb, you need to be on phase 3 for 150days. It's best to chose a Thursday, as it's usually the least busy day, without the weekend guests or the Download Dukan Diet Phase III: Consolidation Schedule. This is pretty much healthy weight loss rate when you exercise a lot. But those are just assumptions. However you will still continue to use the good eating habits you have formed to make sure you maintain the weight loss. 17 more weeks! Now it’s being reintroduced as it is a very nourishing product. The Dukan Diet is a comprehensive, healthy weight loss plan. You can introduce small quantities of carbohydrates during this stage, but they should never be the bedrock of your diet. before she gets to phase IV!!! One day per week (preferably Thursday) is a protein-only day during which your menu is limited to Phase I food list. What to do? She feels fit now, and doesn’t look anorectic. I k ow you said no avocados or bananas but is there a list of veggies? It’s really easygoing. Hey! That is worrying. You can read the whole discussion on here: “Toasted vs Fresh”. Unless you are having a medical condition or some sort of intolerance to the products I describe here, you should eat them on a regular basis. However, just like with the rest of the Dukan Diet, it is important to follow the plan to make sure you keep off the weight you worked so hard to lose. I am pretty sure that carrying out the diet through all its stages no will prevent any yo-yo effect. Protein-only day. This means an average of 0,9 kg. That is what the consolidation Phase is for. The simple rule is – for every one pound you lost, you need to be on the Consolidation phase for 5 days. Looks very promising. objective of the Dukan Diet Consolidation phase is to preserve and maintain your True Weight, Dukan Diet Consolidation phase: a transition diet to preven rebound weight gain, Additions in the second half of Consolidation. Listen to your body. I do exercise loads and my mind is still really in “diet”mode. A good rule of a thumb is to eat fruit before the main meal (like 20-30 minutes before) so that it will not interfere with the digestion of the protein. So! Important! Your body is now a calorie sponge, so you are vulnerable to weight gain. The Consolidation phase lasts 10 days for every pound lost, and corresponds to the time during which 1kg in 4 days, it’s a very good result. Could you please also clarify the following for me? Indulge, but with moderation. dukan consolidation phase whole grain legumes One “pure proteins” day per week, which permits only foods from the Attack phase. Your email address will not be published. And you should talk to your daughter too… She might have done sth bad to herself (I hope that I am wrong). Actually, they look pretty fit. Dukan Diet Phase 1: Attack Phase (a.k.a. Can I eat another serving of oat bran instead of the 2 slices of bread in the consolidation phase? If you wonder what kinds of cheese is the best for you (in a nutritional way) there’s a nice table showing the nutrition facts for various types of cheese here: Nutrition Comparison of Cheeses. Because honestly speaking 100 days for consolidation sounds daunting! Do not hesitate to introduce all of the phase III foods into your menu.

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