If you don't commit to tricks, you are more likely to hurt yourself. Start with small hills and work your way up. But committing to the sport is no issue for Cassandra. Dropping in on a vert ramp can be intimidating for skateboarders who have never done it before. The most common mistakes people make when dropping in on vert are usually a direct result of a lack of confidence, or not fully committing. Make sure that your back truck is slammed against the coping. You might fall, you might get hurt, but that's OK. It’s a rite of passage in the Great Journey Of Skateboarding that every skater needs to learn. Every time you wipe out, you get a little bit better. [3][4], Ian Clarke dropping in at 62 Skatepark, NYC - 2019, Bob Burnquist dropping in on a mega ramp - 2012, Skaters wait to drop in the bowl at Owl's Head Skate Park - 2019, RIDE Channel. @skatehonk88 @lukas_schildhauer @stephen_tw, @michael_orben Gunther has been getting some of your skills, @snowcovered_hands dude if u trained Stella, @evanmbreen u said to tag u in skateboard vids so, Getting tech @stephenlawyer : @paconertz…, Marble fun in Madrid with @benja94sb : @manuel_stiefvater #shralpin…, Textbook heelflip @neenwilliams : @messy_snacks #shralpin…, Yet again @aureliengiraud leaves us speechless #shralpin…, Perfection @carlosribeiro91 : @spanishmiketv…, Unique line from @runeglifberg #shralpin…. You can get hurt skateboarding. how do i do it? I wore knee pads for a long while when I was learning to skate. Recently, the Braille team decided to conquer their fears and jump into the world of vert skating. Her mother added that seeing her grow and learn with the sport makes it seem as though she can be a trailblazer. As a beginner, dropping into a ramp on a skateboard is one of the scariest – and funnest – things you can try. any advice? Congratulations, you just dropped in on a skateboard! Their long term plan is to become a company that builds and constructs infrastructure and equipment that helps low vision individuals navigate all sports. Hesitating will cause your weight to shift back. It’s a rite of passage in the Great Journey Of Skateboarding that every skater needs to learn. Falling and failing is part of learning. We do recommend wearing full pads when trying to drop in on vert and working your way up to the 13′ vert ramps. dropping in? That's just the way it is! Place your back foot on the tail and your front foot on the front bolts. Move your weight forward into the ramp, and onto your front foot. Tips for Beginner Skateboarders to Figure Out the Best Stance, How to Land With Both Feet on the Skateboard. Usually, if you’re leaning too far forward and put too much weight forward, you’ll get bodied on the flat bottom of the ramp. “Our main goal is to create safe, accessible and inclusive state park environments for low vision youth,” he said.Both he and Janz have been working together to do some research and have created temporary adaptations to The Compound, an indoor skate park in Calgary, to make the sport more accessible for those who have low vision. However, if you just commit 100% first time, there’s no reason to ever crash doing this at all. Do it a couple of times and you’ll be wondering what you were ever worried about! ... Skateboarding can be a painful thing to do. Stay relaxed and stoked. dropping in? Place your back foot on the tail and your front foot on the front bolts. Try dropping in (though that might be scary too - it's OK!). Check out the video below to see Aaron, Mogely, Uzi, and Glo attempt to drop in on the Berkeley Vert Ramp. You can also practice falling. Just run up, drop to your knees and slide back down. As your weight moves over the front truck, you’ll feel the tail lift up and come off the coping. She remembers standing at the top of a ramp with a skateboard at her feet thinking “this is pretty nerve-wracking. You should be able to stand like this indefinitely – but don’t psyche yourself out, and don’t hog the ramp! Then, if you fall while dropping in, you know ​how to fall. We hope the video above and these tips helped you on your journey to drop in on vert. Like Cassandra, Curtis has about 10 per cent vision. ok so im not so good at skateboarding but my boyfriend is taking me to a park tomoro and said i have to try to drop in. For some of these, you can slowly build up to having more confidence. How to Drop in Put the board on the coping with the tail on top and the wheels sort of snug on the ramp. She’s visually impaired and is considered legally blind. If you are scared, well, that might mean that it's a little too soon for you to try jumps. Alberta COVID-19 health restrictions rolled out as coronavirus cases mount, Calgary police funding tops public submissions for city budget, Fire department budget could mean current resources stretched to new Calgary stations, Alberta COVID-19 measures didn’t go far enough: ThinkHQ survey, Geared up: Calgary pilot program pedaled to city high schoolers. That might sound weird, but falling actually helps build confidence Do this repeatedly until it isn’t scary anymore – which should only take a few goes. This feels scary the first few times but after a couple of goes you’ll be wondering what the fuss is all about. As your front wheels hit the ramp, even out your weight to both legs while still leaning forward. Bend your knees slightly and prepare to shift your weight forward. Skateboarding started out as an extracurricular activity for Cassandra. Dropping in is a skateboarding trick with which a skateboarder starts skating a half-pipe by dropping into it from the coping instead of starting from the bottom and pumping gradually for more speed. You can't skateboard halfway. Keeping your weight back on your back foot (over the deck, on the tail of the board), place your front foot on or just behind your front truck bolts. Stay committed and step through your front truck. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Wood hurts less than concrete, and if you do slam you will land on your bum, elbows and maybe head – so if you have any protection, put it on. Janz said that both Cassandra and her brother Curtis, who is also low vision, are paving the way for other low vision youth to have a future in skateboarding. Place the tail of your skateboard on top of the coping with your wheels hanging over the coping. Put your front foot on your bolts, and then leaning forward into the ramp, making sure to not slip back at the bottom of it. Fall a Few Times to Reduce Fear . Now get out there and SKATE! Keep your knees slightly bent and your posture relaxed. Required fields are marked *, Benefits Full access to the Braille Army+ App All Skateboarding Mad …, Watching Mogely skate the 3 block is true art. But not being able to conquer that fear holds you back. Find out for yourself! Take your time with skateboarding -- learn at your own speed. Stay tuned for the next move…. Her brother, Curtis Ruttle, has supported her and others like her through a new initiative he started called Alt. If you’re in a miniramp or bowl, start looking at the opposite coping, ready for your first trick. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Dropping in may be scary at first, but it’s also very easy. She’s visually impaired and is considered legally blind. Finding a bigger ramp to drop in on is obviously the next thing to do. ", "How to: Drop In - Skateboard Trick Tip | skatedeluxe Blog", http://skateboard.about.com/od/tricktips/ss/HowToDropIn.htm, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Dropping_in&oldid=986419606, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 31 October 2020, at 19:02. As soon as you hesitate and fail to put your front wheels down, that’s when you’re most likely to fall by shooting the board out in front of you and slipping backward. If you don’t commit, you’ll slam and it will hurt. A lot of the time, fear of skateboarding comes from pushing yourself too hard. Another way to get comfortable before dropping in on vert is to start at the bottom of the ramp and pump your way to the top. For all the latest from Lush...join the community! Being relaxed and loose helps your skateboarding in so many ways. It’s really important to commit 100% here – if you lean back you will fall off the back of the board and land on your arse! Cassandra Ruttle was hesitant, reluctant, but confident in her abilities. Fully commit, pushing the wheels down to the ramp with your weight shifted forward.

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