If yours don't, you can drizzle a small amount of glue down into the slot. It’s nominally 7.25 inches, but this ’board kicks down a bit at the edges and so I radius the wire a little tighter. Again I use the cut off wheel. When performing only a partial refret on this type of neck, the nubs are usually preserved but more time and expense is incurred to precisely match the shape and fit of the old frets.

Fret tangs are not visible on bound fingerboards. 9 years ago Fret Crown - The fret crown is the portion of the fret which comes in contact with the string when fretted. First we need to take the old frets out.

Using the modern method makes sense because any decent luthier somewhere down the line will realise that the guitar has been refretted. Get it?Cut carefully, you only have so much fret wire. When you've re-fretted as many 80 year old fingerboards as I have, it isn't a question as to whether they will chip, it's how badly.

Tapping the frets in sideways allows the barbs to cut tiny channels along the sides of the fret slots. Please take these steps slowly and deliberately. My first refretting attempt was on a guitar that was already unplayable, so if I messed it up it didn't matter.

The DC-based musician on struggling to fit in, finding his tribe with the goth kids, and chasing the guitar sound in his head. Share it with us! When you use a fret-bending device, a few centimetres at each end of the wire will remain straight. The November 2020 issue of Guitar Magazine is out now! If you do manage to force the tangs into the slots, each slot will be pushed apart very slightly and the neck will most likely end up with a back-bow.

So this step takes a long time. It’s a good alternative to hammering the frets in and if you’re gluing the frets, the clamping caul will secure them as the glue goes off. Then, place coarse sand paper over the fret board and use the radius of the un-fretted fretboard to shape the face of the caul to the same radius [rub the caul on the paper/fretboard.. you're using the fretboard as a sanding block essentially]. If you'd like to get the additional items you've selected to qualify for this offer. Rather than hammering or pressing them into the fingerboard in the traditional way, they were inserted at the bass side of the ’board and pulled through the slot using a foot-operated device. Although most frets take a while to begin moving, once started, they slide easily. I run some Super Glue into the ends as a precaution, while pressing the fret down with the caul. Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. A fretting caul with a 7.25-inch radius is lightly clamped over the two pieces of wire to guide the new fret as it’s being tapped in.

As needed, route a channel[s] into block to clear any bracing or the like. Some of you have witnessed less than professional fret jobs that left the fingerboard littered with chips. I used 3 very light grits. Fret Tool Guitar Building & Luthier Supplies, DIY Guitars Guitar Building & Luthier Supplies, Fret Leveling Guitar Building & Luthier Supplies, Fret Saw In Guitar Building & Luthier Supplies, DIY Guitars Mahogany Guitar Building & Luthier Supplies. Fret boards are slightly curved so when you sand you do not want to flatten your fretboard. This might take a couple of firm taps, but don't tap too hard or you might bend or dent your fret.I did not use glue on mine. The end product should be 2 1/4" wide by 1/8" to 1/4" thick by about 18" long, it is better to go long and trim later. If they don't seat flush to the fretboard, it's because the fret slots aren't deep enough.. because there's debris in the slots, or because the frets aren't seated fully. To avoid dinging the new fret when installing them I use a fretting hammer with a plastic tip.

Nearly scalloped feel. cut a block of wood or similar material to place inside the sound hole under the unsupported portion of the fretboard. I figure there are two issues to consider: keeping the fret wire low in the slot and ensuring it goes in straight. Female artists also snagged all the nominations for Best Country Album. Cut fret wire very close to the fingerboard. Take your time.

I place the nail punch tip into an indent, angle it so it’s pointing towards the treble side and begin tapping gently with a small hammer. If your a heavy string bender avoid the vintage 7.25" radius or prepare to meet high action. I used a soldering iron to heat the metal fret. Make sure you've estimated correctly! If you get a buzz, either your action is not correct or one of the frets is raised up a bit. Its not that nice of a neck so i dont care if it dosent work, but thanks anyway. I was able to pull them out and put a couple new frets in very quickly.... fixed the problem just fine). You can clamp or brace the neck for the next part. I use an old drilled block of HDPE which formerly held dowels for test tube storage.

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