here for reprint permission. While being interrogation at Camp Bucca, Mawla cooperated with the U.S. and gave detailed information about the names, alias, and physical descriptions of 88 ISIS members. “All Russia Hoax Scandal information was Declassified by me long ago. Two weeks later, then FBI Director James Comey sent FBI agents to the White House to entrap Flynn by either “getting him fired” or “to lie.”, Source: Town Hall: Caught Red Handed: Brennan’s Handwritten Notes Prove Obama Was Briefed on Scheme to Set Up Trump, Copyright © We The People Daily. Help us continue to be a voice for truth in the media by supporting CBN News for as little as $1. Congressional & Senatorial Correspondence, Government Employee Manuals / Orientation, Politician Public Financial Disclosure Statements, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Collection, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Collection, National Security Agency (NSA) Collection, Office of Technology Assessment Collection, FBI Files / Domestic & Foreign Intelligence, Freedom of Information Act / Research Tools, Hypnosis in Army Aviation: A Case Study, 1978, Congressional Letter Declaring “…no apparent President-Elect” to GSA sent November 13, 2020, In-Flight Breakup During Test Flight Scaled Composites SpaceShipTwo, N339SS Near Koehn Dry Lake, California October 31, 2014, The Death of Princess Diana, The Government Files, The CIA’s Death Investigation of Gul Rahman, 2002, Project Skyhook, Balloons Developed by General Mills in the 1940s and 1950s, Phenomena in the Atmosphere – Optical Phenomena, September 1960, Is Transmutation Nuclear “Molecular” Physics, 12 December 2006 High Energy Workshop Slides, NASA’s SOFIA Discovers Water on Sunlit Surface of Moon, October 26, 2020, NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft Successfully Touches Asteroid, October 20, 2020, Overview of Nuclear Material Protection, Control and Accounting in Russia, November 16, 1994, Impact and Implications of Chemical Weapons Use in the Iran-Iraq War, April 1988, Soviet Views on Military Operations in Space, July 1986, #62 - The Road To UFO Disclosure — Guest: Stephen Bassett (11/07/20), #61 - The UAP Task Force and Classified UFO Briefings (11/07/20), #60 - FBI Documents on the Lonnie Zamora Case / Socorro, NM UFO Landing (10/13/20), #59 - The NY Times and the Unreported UAP Encounters (10/11/20), #58 - UFO Crash Wreckage, Off World Vehicles & the NY Times (7/31/20), #57 - UFO Hoaxes – Guest: Alejandro Rojas (7/9/20), #56 - The Admiral Wilson Leak Analysis (6/19/20), #55 - The U.S. Air Force & UFOs (6/13/20), #53 - Meaning of Navy UFO Video Release (5/8/20). READ: Declassified summaries of Michael Flynn's calls with former Russian ambassador. — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 7, 2020. 21/11/2020 WASHINGTON, D.C. — Recently declassified documents from the U.S. military revealed that the new leader of the Islamic State (ISIS), Emir Abdul Rahman Mawla, provided intelligence information on dozens of ISIS members in Iraq to the U.S. military in 2004. — Rep. Doug Collins (@RepDougCollins) October 6, 2020. Handwritten notations list "POTUS", or President Barack Obama, among those in the meeting. Caught Red Handed: Brennan’s Handwritten Notes Prove Obama Was Briefed on Scheme to Set Up Trump, Second Recount Underway In Key Swing State, Democratic Governor Demands Residents Turn On Each Other, Maxine Waters Has A New Anti-Trump Plan — And It’s A Doozy, GOP Releases Gut-Wrenching Evidence On Biden, Trump Delivers Bombshell ‘Transition’ News, Liberal Host Blasts Biden Over COVID Accusations, Ukraine Finds Billions Laundered — Trail Leads To Democratic Party, Pelosi Didn’t Expect This – South Carolina Fundraiser Turns Sour, AOC in Hot Water as Federal Investigation May End Her Career, Jeff Sessions Came Out of Retirement to Drop This Bombshell About Impeaching Trump, Barr’s DOJ Blindsides Nadler – Uses His Impeachment Investigations Against Him, Border Wall GoFundMe Campaign Reaches $3.2 Million In Three Days, Trump’s Military Transgender Ban Is More Reasonable Than You Think, Breaking: Mexico “Blinks” – Complying with Trump’s Demands, AOC Exposed by Her Own Party–Gets Crushed Latest Interview, Liberals Hand Out New Kind Of ‘Benefits’ To Illegals, Supreme Court Hands Trump Administration a Devastating Loss, Trump Working to Release Rapper A$AP Rocky From Swedish Jail, ‘Make Them In The USA’: Trump Won’t Grant Tariff Waivers For Apple Parts Made In China, Trump Supporters Are Fed Up, and They’re Pushing Back, AMERICANS DESPERATELY WANT THE WALL: #GOFUNDME. Newly declassified documents show former CIA Director John Brennan took notes after briefing President Barack Obama on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s plans to frame then presidential candidate Donald Trump as a Russian asset. For as little as $1 a month, you not only help this site IMMENSELY, but you get some exclusive stuff in the process. - Kate Brown urges residents to call cops on shutdown violators, Teen held for murder in Kenosha freed on bail with help from MyPillow founder, ‘Silver Spoons’ star, Quiz: Learn about the traditions, lore and history of Thanksgiving, Gunman in December 2019 shooting at Pensacola base had been ‘radicalized,’ U.S. Navy concludes, D.C. schools chief says only 50% of students signed up to return in person showed up: Report, ‘Rally of Hope’ draws 1 million attendees seeking peace for Korean peninsula, How Biden’s electrical vehicle push may be a hidden boon for the coal industry. JavaScript is required for full functionality on this website, but scripting is currently disabled. With more than 2 MILLION pages of documents to read, on nearly every government secret imaginable, The Black Vault is known worldwide for getting down to the truth… and nothing but. Quiz: Can you match the songs to these 1980s one-hit wonders? Most archival records held by NARA are available to the public for research and are either unclassified or declassified. Notes from a 2016 White House briefing by Brennan state that Clinton allegedly approved "a proposal from one of her foreign policy advisers to vilify Donald Trump by stirring up scandal claiming interference by the Russian security service.". “I have fully authorized the total Declassification of any & all documents pertaining to the single greatest political CRIME in American History, the Russia Hoax,” he said. and View Comments, Terms of Use / Privacy Policy / Manage Newsletters. Fox News reports that Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe has declassified documents revealing that former CIA Director John Brennan briefed President Obama on Hillary Clinton's reported plan to link candidate Donald Trump to Russia in order to distract the public from her use of a private e-mail server for government documents. Updated January 15, 2020. Click The documents are also shedding light on President Obama's awareness of the reported Clinton plan to link Russian interference to Trump. Act!!! Also available on most smart TVs and streaming services. But it takes a lot of hard work, time, and money to do what we do. October 6, 2020 | 9:37pm. It wasn’t immediately clear what documents would be released and what they might reveal. Trump orders all Hillary Clinton, Russia documents declassified: 'No redactions!' Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe on Tuesday declassified documents that revealed former CIA Director John Brennan briefed former President Obama on Hillary Clinton’s purported “plan” to tie then-candidate Donald Trump to Russia as “a means of distracting the public from her use of a private email server” ahead of the 2016 presidential election, Fox News has learned. (Image: AFP), NORTH AND EAST SYRIA: Syriac Orthodox Mor Touma Church looted, Priest says this is a grave disrespect for Christian religious sanctity, German legislators propose ban on pan-Turkic ultranationalist “Grey Wolves” organization, U.S. deploys B-52 bombers to Middle East, officially exits from Open Skies Treaty, Two years after turning himself in to Syrian regime, former military officer’s body handed over to family with signs of torture, Joint U.S., Bahraini, Israeli Conference following Abraham Agreement between Israeli and Bahrain. 1-86-NARA-NARA or 1-866-272-6272, How to File a FOIA Request for Archival Records. TOP STORIES Some 800,000 CIA files have been released online, and some of the things they reveal are astonishing. The president also tweeted he had declassified the information long ago, but people have acted very slowly on it. That's what newly declassified material appears to indicate. God is everywhere—even in the news. President Trump on Tuesday said he had declassified all documents tied to … The Office of the Director of National Intelligence transmitted the declassified documents to the House and Senate Intelligence Committees on Tuesday afternoon. Quiz: US Citizenship Test - Could You Pass? Former Acting DNI Richard Grenell tweeted that the declassified documents were proof that Obama and then-Vice President Joe Biden directed their administration to use the powers of … Later recants, says everything already has been declassified.

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