UrduPoint Network is the largest independent digital media house from Pakistan, catering the needs of its users since year 1997. The fruit Gooseberry is called as گوزیریب in Urdu Language . The web page also gives date recipes Indian. The site provides date recipes vegan. The site also provides khajoor ka halwa recipe in Hindi. Khajoor halwa recipe is now becoming famous in Pakistan. Recipes with dates – Dates in Urdu – Dates in Pakistan. Date is a very useful fruit. All the possible and delicious date dessert recipes are given by the site. 2; dates bharpoor ghiza he. It is of great health importance to use date on regular basis. It is of great health importance to use date on regular basis. The site tell users that how to make khajoor biscuits. Your email address will not be published. Popular tags: ubtan for body whitening. It gives exclusive recipe of date apple and walnut cake. Urdu Point gives the recipe of date bliss balls. 5;  dates soozish or dardon ke khilaf kaam karti he. People who want to use dates as sugar can have special recipes using dates instead of sugar. Urdu Point gives a lot of recipes with dates. Health conscious can get recipes of healthy date balls from the web page. There is a great date balls recipe. Reproduction without proper consent is not allowed. All rights of the publication are reserved by UrduPoint.com. Large collection of Pakistani and international recipies in Urdu. Urdu Point gives healthy date dessert recipes. The site provides date slice recipe. The recipe of vegan date balls is also given. Diet conscious can have recipes of desserts with dates no sugar. It provides exclusive date halwa recipe Pakistani. Urdu Point provides chocolate date slice for its users. 4 peanuts nutrition 3 Masnoon duain 3 islamic dua 3 how to make kaleji fry 3 keema recipe in urdu 3 mutton roast recipe pakistani 2 chane ki daal ka halwa recipe in urdu 2 Urdu Point also gives exclusive chuare ka halwa recipe. Exclusive Afghan khajoor recipe is given by the site. Here's how you say it. We provide breaking news, Pakistani news, International news, Business news, Sports news, Urdu news and Live Urdu News. The delicious date delight recipe is also given by Urdu Point. But people know very less homemade recipes of using this fruit in daily routine diet. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. One can make it at home easily by getting recipe of khajoor ka halwa from Urdu Point. Date is a very useful fruit. Urdu Point also gives date halwa recipe Pakistani. It also provides easy recipes using dates for the beginners. The web page provides exclusive khajoor ka halwa recipe. It also gives healthy date recipes. Urdu Recipes of Dates And Khajoor, Easy Dates And Khajoor food recipes in Urdu and English. Urdu Point gives recipe of chocolate date balls. Urdu Point gives a lot of recipes with dates. Urdu Point also provides dried dates 11 recipes. 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The site gives a lot of kahjur recipes to the users. The Urdu Point website provides date slice recipe healthy. Exclusive date’s cake recipes are given by the site. dates fruit in urdu 1; dates khane se full energy milti he. People think that dried dates are of no use, Urdu Point gives a lot of recipes using dried dates. Urdu Point gives khajoor roll recipe. The fruit Fig is called as انجیر in Urdu Language . (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The Urdutotke is an informative blog about tips and kitchen recipes. Bookmark us for ajwa dates, date in curry, dates recipes indian, maamoul date filled cookies, tamarind date, khajoor ka halwa, khajoor benefits and date meaning in urdu. Make easily at home with complete Step by Step instructions, and videos. The fruit Dates is called as تاریخوں in Urdu Language . The site gives dates recipes desert. 3; dates khane se dil ke wall khul jate hen. This very little fruit has a great amount of calories in it. aankhon ki roshni barhane ke 10 tips in urdu, bottle gourd juice(lauki ka juice) health benefits in urdu, How to do whitening manicure and pedicure in urdu, Instant Skin Whitning Bleach at Home in Urdu. The web page also gives date squares recipe. Urdu Point provides best date slice recipe for its users. 3;  dates khane se dil ke wall khul jate hen. A lot recipes of dessert with dates and nuts are given by the site. The exclusive recipe of date and cacao balls is given by the web page. Required fields are marked *. The site also gives date balls recipe no bake. Your email address will not be published.

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