Get your copies and original back. If not, if it´s just written e.g. An example of a discount for standard type keys: 50 pcs. You get an offer with prices and order link within 24 hours by e-mail. Having a spare will help if you ever lose the original. Here in Berlin they only grunt. We almost always find a solution for every key. Owner was friendly and stayed open late so I could come by and have duplicate keys made. Go to All forms of payment accepted. The walls have ears and I'ld have to visit you in prison, Renia. Sydney's Most Trusted Key Fob Copying Service. or look around your area. Take pictures of your key. Key Fob Copy Sydney - Low Cost Fob Copy for Apartments From $30! Schlüssel.Discount Find a Kiosk. Come over to our store and take your keys with you. Thats what I did. For example, shipping within Germany is the cheapest and from countries outside the EU usually cost more. You can book a cheap flight return for less than €50 and have a day out. I haven't tried the mall, but if others have found cheaper, I'd do that! Key copy – cheap and fast! Use the form provided above to get your price per copy. Your house admin has to have the key cut and it can be expensive - most of all if you lose the key as the whole system has to be replaced. Copying of keys for a rented apartment Sign in to follow this . Our promise to you: Fast, Secure, Protected by PayPal & Reliable RFID key duplication service. Probably the best offer he has had this year. When your landlord handed you over the keys and the flat normally you have to sign a paper, the "wohnungsübergabe". Would recommend! All you need is a picture of your key. Rent-A-Center. at Google (Schlüssel.Discount) Powered by Schlüssel.Discoun t. is a service of Schlüssel.Discount (OWSD Werbe- und … Contact us now to see if yours can be too! Make a Copy If You Can. An exception exists for key copies from 50 pieces and more. I went for over a year with only one key fob to my apartment building, which made it a huge pain to have anyone stay with me, or even have back-up keys for me in case I lost mine. The price depends on your shipping service provider and the country from which you send the package. Watch our video below to learn more about how we can help you. Your order will be completely encrypted. Go to Poland and find someone to cut a key there. Sure! Nothing is impossible for us! Fill out the contact form below and attach the pictures of your keys. He admitted that usually he shouldn't do it. It's easy! It was the key that opens my house and apartment and basement at the same time. I only have one set of keys to my apartment (i'm subletting a room from a friend, and have a german roommate). Give us feedback, share your wishes and do not forget to leave a rating for your order. Get the price per copy and order it online. So we can give you a detailed and accurate price for a copy. Details. For complete information about the cookies we use, data we collect and how we process them, please check our, We use cookies to enhance your experience while using our website. Then once you have one key which has no stamps you can get more cut from anywhere? Consult Your Key. Shop around for an RFID writer online. Your shipment is often insured in this case. Did you know that can copy almost all of your keys much cheaper than your local Locksmith? RFID Scanner and Writer Devices including key fobs. Hi r/Berlin I know you are the most helpful and friendly subreddit that exists, maybe some of this will help now. 3. A very quick and cheap way to copy keys. "2 keys for main entrance, 1 for postbox", then you´ll likely have no problem. 50 for how many keys? Get duplicate keys near you now! You need a price for your key? Return All of The Keys. @Yeti, if I'm going down, I'll take you with me. Great service, super fast, and at a good fair price! Is it Legal to Make a Duplicate Key for My Apartment? It is more likely you will get infected via contact with other people than via mail or packages. Max 75.00 euro per copy for special key types. Based on the pictures we can check the model of your keys. I guess you received a copy of that. Key cutting process is really quick and can be done personally in our store in Berlin. The bilingual subreddit for everything relating to Berlin, capital city of Germany.

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