For those volunteers who may work intensively with animals at risk for euthanization, but who have no role or control in how or when that decision is made, the level of stress is every bit as complex and impactful as it is for paid staff. Further, for those who work in open-admission animal shelters, who are both on the receiving end of great numbers of 'cast off' animals as well as the happy circumstance of finding many animals homes, the ones that don't make it out of the system alive weigh heavily on their hearts and minds. Form is being submitted, please wait a bit. Compassion Fatigue is emotional exhaustion, caused by the stress of caring for traumatized or suffering animals or people. (And that is to say nothing of how often those at home are on the receiving end of emotional fallout that spills over from the work day.). The fee is $200. Long-term exposure to abuse and neglect, euthanasia, and grief-stricken clients not only can affect your work productivity and satisfaction, but it can also wear on you mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Crafted by the, All Pet Foods are Not Created Equal and That Includes Raw », A First-Time Dog Foster's Story of Love, Letting Go and the Questions In Between », Rescue Dog Discovers Couches, Promptly Loses Mind », Did You Know Dinner, Formula and Flavor are Pet Food Packaging Code Words? The ads on this site allow us to raise the necessary funds to continue helping cats in need. > Compassion fatigue clearly exists in the world of animal welfare. You’ve dedicated your life to making a positive difference for animals. But the emotional stress is draining, exhausting and taking a toll on you. Compassion Fatigue For Animals Rescuers: What You Should Know Before You Judge. For animal care professionals, this constant stress and worry is known as compassion fatigue. It’s important to note that compassion fatigue is neither an illness nor a mental disorder. > job stress, animal shelters, veterinarians, secondary traumatic stress, Animal Studies | Other Psychology | Psychological Phenomena and Processes, Figley, Charles R. and Roop, Robert G., "Compassion Fatigue in the Animal-Care Community" (2006). "Compassion Fatigue is a state experienced by those helping people or animals in distress; it is an extreme state of tension and preoccupation with the suffering of those being helped to the degree that it can create a secondary traumatic stress for the helper. At the peer level, encourage an environment of mutual support and collaboration including regular debriefing sessions. Asking for help may feel too difficult. And if you think the role of stress and compassion fatigue is under-studied and under-recognized in animal welfare staff, the problem is only compounded for the volunteer workforce … Compassion fatigue---the exhaustion caused by the demands of being empathic and helpful to those who are suffering---is found at every level among the underserved, underappreciated, and uncomplaining caregivers in animal-related fields. | Want to make sure you see my future posts? Absolutely not. While volunteers are theoretically free to leave, often their passion for the cause, their connection with the animals, and their awareness of inadequate staffing levels in many organizations make exercising that option extraordinarily difficult. In fact, most rescue organizations are staffed entirely by volunteers. Dr. Vanessa Rohlf is a consultant, therapist, and educator specialising in stress management, compassion fatigue and animal bereavement for animal caregivers. (101 KB), Download We live in a society that is often quick to judge others for their actions. Chapter 7 - The Connection (227 KB), Download The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the problem of compassion fatigue in the helping professions, including animal welfare. It is never our right to judge their efforts, because we only see what exists at surface level. You may have difficulty sleeping, difficulty breathing. And for some people, it comes with devastating compassion fatigue. We cope with some symptoms of compassion fatigue on a daily basis, unless we’re brand new to the job and still in the honeymoon phase. ©2020 CTMG - A Chicago Tribune website - animal care professionals are vulnerable to compassion fatigue and burnout Research is starting to document that Animal Care Professionals are being traumatized in many of the same ways that other rescuers/first responders (firefighters, police, paramedics, corpsmen, service people in combat, Red Cross volunteers) are traumatized by what they witness. No surprise then that compassion fatigue (also known as “secondary-traumatic stress disorder”), burnout, and complicated bereavement ensue, creating serious, if too often un-discussed, problems within the field. I've worked with hurting people for most of my adult life, with over 20 years combined experience as a therapist and personal coach, but nowhere have I seen a segment of the population so perpetually poised atop the razor's edge between passion and psychological peril as I have in animal welfare. “Those things don’t fix compassion fatigue.”. You may snipe at others, be aggressive, sarcastic, uncooperative. Prolonged exposure to animal suffering, neglect and abuse together with working in sometimes aversive work conditions, place these individuals at high risk (Rohlf & Bennett, 2005; Scotney, 2015). You cannot exist without doing all that you can to care for and save animals. Signs also include feeling on edge, irritability and sleep disturbances. You can find me two places on ChicagoNow. It’s a common topic of discussion in fields such as nursing, as well as other helping professions including police officers and mental health therapists. The course is open to anyone who works with animals, and is eligible for 15 CE credits. Founded by Patricia Smith, its mission is “to promote an awareness and understanding of Compassion Fatigue and its effect on caregivers.“. our bloggers, Symptoms associated with secondary traumatic stress include avoidance of reminders, emotional numbing, and intrusive thoughts or images associated with animals that they have helped. For animal care professionals, this constant stress and worry is known as compassion fatigue. Not only does CF dominate your professional life, but it always rears its head in your personal life. If you notice changes in behaviour or attitude, perhaps someone is coming in unusually late or calling in sick, or they are making errors or having accidents which is out of character or perhaps they are just not getting along with others as they normally would then these can also be signs that something might be going on and it’s worth setting aside a quiet time to privately speak to your colleague, staff member or volunteer and ask them how they are going. It’s sleepless nights, exhaustion, acute sadness, depression, isolation from friends, a life that feels out of balance, rides on emotional roller-coasters, and anger towards people in general for the terrible ways in which they treat animals. advice, diagnosis or treatment. Compassion fatigue was first recognized in nurses in the early 1990s (Joinson, 1992) and has since been studied among other helping professionals. But the heartbreak and emotional strain on you is sometimes too much to bear. Empathy Burnout and Compassion Fatigue Among Animal Rescuers A valuable essay by Kasia Galazka is a must read because the work is never done . Compassion fatigue and burn out are serious issues in charities, perhaps none more so than in animal rescue organisations. You cannot imagine the fear that strikes in the heart of many a volunteer. May feel sad, with your tears always just below the surface. You may start abusing alcohol, food, drugs (or doing other destructive behavior) to suppress your feelings.

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