Most products work against all of the usual roach suspects. Baits start killing the nest within hours and defend your home for up to 3-months. IDENTIFICATION OF THE SUBSTANCE OR MIXTURE AND OF THE SUPPLIER Product identifier used on the label: Combat Source Kill Max Roach Killing Gel, EPA Reg. �5͓�,�ҡ�JT�URSEp�%���)�LVՔ�eH{G��s�HSS�,��l��o^��42Đ��dd�䮘��N�����*;(�Fe����Ò 9g�K�7���y#�.|�%V��TI�#0i�K�mW`�(�d�tw��Й�J��aH�Xg����/��'��z�Y�東����9cH���7M���܋�!nVȮ�M���u[h�U��q�%�7T��#8Np �l#o ��JkG5-/��l V�3kfgh���?�P���| *��-��9~������Z��}qS�П�����S�Л��:�@V��� ��. Combat uses one of two poisons for their roach baits depending on the specific product: Fipronil 0.05% or Hydramethylnon 2%. %PDF-1.2 %���� endstream endobj 777 0 obj <>stream Acts quickly, and works well in conjunction with other types of roach bait as an overall program of roach control. Cockroach infestations have been treated with insecticidal sprays, dusts, gels, sand baits, etc. Active Ingredient: Fipronil Special formula contains 11 attractants and active ingredient imidacloprid to target German roaches, which are usually bait averse. 1 0 obj << /Author (US EPA, Office of Pesticide Programs) /Creator (Kofax) /Producer (Kofax) /Title (US EPA, Pesticide Product Label, COMBAT QUICK KILL ROACH KILLING GEL, 02\/25\/2014) /Subject (Pesticide Product Label, COMBAT QUICK KILL ROACH KILLING GEL) /Keywords (Pesticide Product Label, COMBAT QUICK KILL ROACH KILLING GEL, COMBAT INSECT CONTROL SYSTEMS, 64240-45) /CreationDate (D:20140227145226) /ModDate (D:20140227145226) >> endobj 2 0 obj << /Type /Catalog /Pages 3 0 R >> endobj 5 0 obj << /Type /Page /Parent 3 0 R /MediaBox [ 0 0 608.880 783.600 ] /Resources 6 0 R /Contents 7 0 R /Thumb 11 0 R >> endobj 6 0 obj << /ProcSet [ /PDF /Text /ImageB ] /Font << /F0 4 0 R >> /XObject << /im1 9 0 R >> >> endobj 9 0 obj << /Type /XObject /Subtype /Image /Name /im1 /Width 2539 /Height 3266 /BitsPerComponent 1 /ColorSpace /DeviceGray /Filter /CCITTFaxDecode /DecodeParms << /K -1 /EndOfLine false /EncodedByteAlign false /Columns 2539 /EndOfBlock true >> /Length 10 0 R >> stream These are the only active ingredients in the formulation, as the rest of the bait is non-toxic and made of sugars and preservatives. The main problem with controlling infestations of cockroaches is ensuring that enough insecticide gets to a sufficiently large proportion of the population to effect control. Water and Ammonia Mixture. x��=�r����?��V��h4���I��˷�����d�䁒(����#Qq���~�v7.���I�K2�i��F���w�Y].�7�o{��f�8�^^��?�����ӷ/��W���f��;>}������������?=v��L��,>]>Ɗ 776 0 obj <>stream Roach gel does more than kill the occasional roach scurrying across the floor; it attracts roaches to find and eat its poisonous ingredients, inviting them to their last meals. The roaches will crawl into the container and drown. Do not apply gel to surfaces Combat® Roach Killing Bait > 5,000 mg/kg (rat) Practically Non-hazardous Hydramethylnon (active ingredient) 1,193 mg/kg (rat) Moderately Toxic UAcute Dermal Toxicity U Combat® Roach Killing Bait > 2,000 mg/kg (rabbit) Practically Non-Toxic Hydramethylnon (active ingredient) > 5,000 mg/kg (rat) Non-Hazardous UAcute Inhalation Toxicity U 120068-37-3 ... insecticide over gel as it may cause the bait to become repellent. Common active ingredients in gel baits include hydramenthylnon, fipronil and imidacloprid. ^�S����Y$"F C�0����з��[\/����ꅏ�YY���a��[7�gs���Tv[�6a�썻��gR"�Tb���_�����`C�z��y�l���z��Sl�����RJ���&� =�� Mix the ingredients into a paste. h���j�0�_Eo�XN�Fm�P�Xir��Ԍ�����O���� ���(~!�_�w1A�D Research has shown imidacloprid to be especially effective against German cockroaches. endstream endobj 1 0 obj <>/Metadata 775 0 R/Pages 2 0 R/Type/Catalog>> endobj 4 0 obj <>stream Then apply your homemade roach killer in areas where you’ve spotted roaches. Gel bait comes in two forms: liquid gel and bait stations. Package includes 1 (12g) syringe of roach killing gel. %PDF-1.6 %���� Baits contain fipronil, one of the fastest acting roach-killing ingredients in the market. Because Combat Max® Roach Killing Gel allows you to apply gel throughout your home, more roaches can find and eat the bait, resulting in a quicker and more thorough kill. Cockroaches are attracted to organic food, especially anything that is sweet, like … Gel baits are more strategic weapons than roach killer sprays or the end of a broomstick. Borax and Sugar. The best way to utilize this roach killer is by getting into the habit of cleaning hard surfaces with a mix of ammonia and water. Ammonia is another ingredient that works well for repelling cockroaches. �����@xO����5����gd�l�յ��!��}$�[��y���������]"s���� �H���%���Z� ���� �bZO�����#@�l�e[�G@��4� A��}=��A� ��- ��T��� ���~E6H%�*�L�bT�#�|��`�G�Z���`���G�_T�:�ҥt���U��%�,%��:�V���f���L�5Ҕ�ҡ *�%�ŵ��Z^�R�J�ֵ�e�+ZZJ��Z�)+%`��u�iuJ��. Cockroach bait may consist of simple poisons, killing from direct feeding only, to the latest insecticides which use delayed transferred toxicaction, which can reach a sufficiently high proportion of the cockroach population to achieve effective c… Re@���fR� �S�@$Q77���΂»��l%wo\���BA� ����I�y�&ϽKgug �*,�~�k/���9��ñ��筛�A:��s�� n��ǡՆ}o϶�lc5�e��_�m Recommended use of the chemical and restrictions on use: Insecticide (Roach bait), Use biocides safety. Combat Max® Defense System Brand Roach Killing Bait & Roach Killing Gel Combat Max® Ant and Roach Killer Quick Kill Foam Spray Combat Max® 12 Months for Small Roaches Product targets German cockroaches only. Specially formulated baits attract large roaches and kill upon contact or via ingestion.

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