40s. Colonial America facts and history begin with the first permanent colony in Jamestown and eventually spread to the east coast of America. The breaking of a water pipe in Lit Brothers' store damaged goods to the extent of $15,000. Fire at the sheds of the American Line Steamship Company at Christian St. Wharf. February 8. Course, from off Cooper's Point to Ridgeway Park, 1 mile. Philadelphia was one of their principal destinations. In March 1776 two British frigates began a blockade of the mouth of Delaware Bay; British soldiers were moving south through New Jersey from New York. December 6. October 17. Boiler explosion. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1972. February 8. May 14. Won by Butler in 15m 45s. Fire at Keen & Coates Foundry, 943 North Front Street; loss $46,000. First church built by the Swedes consecrated on Tinicum Island. Fire at Clifton Mills, Berks Street between Hope and Howard Streets. Prizes: Junior singles, Pennsylvania Club, 11m. By the mid-nineteenth century, log cabins had become ⇒ Read More, Lotteries have a long and controversial history in the Philadelphia region. August 3. April 29. September 2. May 28. Pioneering individuals, including Benjamin Franklin (1706–90) and Reuben Haines (1786–1831), tracked meteorological data, and scientific societies made the practice increasingly systematic by the late nineteenth century. B. Widener purchased thirty-six acres of land, fronting on Old York Road, near Logan Station on which he established the Widener Industrial Home for Crippled Children. The Fairmount park trolley was formally opened, a party of three hundred guests being taken over the completed portion of the line in the West park. August 28. Gambling establishments at Gloucester raided by Camden county constables. Six hundred kegs of powder, found on board a canal-boat on the Delaware, seized. This cotton mill became later on an extensive concern, manufacturing cotton and woolen fabrics. April 26. All the members who can return to work immediately.". (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania : Swedish Colonial Society, 2006-2009). Dedication of Siloam Methodist Episcopal Church, Wood and Brown Streets (E. Susqehanna Avenue and Moyer Street). The Roman Catholic Church of Our Mother of Sorrows, Lancaster Avenue near Cathedral Cemetery, dedicated. Linseed-oil works of Grove & Brothers, at Greenwich Point, First Ward, burned. The occupation lasted ten months. Insurance in Philadelphia, over the years, has meant everything ⇒ Read More, Contacts between the Philadelphia region and Ireland began in the late seventeenth century, shortly after the creation of Penn’s colony. Gold reaches seventy-two per cent. Loss, $27,500. The Assembly this year resolved to provide the city a new jail, the one at southwest corner of Third and High (Market) Streets being confusedly and notoriously inefficient. Klinger, manufacturer of leather goods, was badly damaged by fire, the total loss being about $75,000. December 30. First school book published in America by Francis Pastorius. June 13. Attendance, 108,080. August 10. Course from below the Falls Bridge to Rockland, one and a half miles straight away. Chinese Museum at Ninth and Sansom Streets, and National Theatre, Chestnut Street, Below Ninth, burned. Philadelphia, Newtown and New York Railroad formally opened for business. Auction-house of M. Thomas & Son, 139 and 141 South Fourth St. totally destroyed by fire. George W. Wright pleaded guilty to the embezzlement of $38,660.20 from the order of Tonti and was sentenced to pay a fine of $1000 and to undergo an imprisonment of four years and nine months in the penitentiary. The proprietary government dissolved in 1702 when the proprietors of both East and West New Jersey surrendered their right to govern to the English Crown to create the unified royal province of New Jersey. Ship John Trucks cut through by ice and sunk at Arch Street Wharf, Delaware River. Even native Philadelphians have difficulty identifying the boundaries of this area of their city with precision. First prize won by Burns, 485 miles. Steam frigate Chattanooga sunk at League Island. Gold at thirty-seven per cent. April 27. September 16. Grand procession of military, firemen and citizens. Walls of boiler-house of Star Mill, Mascher and Jefferson Sts., fell in. Penn’s knowledge of plague and a devastating conflagration in 1660s London prompted the width of the ⇒ Read More, The Mason-Dixon Line, which settled a border dispute dating back to the founding of Philadelphia, is the southern boundary of Pennsylvania. With no central authority, Senator Boies Penrose took charge. Loss $10,000. Benjamin Franklin (1706-90) ⇒ Read More, Located thirty miles southwest of Philadelphia, Wilmington is Delaware’s largest city and the New Castle County seat. Fire at the Richmond paper-mill of Alexander Balfour, corner of Brabant and Tioga Sts. Meeting of citizens at the Broad of Trade rooms to protest against the erection of the proposed elevated railroad by the Reading Railway Company between Twelfth and Market and Ninth and Green Streets. Plans for Public Building adopted. Those who entered the Philadelphia region’s almshouses, willingly or unwillingly, rarely accepted this exchange and often protested their treatment or blatantly ⇒ Read More, Well before the Declaration of Independence, in 1743 Benjamin Franklin (1706-90) and his friend the Quaker botanist John Bartram (1699-1777) established the American Philosophical Society in Philadelphia as a declaration of scientific independence from Great Britain’s scientific domination. Houses were partially blown down, walls blown in and roofs taken off, with other damage; 150 buildings in this part of the city were damaged. Parade of firemen. Boiler explosion, Penn Treaty Iron Works, one man killed, three injured. January 16. Explosion of chemicals at drug store of Henry F Bucher, Passyunk Road and Moore Street. Loss, $50,000. September 25, 26, and 27. International cricket match at the grounds of the Germantown Cricket Club, near Wayne Station, between the Gentlemen of Ireland and a picked team of Philadelphia.

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