To request rent assistance, call 503-615-0770, or fill out. Monday to Thursday 902 W Stanton St Roseburg, OR - 97470 ... CLACKAMAS COUNTY . If you wish to receive the Child Care Resource & Referral Newsletter, please Click Here. Если вам требуется помощь, звоните нам, Các nguồn thông tin/hỗ trợ giúp quý vị vượt qua COVID-19, Health Centers - Hilltop Behavioral Health Center, Oregon Hate and Bias Incident Reporting Line, Children’s Center (Child Abuse Intervention), Bridges to Change – Recovery Mentor Support, Clackamas County Social Services - Senior Resources, Clinical Care and Healthcare Infection Prevention and Control for COVID-19, Guidance for Health Systems COVID-19 Testing, Landlord tenant laws/housing rights resource line 503-650-5750: Clackamas County Housing Rights and Resources Center, Colleges, Universities and Boarding Schools Guidance, COVID-19 Resources and Frequently Asked Questions for Immigrants and Refugees, What You Should Know About Testing for COVID-19. Please see Clackamas County Call Center … OHA iyo saraakiisha cafiimaadka degaanka ayaa eegaya COVID- 19gudaha Oregon, Nguồn Trợ giúp và Các Câu hỏi Thường gặp về COVID-19 Dành cho Người Nhập cư và Người Tị nạn, Những gì bạn nên biết về Xét nghiệmCOVID-19. The free 15-hour course covers topics useful to tenants, such as tenant rights and responsibilities, budgeting, housing laws and more. Staff also offer confidential advice, or direct families to a wide variety of emergency assistance programs. Get Involved. Emergency rent assistance is available to income-eligible Washington County residents who are past due on their rent. The Housing Rights and Resources Center (HRRC) works with tenants and landlords to protect the housing rights of our community and educate Clackamas County on housing issues. To request rent assistance, call 503-615-0770, or fill out the online screening request HERE. For food service eligibility please call or text the numbers listed. Rent Well courses help prospective renters who are having difficulty being accepted for rental units because of poor rental history, and barriers such as evictions, criminal convictions and negative credit history. Some of the programs they offer are indicated below. While some will be in Clackamas County others may be in the greater Portland region. There are 59 low income housing apartment communities offering 4,027 affordable apartments for rent in Clackamas County, Oregon. Pab tiv thaiv qhov kis tus kab mob COVID-19, OHA thiab cov neeg ua hauj lwm txog feem saib xyuas kev noj qab haus huv hauv zej zos tseem tab tom ntsuam xyuas txog tus kab mob COVID-19 hauv xeev Oregon, Cov neeg uas muaj feem kis tau kab mob COVID-19, Ресурсы по COVID-19 и часто задаваемые вопросы для иммигрантов и беженцев, Что вам нужно знать о тестированиинаCOVID-19. To sign up for Rent Well classes in Washington County or for more information call 503-726-0821. The Clackamas County based agency, which relies on private and public funding sources, will try to meet the needs of the less fortunate in the community. The federal government and state or Oregon sponsored Energy Assistance Program helps low income Clackamas County households pay their cooling bills during the summer or heating bills during the winter. We are able to schedule 20 to 30 appointments a day (each appointment lasts about 1.5 hours). You'd be surprised at what a huge difference a little bit of your time can make. The Clackamas County Social Servicesorganization has several resources and services they can provide people with who are struggling with paying their bills and rent.

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